The Biker's Rules

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Making up

***POV – Damion

WARNING – sex scene!!!

Uncle John is busy making coffee already and he hands me a cup with some cream on top. Great, just what I need. Mel jumps down the stairs and gives her uncle a peck on his cheek and then turns to do the same with me. She seems in a better mood.

“I’m still feeling slightly nauseous so I think I’ll just skip breakfast.” Her eyes burn with a girlish charm that makes my knees go weak. Something is bothering me about this bug she has, the symptoms are all there. I shake my head. How could I’ve been so stupid? I’ve never ever slept with a girl without protection. But with her, it’s as if I just can’t control myself. I didn’t even think about protection, my desire overclouded my brain. No, I’m not going there. It’s just a bug and she said she’s on the pill. But a part of me can’t stop annalizing it, nausea, tiredness …

“So, I suppose my dickhead brothers are still passed out?” Upon her question, Uncle John makes a noise sounding like something between a pig and a horse. Then she suddenly holds her hand before her mouth and runs for the toilet. She makes it just in time, throwing up again. I hear her rinsing her mouth and splashing some water. When she gets back to the kitchen Uncle John pulls her into a hug.

“Maybe you should go see a doctor.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle John, I’ll get her some meds before dropping her at home. I can even squeeze in a checkup.” I give her uncle a sweet smile while looking at her, but Uncle John just makes his horsey-grunt sound again. Last night I sort of ordered her to go home with me today and it is convenient, maybe we can sort everything out.

“We can go whenever you’re ready.” I put my best smirk on my face and put our bags in my car, opening the door for her. She looks at my new black beast and now a small smile appears on her face.

“I’m ready.”

“Need to go barf before we go?” My grin pulls up on one side of my face.

“No, but I do need to go pee again.” She runs back to the bathroom.

“Damion, your mom explained about the misunderstandings between you. I hope you guys will sort things out. And don’t hurt her anymore.” I nod my head, showing her uncle that I understand where he’s coming from.

Then she’s back and hugs Uncle John one last time. Suddenly tears stream down her face. Oh, boy but she’s suddenly an emotional mess. She wipes them away with her arm and gets into the car. I get in behind the wheel and her smell hits me between the eyes. It’s a clean flowery smell, mostly lavender with just a hint of vanilla and raindrops. I love the way she smells, always had and I missed it like crazy.

“Want to talk about it?”


“Why you are crying?”

“I don’t know why so nope. So you got a new car, it’s kinda nice.”

“Kinda nice? Seriously?” I pull my eyebrows up while cocking my head and pulling my mouth up to one side again, feeling disgusted. Lamborghini is one of my sponsors, so just last week they send me a new car, taking back the previous one. And this one has my logo on the bonnet.

“This my dear girlfriend is a Lamborghini SC18, the devil child, build for road and racing.” I look at her reaction, but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with me calling her my girlfriend. My heart starts beating again.

“Okay, I assume this is what you and my brothers are always arguing about.”

“Always, each of us thinks they have the best car, but I know mine is the best. Porche, Ferarri, they are close but no cigar.” We’re always arguing about our cars, each of us backing up our sponsors. The twins own Ferraris, one red, one yellow, while Logan has a blue Porche. Ilkay doesn’t have a sponsor and drives the same truck as mine, just in black and Mel drives a white BMW. But Lamborgini wants to give her, as my girlfriend, her own Lambo in the next year. It’s going to be a huge surprise for her.

“You can’t argue with perfection. And this my little angel, is total perfection.” I look at her with a sinister grin on my face “The perfect girl in the perfect car with the perfect boy. Can’t get any more perfect than that.”

She snorts and looks out the window. I fiddle with the radio and then give a big smile.

“I’ve found this song … think it sort of fits me overall. I want you to listen to it.” The music starts and I sing with, every word and I hope she understands the meaning.

’Hmm, yeah … Mirrors they never lie … Don’t see myself inside … Why can’t I get it right?

I don’t know …

You’re always watching me fall … Shadows, they like my wall … Why do I feel so small?

I don’t know …

So I walk into the dead of night … Where my monsters like to hide

Chaos feels so good inside, no more …

I lost, I lost, I lost control again … Always do the same and I’m to blame …

I lost control again I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know who I am …

Always do the same and I’m to blame I lost control again …

Oh, I am feeling afraid … But lately I lost my faith … What is love without pain?

It ain’t home … You’re watching me, but I’m in love …

When I get caught, I hope It’s the kind of blackout that will … Take me home

So I walk into the dead of night …”

She sits quietly but I know she’s listening.

’Always do the same and I’m to blame I lost control again … I know that I’m a mess …

But I ain’t tryna be the best …

So, whatever’s coming next I better pray-ay-ay-ay

Never said I was an angel … I am damaged all the way …

So, whatever’s coming next I better pray-ay-ay-ay

I lost, I lost, I lost control again … Always do the same and I’m to blame …’

“Mel, I sincerely … am in love with you, and I don’t want to fuck around with you … I mean … I do want to make love to you like crazy, but I want everything. Truth be told, I wanted to tell you about Chloe that night, asked you about Alejandro, but you ran anyway.”

I hand her my phone and let her look at the messages and photos from Chloe. She slowly scrolls through them all.

“I couldn’t delete anything cause my lawyer said it’s our only proof. And the news about me drinking and getting into fights was cause I missed you and thought you cheated with Alejandro. The worst time in my life, might I add.”

“Enrique said that he gets loads of pictures from girls every day, so do you get that too?” Suddenly the fact that girls fall so easily for me feels more like a curse now, than the blessing I always thought it to be. Just tell the truth, Damion Grimm. Just always tell the truth – some advice mom gave me.

“Yes, I do … or did. I got a new phone at the start of this season, and only very few people have the number. So no more girls that bother me. And in case somebody maybe gets my number, I will delete it immediately and block them. I told you, I’m not going to fuck this up. Definitely not for a stupid nude pic. Chloe however got my new number from her father. And after my lawyer is through with her, I’m going to change the number again … this time not even my sponsors will have my number … they’ll have to go through Dean or Mark.” I don’t dare look at her, so I keep my eyes on the road and before she can answer I continue.

“I’ve got a shitload of demons … or baggage whatever you want to call it, Mel. And I know that the press is not going to make things easier for us. But I’m addicted to you and totally lost without you. I guess we need to learn to trust each other and make a pact to not keep things hidden, no more secrets. And if need be, I’ll quit racing, then we’ll at least have some privacy.”

She doesn’t answer and my heart starts racing faster than Lightning McQueen. Yes, it sounds dorky, me knowing Disney movies, but I’ve been watching them with Luke, and believe it or not, I like it.

Eventually, she puts her hand on my leg and now my still hard cock is doing flip-flops.

“So you feel something for me then?” She pouts her lips and that annoyingly sexy dimple dives into her cheek.

“Hell, Mell, if you can’t see by now how much control you have over me I don’t know what more I can do to show you.”

“Go on, tell me more about this control I have.”

“The thing is when I’m away from you it drives me insane, and when I’m with you it drives me bonkers, so you see my problem?” Her hand moves up my leg and I know she’s teasing me right now.

“That IS a problem. But you see, I also have a problem.”

“And what’s that?” My voice is breaking now.

“You don’t know how horny I’ve been this last couple of weeks.” Not expected, but much appreciated. She’s wearing that same sexy-ass denim dress that she wore weeks ago to the diner when she broke up with Ren. The exact one I called a dick-teaser, and it’s still my opinion by the way.

“Did I tell you, you look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous today in that little dress?” I smile, trying to do that sexy thing with my eyes.

“Oh, this dick-teaser ... just something that was lying around in my cupboard. But flattery will get you everywhere Mr. Grimm.”

“Did I mention that this is also one of the fastest cars on the road? We could be at my house in a snap.” Her eyes turn dark.

“Oh, is that so.” She moves her hand a little higher up my leg and bites her lip on purpose.

“Damn, Mel. You’re not playing fair.” But two can play that game and my hand moves up her leg and under her dress. She smiles sinisterly waiting for me to continue. My hand slowly inches up and then it reaches the top of her leg. My jean is strumming to hold in the tightness of my erection and she undoes the button with a seductive smile, freeing my single-minded cock. I slip my hand between her legs and with a startled look, eyes big, my head snaps to look at her. I was expecting to find some underwear, but instead, my fingers found her dripping warm pussy.

“Shit! Fucking hell, Mel, do you want me to crash this car? You’re not wearing panties!” She just pulls up her shoulders and pouts her lips.

“I’m not wearing a bra either.” I pull my hand back and push it through my hair, leaving it in a mess. Then I hit the steering wheel with my hands. I can’t seem to think about anything else than what’s under that dress now.

“You’re driving me fucking insane, do you know that.”

“Good. I want you to suffer for all the pain you put me through.” I pull the car off the road so fast that it leaves a trail of dust before it comes to a halt. She clings to the handle on the door to keep her balance. The dust hangs in the air around the car, making it impossible to see our surroundings. I grab her and pull her onto me while pushing my chair back, unzipping that dress, and exposing her naked body underneath. Hell, she’s really not wearing any underwear. My lips immediately take hers prisoner. Without taking my mouth from hers, I pull down my pants and my cock moves between her folds, the end touching her clit.

She moans, wiggling her hips, and without warning my fingers part her folds and move softly over her button.

“Damion, I want you inside me NOW.” We don’t have the patience for foreplay, our need is just too great. I oblige and thrust into her, my hands on her hips moving her up and down, as slowly as a grandmother with a cane. She takes over and starts her own rhythm, faster and faster until I boil over, groaning as waves of pleasure spool through my whole body, a whole month of horny abstinence flooding through me. I feel her muscles spasm, gripping my poker as an orgasm sears through her and I erupt into her letting out an animalistic growl. I open my eyes just to find her baby-blues hooked on me, still full of lust.

“Damn, I’ll never get used to sex with you. Every time seems better than the previous time if that’s even possible.” I look out the window for the first time and see that we’re parked just a little from the highway. Luckily the windows are dark, so nobody can see inside. I know I’m in love, head over heels forever type of love, with the girl and there’s nothing I can do about that, I’m in too deep.

She moves over to her chair and I pull up my pants. I get the car back onto the road again, my one hand resting on her thigh. Bohemian Rapsody is playing on the radio.

“Must be one of the best songs ever,” I say when the song comes to an end. I stop at the drug store and run in, coming back with a brown paper bag.

As soon as we enter the house, Reaper rushes up, meowing, happy that she’s back. She picks him up and cuddles him before handing him to me. The image of him cooking in a pot suddenly fills my mind and for an instance, I feel nauseous.

“Maybe we should get some takeaways and binge-watch a few movies,” I say just to erase the horror from my brain. Anything but Fatal Attraction would do.

“That sounds perfect. You order the food and don’t forget the ginger ale. Oh, and get some ice cream and pickles … I’ll get the bed ready.” My eyebrows move up and I get my fully mastered smirk on and she realizes just how it sounded. She shakes her head and leaves, my eyes on her ass until she disappears into her room.

I walk into her room without warning saying “I’ve ordered some burgers and chips. It will take around 20 minutes.”

But then I stop dead in my tracks. She’s standing there butt-naked looking a little flushed.

“I was just going to shower and get the puke out of my hair.”

“Okay.” I sound like a teenager who’s seeing boobs for the first time. What’s wrong with me?

“You don’t know how much I want you right now.” I’m being straight upfront like the good little boy I am.

“It’s not what you want, but what I need. Feels like I’m going to explode if you don’t stick yourself into me right now.” With a surprised groan, I jerk off my pants. She doesn’t need to invite me twice. She told me that she’s struggling the last couple of days; that she had a permanent ache between her legs, driving her almost insane. She wanted to know if it was normal, but I’m not sure. I’m not a girl, but I know I feel the same way when I’m around her, so maybe it’s the female version of blue-balls.

“I aim to please, madam.” I’m still wearing my underpants, but then she takes the wind out of my sails, and my mouth drops open.

“I’ll start so long then.” She’s altogether bonkers this girlfriend of mine. I flinch when she softly feathers her fingers over my cheek, already sprouting a blue color. Then her hand moves between her legs.

A low groan escapes from the back of my throat at the sight of her now touching herself, water trickling down that amazing curves, one hand moving over her breast and the other playing down there. She moans, arching her body. I’ve never seen anything sexier in my whole damn life and if it’s possible to get harder, I just did.

“Shit, fuck Mel!” She looks at me with her take-me-to-bed eyes, not stopping.


“Hell, no! Anything but.” I’m so horny that I’m not going to last long. I stare at her, mouth open, with smoldering eyes. Her body slowly starts throbbing and she throws her head back, eyes closed, moaning softly. I swear again and strip naked. Then I join her in the shower and my fingers take over, and at the same time, I plunge my full length into her.

I move in and out with fast hungry thrusts, still playing with her clit, stroking and pulling it, driving her insane and me insaner - if there’s a word like that. My tongue is tracing circles around her nipple, my hands cupping her butt. She shouts hard when I push in, balls deep, and her body shakes as she cums, pleasure erupting through her. I empty myself inside her with a loud groan when my climax explodes like a fucking rocket. We stay like that panting, eyes closed.

“Shit. Mel, you … you … I’ve never ….. shit.” I pull out but she keeps hanging on to me as if her legs turned into jello. I must admit that my own knees are not wholly solid as well. After what feels like hours I eventually let her go and we quickly shower. I put on some boxer shorts and she puts on her pj’s. I fall on the bed with Reaper in my arms, scrolling to see what we can watch.

A few minutes later there’s a knock on the door. It’s the delivery guy with our stuff. I pay and she gets out some plates. She grabs a burger and gulps it down as if she hasn’t eaten for weeks.

“You seem better.”

“What, I’m starving.”

“Told you an injection always works.” She just rolls her eyes. Even the way she rolls her eyes is super sexy. Reaper tries to steal some food and she breaks off a piece of meat and feeds the little brat. We decide to watch Pretty Woman. I pull her into my arms and pull the quilt over us. But then she jumps up and runs for the bathroom, just reaching the toilet to puke her burger out. She gets up and rinses her mouth and face. I stand in the doorway with the brown paper bag.

“Mel, I know you’re on the pill, but your symptoms could be … eh … Just pee on this stick so we can be sure.” It’s awkward, but I hold out a pregnancy test towards her. She looks confused and a little scared.

Shit, she can’t have a baby now. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a baby with her, but she’s still too young. I don’t want to ruin her life. She just started her studies and we just started dating. She closes her eyes for a second before taking the test from me and heading for the loo. Getting the aim right to hit the desired spot on the small stick is a great accomplishment, especially while her whole body seems to shake.

She’s concentrating so hard, that she doesn’t even notice that her tongue is sticking out a little. She puts the stick on the basin and washes her hands.

“Now what?”

“We have to wait for about 3 minutes.” My eyes are focused on the piece of white peed-on plastic as if it might turn into a devil-baby, my baby. We end up waiting five minutes but only one pink line appears.

“Thank goodness, no baby, just a bug.” I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed. We go back to bed and I take her into my arms and plant a kiss on her cheek.

“That was awkward,” she says, sounding almost sad and I examine her face carefully.

“Eh, yeh, luckily it’s only a bug,” she continues, trying to sound cheerful and I’m not sure if she’s truly happy about the outcome, or if she’s sad that she’s not pregnant.

“We’re very lucky, we’ve dodged a bullet. What would we do with a baby?”

“Eh, yes, that would be crazy.” She snuggles deeper into my arms. “Do you want a family someday?”

“Yes, I want a big family, like yours. For a while, after my sister died, it was just me, and then Luke came along. And now I have Alejandro as well.” I can hear my voice change when I mention my sister.

“What happened to her?” I wait a while before I answer, trying to grip a hold of my emotions. This is one of those demons I don’t let out often. I take a mounded breath, glad I can’t see her eyes right now. I won’t be able to take it if I see pity lacing her blues, a look I’ve seen a fair number of times in my life, and nothing pisses me off more. I don’t need anybody’s pity.

“It was my sister’s eighth birthday, and I knew my parents were busy preparing a surprise party for her at her favorite restaurant. They asked me to keep her busy for a while and since she always begged me to go to the haunted house, I decided to take her there. We took my bike and just casually walked through the house, talking and having a really good time. I remember her asking me about ghosts and if we might actually see one. The floor on one side of the staircase gave in and we fell pretty far, landing under some concrete pieces of the broken floor. I was stuck to the floor where a piece of iron pierced my hip while half her body was crushed by a giant slab, blood oozing from a hole in her head. I took her hand, she was lying just next to me, but I couldn’t do a thing to help her. I just kept on talking to her in this relaxed voice, telling her how much I loved her, that everything was going to be okay, knowing it was a lie.”

It feels as if a shadow is moving over me and I see the demons of guilt reaching for me. I take a deep breath.

“She chanted her famous saying – sniff pixie dust and soar … the last thing she said. That’s the first time I fell into despair. You know, I can’t seem to remember her face when she was still alive, but I just can’t forget her expression while she was lying there on the ground. Her eyes were staring at me, pleading with me and I saw the life and light leaving those icy blue eyes, a single tear running down her cheek and a small smile forming on her lips.”

I start breathing rapidly, trying to push the monsters back into the darkness. I’ve never told anybody that last part, not ever.

“Your first demon.” Her voice is soft and sad, but there’s no hint of pity in it. She kisses me on my shoulder and holds onto me, trying to soothe my pain somehow. And like some kind of miracle, it’s working. My arms pull her in tighter and I place my lips on her head, breathing in her scent.

“Is this where the iron penetrated you?” She traces her fingers over the scar on my hip.

“Yep. You know, the day I met you at the haunted house was her 9th birthday, the first one after she died. I went there to talk to her, hoping to maybe see a ghost, maybe hers … but then I saw you and suddenly the day was not so dark anymore. It was as if you were glowing, as if I could see my sister in your eyes and I truly believed you were an angel, my angel, and I was right.”

She doesn’t say a word, just holds onto me a bit more, and I appreciate the silence. Being with Melaena like this is just perfect, but I’m still scared that something is going to happen to break us apart. But for now, at least, I’m not going to think about anything else than us here together.

I hear her breathing getting rhythmical and I lose the fight against my heavy eyes. When I wake up, I see her sleeping on my chest, looking like the freaking angel she is. I have to go to my parents’ house, to hear what happened at the meeting with Harry and to talk to Chloe’s dad. We’re going to get a restraining order against her. I have enough evidence by now to nail her ass for a crazy stalker. I trace Mel’s cheek softly with my finger, careful not to wake her up. I slip out of the bed and put Reaper, that was sleeping on me as well, next to her. Then I get dressed.

I don’t want to leave without saying goodbye but I know she needs the rest with the bug and all. I’ll just call her later. A light coming from under Kiara’s door draws my attention. She must be back. I knock softly and on her command open the door, finding her on her bed with a book.

“Hey, so you two sorted things out then?”

“Yes, I think.”

“You don’t sound too convincing,” Kiara eyes me while putting a bookmark on the page she was reading.

“Well, I’m just scared that I’ll screw up.”

“Then don’t!”

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