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I'm in love with the devil

*** POV – Melaena

Not as they seem? Is he trying to claim innocence? How can his affairs, which are plastered over the news every week, by the way, be anything different? I look at his confronting emerald eyes and start throwing ideas through my mind. Did he just tell me not to judge his affairs? Does it look like I’m the judgy type?

“I’m not accusing you, but your shenanigans with the female species make for a very convincing closing argument. You could object that I don’t have all the facts, and that’s true, but everybody can witness the evidence of so-called flings in the tabloids and social media. Your face is plastered at least weekly, all over the internet, each time with a different brunette smiling at your side.”

I suddenly wonder what it is with him and dark-haired girls. It’s definitely his type. And I’m definitely not.

“Not to mention that I’ve experienced your love-em-and-leave-em deviltry first-handedly – TWICE. So, your honor, the accused is found guilty of being a play-boy heartbreaker. Court adjourned.” I give him my best battle-winning smile ever and I feel even better when I see a touch of anger flickering in his eyes. At least it’s an emotion for once.

“Damion, we’re going to shoot some balls!” Logan calls, walking past us. Then I feel an arm encircling my waist from behind and a kiss lands on my cheek. I look up into Ren’s warm brown eyes.

“Hi babe, sorry I’m late.” Damion’s expression on his face is now hard and cold. I hate that Ren calls me babe! It reminds me of the little talking pig flick and I’m not a pig, even though he was very cute.

Ren holds out his hand to Damion. “Hi dude, I’m Ren, Mel’s boyfriend.” I may be wrong, but I’m sure he pushed the last words out on purpose. Damion hesitates just for a second, staring into Ren’s eyes, his own pulled into a frown, blazing as if it’s on fire. He turns around, and walks away without another word, ignoring Ren’s hand. Ug, that guy will drive me to alcohol, man-whores, and the murdering of small-brained rodents!

“Friendly chap that one, like always.” Ren frowns.

“I didn’t realize that you know him.”

“Oh, I haven’t met him before, but he has a reputation, and he likes to use it. I’ll be back, just going to see if I can find Jason.” I watch his back while he walks off. He’s a very handsome man, with a nice body, brown hair and dark eyes. I’m so lucky to have such a laid-back, friendly, and understanding guy in my life. Just think if you have someone like Damion as your boyfriend - moody, complicated, mysterious, cocky, and grumpy. No thanks! Suddenly, I feel sorry for that Chloe girl. Maybe that’s why she’s such a bitch! But it doesn’t mean I like her, because I don’t!

I wonder what he meant about Damion using his reputation. Maybe he uses his fame to pick up girls, not that he needs to. And I know for a fact that Damion hates that part of his job the most. The fame – not the girls. I turn back to the bar and order another fruity drink, sipping it slowly while eyeing the room, trying to find Kiara or Axel. They could be in the games room playing pool. I side-step a few times trying to avoid bumping into a drunk person and walk into my uncle’s man-cave, just to find Damion shooting some balls all alone.

“You stalking me?” I ask pointing a finger at him.

“I could ask the same question since I was first here.” Again with that freaking smirk. He leans over the table to shoot and I’m left with a perfect view of that fine ass.

“Have you seen Kiara?”

“I’m not her keeper, am I?” OMG, he just has no manners at all. He puts down the cue and leans against the table, arms crossed, checking me out with a strange sparkle in his eyes.

Then someone staggers through the door, holding on against the walls. It’s Jason and it takes him a few minutes to register that it’s me standing before him. He blinks his bloodshot eyes several times and then a smile appears on his drunken face.

“Oh, hi beautiful.” He tries to stand up straight but falls forward onto my chest, grabbing my breast in his hand.

“I warned you, Steward, keep your hands off her!” I hear an angry growl from somewhere and Jason flies back and hits the wall with a loud thud. He gets up and looks surprised at Damion, now standing with his hands in fists. He seems tense. Jason focuses on Damion’s face and he pulls himself straight.

“I’m not scared of you anymore.” He shoves Damion back, pushing him with his hands, slurring his words. “And you can stick your threats up your ass ... You can’t ... tell me what .... to do ... I’m not staying away from her anymore ... I’m going ... to fuck ... her and nothing you say will scare me ...” What the hell is the guy blabbering about? He must be drunker than I thought ’cause he sloshes his words around. He launches a pathetic punch aimed at Damion’s face, but Damion dodges it with ease, and then his fist flies out and hits Jason square on the jaw. He passes out, sliding down the wall into a sitting position.

I step back, bump into Damion and start to lose my balance, but his strong hands grasp my middle, keeping me upright.

“What was that about? You just hit the guy!” Not that I don’t like it, ’cause I do, he deserved it, but still. That BEAST smirk turns into a cocky grin that he knows is sexy as hell. He knows exactly what he’s doing to my libido. I mean he’s been trained or schooled to get under a girl’s skin, or in her pants ... A voice in the back of my head tells me to run far away, but I don’t listen. My body is winning this round, hands-on, and it’s as if my mind is not even trying to fight back.

“Stop doing that,” I can’t let him see how he affects me.

“What?” His cocky grin now turns even sexier and his eyes, oh boy, don’t even get me started with that.

“That thing you’re doing with your eyes! It might work with other girls, but I find it annoying!” Annoyingly sexy that is.


“Yes, not everybody thinks you’re hot, you know.” His grin gets even bigger.

“I never had complaints before, but good to know! I’ll put that in my confidence-building speech.” He pulls me so close that my breasts are squashed against his chest, and I’m sure he can feel my hard nipples through both our clothes. I tilt my head up to him, his eyes trapping me and I can’t move, my heart beating so hard I swear it’s going to explode. He cradles me between his legs, moving his hips against mine while pushing me up against the pool table. So many times have I dreamed about experiencing feelings exactly like this, utterly consumed by somebody, sparks flying, but why does it have to be HIM?

The look in his eyes is a combination of danger and trouble, and it’s so intense it terrifies me. With one hand, he tucks my hair behind my ear, moving his fingers to stroke my neck. A shiver moves down my body and causes an aching feeling between my thighs. A soft moan escapes my lips and I bite my lower lip, preventing another sound to slip past it. I want him to do all the terrible things to my body that I’ve read about. He licks his lips and I want to move my hand, and push my fingers through his hair, but instead, I just press my palms against his chest. Then he places his forehead against mine and inhales deeply.

“You’re mine, Mel Blackburn. You just don’t have any idea what you’re doing ... ” His voice is husky and soft.

“Mel, you in here?” Kiara calls from just outside the door, interrupting him. Damion removes his hands, leaving me feeling both cold and hot at the same time. And it hits me so hard that I need to steady myself against the pool table just to not fall to the ground - I’m in love with the devil! Oh, shoot. I’m in love with the freaking devil himself! Did I say that already? Ship! Ship! Ship! Ship! I feel my blood draining from my body and it feels as if I’m going to faint. No, I must be confusing love and hate again. My heart doesn’t know what it’s doing, I must just listen to my mind saying I hate him. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. That’s better, now I can breathe again.

Kiara and Axel enter the room, followed by my brothers. They don’t look too surprised to see Jason still lying limp against the wall in an awkward position, and they don’t ask. Damion pushes past everybody without saying a word but he bumps into Ren, and without warning, he grabs a surprised Ren, holding his shirt collar in a tight grip.

“I’m not scared of your threats, Grimm!” Ren grumbles, a strange light in his eyes. His body seems tense, as if he actually is scared, contradicting his words.

“You should be,” Damion says calmly and removes his hands slowly. He wipes some imaginary dust from Ren’s shoulder and then pats his cheek with his flat hand a few times before he storms off.

“What’s wrong with him?” Kiara asks.

“Ug, with that dickhead you never know!” Enrique’s arm is still around the ginger, but his eyes are on me hanging onto the pool table for dear life, my legs too wobbly to stand on.

“Hey, my friend’s not a dickhead .... he’s just a little messed up sometimes.” Logan looks at Jason’s limp body, pulling his mouth into an upside-down smile before he too eyes me.

“There’s something mysteriously wrong with that guy, and I want you to stay away from him,” Ren tells me, still angry after getting manhandled, his eyes are so full of hate that it scares me. I want to tell him that he can’t tell me what to do but my voice hasn’t returned yet.

“Maybe you’re the one she must stay away from!” Jackson hisses at Ren, staring at him with a stern face. For some reason, Jackson despises my boyfriend. Ren just swallows hard and then moves closer to me.

“He’s freaking hot.” Enrique looks at the beauty in his arms as if he didn’t know she could actually speak.

“Peops, you hear this ....” Enrique says in a mocking voice. The girl looks up at Enrique’s teasing eyes and pouts her lips for a kiss.

“Jealous?” Enrique gives her a little peck but doesn’t answer. If she knew my brother, she would know that Enrique never EVER gets jealous over a girl.

“She’s right, he for sure is one of the best-looking men I’ve ever seen.” Kiara agrees with the redhead. “But he’s way too dark and moody for my taste.” She continues glancing at Logan as if he’s going to disapprove, but Logan just pouts his mouth.

“He’s the type everybody warns you to stay away from, but you just can’t do it, and then he shatters your heart into millions of pieces.” Maybe the girl in my brother’s arms is not as dumb as I thought her to be. She actually said something that I believe is true.

“Yep, exactly!” I suppose Kiara also thinks it’s a precise description of Damion.

“What do you think, sis, is he handsome?” Jackson, like always, must stir the pot even if it’s empty. All eyes move towards me and my mouth feels dry like the driest desert and I swallow hard. Anger gets hold of me. He’s a freaking pain.

“Who the fudge cares!”

Jackson smiles eerily as a serial killer would at his victim, but I don’t give a hooting hell at this moment. I’m mad – mostly at myself for being so weak - and take big strides towards the bar without a word before anybody thinks to ask some more questions. Like, why am I so worked up over my little brother’s stupid bloody friend? That right there is a VERY very good question. The asshole enjoys making me suffer, getting under my skin, and making me angry on purpose. Gmf, telling me I don’t know what I’m doing! Hell, excuse me for not being a total slut and not jumping everybody’s bones. I hope I never see the likes of him again ... ever!!!

I order a drink, trying to calm myself down. Ren pulls me into his arms and I rest my head on his strong chest. I’m glad my boyfriend is not a psychotic, unfeeling, heartless maniac like certain other people. Sociopath – I’m sure he pulls girls’ hearts out for fun and buries them in his backyard while chipping another mark on his bedpost – cause that is what Damion is, a freaking sociopathic serial heart killer.

“What’s wrong?” Ren strokes my hair and I feel the anger draining out of me.

“Ug, I just don’t like my brother’s annoying friend.”


“What are the threats you were talking about? Jason also said something like that.”

“It’s nothing.” I push him away and look into his eyes.

“Ren, I need to know?” He avoids looking at me as if he’s embarrassed.

“Damion threatened every guy in your school, and some, to stay away from you. Apparently, you were ... and still are ... off-limits to everyone. It’s been going on for years now. And the ones that didn’t listen felt the wrath of his fists. But I’m not scared of that duce.”

Damion did WHAT?! I can’t fricking believe what I’m hearing! He is the reason for my awkward social life, my non-existing love life, why guys walked circles around me as if I had some contagious disease ... and he dares to tell me that I don’t know what I’m doing!!! Who’s freaking fault is THAT then?!

“Damion threatened everybody?” I ask, more to myself, “I blamed my brothers … “

“Well, they also banged up some guys over the years … especially Jackson … but not as much as the biker,” Ren answers patiently.

I see Damion leaning against the wall, arms folded, sexy as hell, looking at us. The brunette is clinging to his arm once more, but it’s as if he doesn’t even register she’s there. I’ll show him just how much I do know. I pull Ren closer and kiss him passionately before letting him go again. Ren seems a bit surprised. I look Damion straight in the eyes with a big winning smile, but he just stares straight back, and the look in his eyes sends a huge electric vibration through my body.

Ren follows my gaze and also looks at Damion.

“Is there something between you guys?”

“Nope! Nothing!” I answer way too quickly, and Ren turns his head back to look at me, a deep frown on his face.

Damion pushes himself away from the wall and then he’s gone.

Ren whispers that he needs to go to the bathroom and weaves through the crowd. I take a deep breath … and another. Why did Damion do that? Why mess up my life all the time? I swear he’s frozen on the inside … cause no one with a warm heart can be that cruel.

My phone vibrates and I look at the screen in anticipation, hoping just for a second that it’s Damion, before realizing that he doesn’t even have my number. I want to tell him exactly what I think of his threads. Who the fuck does he think he is? I frown when I see a message from an unknown number. I swipe the screen.

Private Number: Hi Melaena, hope you’re enjoying the party.

Mel: Who’s this?

Private Number: Call me D.

Mel: What do you want?

Private Number: Revenge for my father! But mostly I want you.

Mel: What?

Private Number: You belong to me, babe!

Mel: Fudge off!

Private Number: Oh, babe, I’m not going anywhere. Remember that you’re mine.

I blink, wondering if maybe the person got the wrong number, but it can’t be, because he mentions my name. What the hell is going on? Ug, I just don’t have the energy to worry about some random asshole sending me a stupid message. Then it hits me between the eyes. Maybe it’s Damion himself trying to be funny. Didn’t he say that I’m his and his name starts with a D. Yep, it could be him? Damn ass is psychotic, now I’m sure of it.

I slip my phone into my pocket and down a few shooters. Then I dally towards the games room again, looking for Kiara, but a voice stops me dead in my tracks.

“So what is Chloe doing here?”

“Not sure, guess she came to see me like always.” It’s Damion’s voice and then there is the distinct sound of a big sigh. “Ug, mom, what am I going to do about that girl?”

“So it’s still her … even after all this time?”

“It will always be her.”

“You’ve been patient, waiting for her to grow up … so maybe it’s time you admit the truth to her. I’ve seen the way you look at her. You truly love her, don’t you?”

“I think I’ve loved her from the first moment I saw her. But you know it’s complicated. There are the rules ... and I don’t want to hurt her again, she’s been through so much already.”

“I know the rules are important to you, but maybe it’s time to let them go. And, yes, there is a risk that you might get hurt, but then again, maybe she’s not worth risking everything for.”

“She’s worth dying for.” Damion’s voice is soft and husky, full of emotion. I’ve heard enough and I just can’t stand it anymore. He loves the brunette, really loves her. Chloe. He loves her with all his heart. But why does this bother me so much that I feel as if I’m going to puke?

I walk back to the bar in a daze, putting one foot in front of the other until I bump against the wooden counter. I lean my elbows onto the surface and put my head into my hands. My eyes tear up.

“Aint you going to dance?” Luke’s voice pulls me out of the darkness of my mind. I turn towards the dancefloor and see the guys going crazy, doing all sorts of funny dance moves and stuff.

“Watch this,” Luke shouts and then makes a backflip, earning him some loud cheers from the large group of girls that are circling the boys. Jackson is twirling a girl in very skimpy clothes around. Damion’s big love is rubbing her ass against him and he throws me a two-finger salute, a huge grin on his face, but it doesn’t reach his eyes, they seem worried. I give him a single-finger gesture back, feeling the previous nausea pushing up my throat again. Green jealous puke.

Kiara is suddenly standing next to me. “What’s wrong with those dysfunctional boys now?”

She seems confused as she stares at my brothers with her eyes pulled into a thin line. I pull up my shoulders and shake my head.

“Hell, if I know. Sometimes, I think guys are just born brainless and heartless. Personally, I think they’re just on this earth to reproduce more brainless-heartless males so the cycle can continue. Look at this stupid example for instance.” I hand Kiara my phone and she reads the message.

“Who will send you something like that?” Again I shake my head and pull up my shoulders.

“You think it could be Damion trying to be funny,” I ask, my eyes catching his over the distance.

“Nah, he’s crazy but not one to do something like this.” She seems sure of it, but I’m still not convinced it’s not him.

“You look like you need to get drunk. Want to do shots?” I look at Kiara and now she nods her head. She calls the barman and whispers something in his ear. His eyes grow wide and he hands her two full bottles of tequila. She takes my hand and pulls me after her, taking one last look at the dancefloor, and we disappear to my room.

“I’m so fed up with that party right now. Let’s have our own party.” Kiara pulls her dress off and hops into her pj’s. I turn to do the same. Then we jump on the bed and she hands me a bottle. I take a big gulp and feel the liquid burning my throat. Kiara puts on some music and we start dancing on the bed, passing the bottle between us.

I tell her about what Ren told me, the threats Damion made, and my inexperience due to those menaces.

“Devil boy kept every male away from you? That’s .... different. I knew he had a bad-boy reputation, but I didn’t know everyone is afraid of him.”

“Yeh must be the ninja classes he took in school. I know he’s got some belts … black ones … like Jackson and Axel.”

“But why did he want them to stay away from you?”

“Ug, I don’t know. I just know that he’s freaking been messing up my life since the day we met.” I also tell her about the confession that he loves Chloe. Tears prick my eyes again and Kiara changes the subject, knowing me well enough not to say anything about it at this moment.

“So, you have a stalker now, please let him be hot and not an idiot like all the guys in our lives.”

We laugh and Kiara falls from the bed. She gets up and then we laugh even more.

“I think we’re a bit wasted.” We keep jumping and dancing and laughing and drinking. When the first bottle is finished we open the next one. We do some moves, that we call ‘strip-teasing’, sliding our hands up and down our bodies, trying to look sexy and hot. Something you would only do when you’re roaring drunk.

“I would be the worst stripper ever!” I yell at Kiara and she laughs so hard that she almost falls from the bed again. I sit down, exhausted, and lean against the headrest; Kiara joins me.

“Ok. Tell me something interesting, or my brain might fry. What was up with you and Damion in the games room?”

“I thought he (hic) might kiss me … but (hic) he’s a fuck … fudging pain!” I am pointing my finger right at my friend’s nose, my tongue slightly dragging, “And the worst is (hic) that I think he is very sexy,” now I’m using big clumsy hand gestures, “but he’s still a long-drop.” Why am I saying this to Kiara, I must be way beyond intoxicated to say he’s sexy. I think about it a lot but never say it out loud.

“He’s very good-looking,” Kiara is also pointing fingers, “but for some reason (hic) not my cup of tea … I always think about him as yours.” Kiara tries to wiggle her eyebrows at me but fails miserably.

“Seriously? Mine? I’ll never ... ”

“Never say never!” She interrupts me quickly and I pout my lips like a diva.

“Ug, he’s such a prick,” I slur and Kiara overeagerly nods in agreement, “Why would he ruin my life like that?” She looks at me with a wry smile and I don’t even want to guess what’s going on in that little head of hers. But I know she’s going to tell me.

“I can think of a few things,” this time she holds up one finger, “Firstly he’s into you...”

“No,” I shake my head wildly from side to side, “he’s totally (hic) in love with that Chloe bitch. I’ve heard him (hic) talking.”

“Are you sure?” she asks and I move my head until our noses touch.

“You have such pretty skin … “

“Mel (hic),” Kiara says, “focus bitch!” she hands me the bottle and I take a big sip. What was the question again? Am I sure?

“Of course I’m sure. I’ve heard it with my own ears (hic),” I touch my ears so she can understand, “BUT,” I wave my hand again, “it doesn’t matter, (hic) I’ll just hate him more for having bad taste!” Is it just me or does my voice sound louder than usual? Kiara starts giggling and spits out some alcohol.

The door opens and Logan walks in and flops down on the sofa, throwing his legs over the armrest.

“So who has such bad taste?” he grins.

Damion fills the doorway and leans against the frame.

Kiara giggles some more and points a finger at Damion, “We were just talking about you!”

“Don’t mind us, please continue.” Logan grunts, holding back a laugh.

“What if we were naked?” I say the first thing that comes into my mind, with a stern face, not wanting Damion there at all. I’m freaking mad at him. I hate him.

“Nothing we haven’t seen before,” my brother says.

Kiara looks at me and rolls her eyes and the huge amount of tequila rushing through my system gives me the courage to confront the devil. I get off the bed, very unladylike because of some balance issues I might have right now … but I’m way past caring. I hit him on his chest with the palms of my hands as hard as I can. He doesn’t even move an inch, nor does he flinch, but I almost fall over. Damn that unbalanced tequila! He grabs my hips to keep me upright.

“Why the fudge did you threaten the ... ” I give a little ungirly hick, “... boys to stay away from me, you psycho-sexy baboon-butt dick?” At this moment my blind drunk brain can’t come up with any better insult-sounding adjectives to throw at him.

He just stands there, BEAST smirks in place, looking very pleased with himself. I look at Kiara to help a sister out, but her glazed eyes are bulging out like a freaking chameleon. She slowly blinks and then points a finger at Damion.

“You … you … (hic) … you know she’s still a Mary … (hic) like in the Bible ... because of your stupid stuff she hasn’t seen a dick … ” without finishing her sentence she gives another hick-up and then she lies down and closes her eyes.

“Men are pigs, and I wanted to protect you from all the players out there,” Damion speaks for the first time.

“So guys like (hic) you!”


“From now on you’re going to stay out (hic) of me … (hic)!” I watch him moving his head forward and for a moment I’m thinking that he’s going to kiss me this time, but he lifts me from the ground and whispers very softly in my ear, “I would love to be in you, angel.”

He puts me on the bed and pulls the blanket over me and Kiara. My phone drops onto the ground and then I remember the message.

“And don’t send me more of those stupid messages!”

He picks up the phone and I close my eyes.

“What the fuck!” My brother’s voice is the last thing I hear.

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