The Biker's Rules

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A little bean

***POV - Melaena

“You want some ice cream?” I jump on Kiara’s bed suddenly craving a delicious snack and needing some TLC from my best friend. She runs into the bathroom.

“I’ll be with you in two secs!” she shouts.

I scoop a large helping of ice cream into two bowls and then I take out the jar of pickles and throw some on top of mine before covering it with peanut butter, jam, and chocolate sauce. This is weird, even for me, but something is making me want this so badly. I take my phone and sit on the sofa eating my new favorite snack. Kiara jumps over the back of the sofa and takes a huge bite of her plain ice cream, moaning softly.

“Mmmmm, this is fabulous!” I tell her about the misunderstanding between me and Damion and everything that happened between us, about Chloe and Alejandro. Reaper tries to steal some of my bowl of weirdness and I shoe him off by tapping on his nose with my finger.

“He’s soooo cute. But what is that disgusting stuff you’re eating?” Kiara stares at my bowl with a face that looks as if she’s going to puke.

“Ice cream with pickles and peanut butter, jam, and chocolate sauce!!! It tastes much better than it looks.”

“OMG … you pregnant or something? Yuk!” She pulls a sour face and gives a little snort.

“No, not. I’ve just done a negative test.” I pile another spoon into my watering mouth, glad I’m not throwing up for once. Maybe Damion was right about that injection.

“You did what?” Kiara burbs up some ice cream, pulling an are-you-fucking-with-me face.

“Damion made me do a test, but it was negative. He thought the bug might be a baby.”

“As long as you don’t mess up your pills, as usual, you’ll be okay.” I know what she means. My ADHD makes me forget lots of times to drink my pills, but I’ve been trying to keep up since I started having sex with Damion.

“I’m much better at it, promise.” I take another bite.

“Well, just don’t bring that near me, it stinks.” My phone beeps and I wonder if it is Damion. He needs a serious explanation. But it’s not him.

D: Soon you will be mine and the biker will be dead. #TimeIsTicking

I feel my heart fall into my shoes. This man is seriously getting on my wrong side.

Immediately a new message appears.

D: Look at this link. #GetAwayWithMurder

I click on it. It takes me to some kind of dark blog sharing some rather shocking photos. I read the headings and then my spoon falls onto the floor and I stare at the phone screen with a dumb stupid face.

“Shit Mel, what’s going on … are you okay?” She screams at me but it’s as if I’m having an out-of-body experience.

“MEL!” This time I blink and swallow hard. Kiara picks up the phone and reads the first heading, ‘Damion Grimm responsible for his little sister’s death’

Photos of Damion covered in blood lying next to his sister’s body, his hand clinging to hers, and tears streaming down his face are burnt into my memory now. Then it goes on with another shocking bulletin, ‘The Reaper champion kills a 5-year-old boy with reckless driving’

I can still see the photo of a shocked, young Damion sitting next to a mangled body of a small kid, his hands in his hair, and his face covered with tears.

Then just next to it is another heading, ‘Money buys rider’s freedom – boy’s parents accept bribe – payoff gets murder charge dropped’ and the photo shows Damion looking away from the camera, standing next to Dean and his father.

There are some more horrific photos of the little boy’s corpse and his devastated parents. What mangled psychotic site is this, displaying pictures like that? It’s not something that can be unseen once you’ve looked at it.

And there’s even more - ‘Reaper rider kills again - wild moves cause the death of Honda racer’ - this time Damion is older, pulling a body away from a burning bike with one hand. Also, more photo’s of the body that seems to be that of the Honda rider. Kiara looks up her eyes as wide as a tractor tire.

“Holy shit!” I push my hand through my hair and bite my lip until I taste the saltiness of blood.

“MEL, snap out of it.” Kiara grabs my shoulders and shakes me viciously, but it still feels as if it’s somebody else’s body.

“MEL!” Kiara is shouting in my face.

“I must ask him. This is his demons and it’s bad.” Kiara lets me go and sink back into the sofa. We both could get jobs as vampires in Twilight, that’s how white we are, our faces drained of blood. Hell, even our lips are bleak.

“You should really ask him?”

She looks at me and I pull an ugly face “Or not. Maybe he’ll tell me when he’s ready.” She hands me back my phone and at the same time, it rings causing me to almost drop it again.


“Hi, angel, sorry I had to leave, I didn’t want to wake you.” How the fuck does he do this being psychic shit?

“It’s okay, where are you?” My head is not in the conversation. Should I ask him if he killed a kid? Killed a Honda rider? If he paid for his freedom? Must I tell him I know about his demons now? I decide against it for now. I just want to get over the shock of seeing those pictures first.

“I’m with my parents. We’re sorting out the Chloe debacle. Her father is here to talk to us.”

“Is she there?” My voice sounds far away as if someone else is talking. I hear him chuckle but I’m not feeling the funny right now.

“She is, but don’t worry, mom and both my brothers are making sure she doesn’t even come close to your property, aka me. I’m now sure they all love you more than me.” He laughs.


“Mel, is something wrong? You sound off? Are you feeling sick again?” He seems genuinely worried and my heart warms. Stop it. Don’t go jumping to conclusions again. Talk to him first.

“I’m fine, just tired.”

“I really wanted to say goodbye before I left, but you needed the rest.”

“It’s okay. Good luck with your promotion thing, I’ll see you when you get back then.”

“Ug, it’s going to be the longest four weeks ever. Maybe you could come and join me?” I can hear the hope in his voice, but the photos still cloud my mind.

“Maybe, let’s see.”

“Okay. Bye angel.” He sounds excited. I press the red button and take the nearest pillow, hugging it to my chest, waiting for my racing heart to calm down. I decide not to let my mind run off, I’m going to stay calm until I know for sure. Would his parents buy his freedom? I drop the phone on the sofa, clinging to the pillow again. Kiara plops down on the couch next to me.

“So I guess it was lover-boy?” Kiara is trying to cheer me up.

“Yep, he’s busy with the whole Chloe thing.”

“Chloe-thing?” Kiara looks confused and I realize she doesn’t know about this part of the story.

“They’re talking to Chloe’s dad, to tell him that they’re going to get an interdict against Chloe. Kiara, I’m scared. What if they actually bought Damion’s freedom? How can one person have so much baggage? I love that man but is it … “

I jump up and run into the kitchen, puking in the sink. Shit. Not this again. The door opens and Logan and Axel stride through, their greeting interrupted by me vomiting again. I open the tap and try washing the evidence down the drain.

“She still sick?” Logan takes my hair in his hand and holds it away from my face. I wipe my mouth and get myself some ginger ale from the fridge.

“Yep. Do you know anything about this?” Kiara hands my phone to Axel so he can read the blog. Logan jumps onto the sofa, taking the bowl of half-melted ice cream from the table. He takes a big bite and then he spits it out unceremonially.

“Yuck, what the fuck is this?” He looks at the bowl pulling an I-just-ate-shit face.

“Mel’s new snack. Ice cream with gherkins, peanut butter, jam, and chocolate sauce. Definitely not going to make it into any recipe book, that’s for sure.” Kiara explains, sitting down next to my brother. I just roll my eyes at him.

“No shit. Are you pregnant or something?” He wipes his tongue with his fingers as if he ate poison.

“Nope, definitely not pregnant, but please look at the pictures on the phone. Is it true?” He takes the phone from Axel and looks at me with a dropped jaw as if I’m some kind of strange being, an alien. Then he smiles warmly.

“Nah …it’s not like that, I promise none of this is true, but you should rather ask him yourself. It’s not my story to share. Just don’t go all psycho-drama-queen on him again.” I just nod silently, my heart only now turning to a normal rhythm. What a shitty day!

“We’re going to the club, but I can see you girls are not in the mood, so see you later.” They get up and go. I don’t know if it’s the bug or all the stress of the last few minutes, but it feels as if I’m going to pass out right there. I run to my bathroom, not wanting to throw up in the sink again. I barf two times and pull the toilet chain. I wash my face for what feels like the hundredth time today.

The white plastic pregnancy stick catches my eye and I pick it up to dump it in the bin, but my hand freezes mid-air. I stare at the faint second line scolding me.

NO! NO! NO! Shit. I turn the stick around and then back up as if it’s going to make the line disappear. But of course, it doesn’t. I take the box and read the instructions on the side of it.

′Unprotected sex with a man can lead to pregnancy.′

Now isn’t that just the dumbest thing I’ve ever read? I laugh out loud, mainly from shock, cause it sounds almost like the warning on cigarette boxes, you know the one that says smoking can lead to lung cancer.

But let’s continue.

Sex, check. Dude, check. No protection, check. (I am on the pill, but might have skipped one or two, maybe five)

I read the part that says that the test might not work, or the line might be faint when you’re under 8 weeks pregnant. I quickly make some sums in my head, realizing that the dance was around 5 weeks ago. The reality hits me solid between the eyes and I turn back to the toilet to barf yet again.

Two pink lines mean you are pregnant. Confirm this with a doctor’s appointment.

Two pink lines, check. Doctor’s appointment, oh, boy.

I don’t know how long I’ve been standing with the freaking stick in my hand, eyeing the pink lines, but the next thing I remember is Kiara taking me into a hug. I didn’t even hear her come in.

“Mel, it’s going to be okay. Things will work out no matter what.” I look into her eyes via the mirror and I know she can see the fear in mine. She shakes her head and I bite my lip.

“Well, it’s not all bad. You love him and he’s crazy about you.” She’s trying to cheer me up.

“And soon he’s going to be killed! If not by my stalker then by my brothers. And then my family is going to kill me, anyways this baby’s going to be an orphan before it’s even born. Kaira throws her head back and laughs her ass off at me.

“Bitch, it’s no laughing matter.” She wipes her face with her sleeve and tries to keep her composure, but I’m not amused. She takes the brown bag from the counter and takes out three more tests.

“Damion must have bought more in case …. Clever man, at least the baby’s going to have looks and brains.“

“And dead parents.” I eagerly take the tests and after reading the instructions I sit down on the toilet and pee on each one, lining them in a row on the counter.

“I’m finished,” I tell Kiara, needing to talk to somebody so I don’t feel the pressure creeping up my throat, but I suppose she can see that for herself.

“They say to wait for about three minutes.” I’ve never been so nervous in my life. She looks down at the tests.

“It says to wait!” I shout but Kiara is ignoring me. She frowns, picking up one and then another test, and then she quickly grabs the last one.

“Mel, you’re pregnant,” She blurts out and my knees buckle under me, I sit down on the toilet to keep myself from falling. She holds up the tests under my nose.

The one has ‘YES +’ in black on the little screen and the other two both reveal 2 pink lines. She throws her arms, still holding the sticks, in the air.

“You’re fucking pregnant! You skipped your fucking pills again, didn’t you?” I walk over to the bed and fall down, probably looking like a zombie. My eyes are still on the sticks in her hands as if staring at them is going to magically change the results or worse, make me even more pregnant.

“Shit, so this is really happening?” I’m talking to myself. ”What am I going to do now? Damion doesn’t want a baby.” Tears are forming in my eyes. What the hell am I going to do? I’m only in my first year of a four-year degree and Damion is riding bikes for a living; not forgetting that he doesn’t want this baby.

Yes, there’s more than enough money, but that’s not the point. Kiara drops the tests on the counter and sits behind me, her legs cradling me. She pulls me into her body and we both cry, our bodies shaking with each sob.

“It’s going to be okay, I promise,” Kiara whispers in my ear, but she doesn’t sound convincing.

“At least you’re baby is going to be extremely pretty and clever and sporty. That’s a good thing, right? And wild and cocky and moody … okay, I’ll stop now. All I’m saying is that he’s not the worst baby-daddy you could get. It could have been Ren … or D … okay, I truly shut up now.”

I muster a little smile. Yep, it could be worse. At least I love Damion. Kiara lets me go, and then she goes into Kiara-mode, organizing everything. She takes the tests, taking one last look just to make sure.

“Yep, you’re still pregnant.” I roll my eyes at her and she throws the tests in the dustbin. I’ll make us some coffee. She disappears and comes back with two steaming mugs. I take it gladly, needing a caffeine boost right about now, and gulp down a big sip. I almost spit it over her.

“It’s tea.” I want to throw her with the cup.

“You can’t drink coffee when you’re in your err.. condition. So you’re stuck with tea, for the next nine months or so.” She goes to the laptop and begins typing and searching.

“What you doing?” I go to stand behind her, drinking the stupid tea.

“I’m looking for a doctor.”

“Why, you sick?”

“No, silly, for you. We have to get a doctor to tell us what to do and give you all the thingies you need.” She’s talking as if she’s part of my pregnancy and I smile, knowing she will be there for me like always.

“Here, this one sounds legit.” She types in some details and just like that, we found Dr. Burden – my new OB-Gyn. All we need now is to book an appointment, but as all are closed for the holidays, we’ll do that first thing in the new year.

“You know I love you, bitch.” She hugs me again and we cry a little more. I’m worn out after the night I just had so I fall down on my bed, taking Ripper into my arms.

“For now, we’re going to let the baby rest and teach it to like Vampire Diaries.”

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