The Biker's Rules

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***POV - Melaena

The misty rain outside chills the already cold wind blowing through the broken glass of the tiny window a few more degrees. Covered in goosebumps I pull the tiny thin blanket tighter and move closer to Luke’s small body, hoping to transfer more of my body heat over to him and vice versa. Kiara’s eyes flick open by the movement, catching mine over the little man’s head.

We just silently stare at each other, drained loopy eyes looking but not seeing. I know exactly what she’s thinking, what she’s uncomfortable with everything, but she keeps quiet. We’ve ployed up a plan A, and just in case it flops miserably, schemed a plan B and C as backups. Kiara is not happy with the plan, and yes I know it’s risky at best, but we both know it’s the only way.

The tiny bean in my tummy seems to tap all my energy and I swear I’m too tired to even close my eyes. I send up a mindless prayer, hoping that Damion will find us in time, and another one to protect my little blob and all of us until he does.

They came to take away my father just after cutting off his finger and by the excruciating burning screams that break the suffocating darkness every now and then, he’s having a rough night. I’m also worried about Jackson, wondering where they’re keeping him and what’s happening to him. The key turns in the lock again and Kiara’s pupils grow bigger, making her eyes seem demonly black. We don’t dare move, hopefully, the person will think we’re all asleep and leave again, but no such luck. A hand grabs my arm and jerks me up hardhandedly, waking Luke.

“Hello, darling.” I blink a few times, thinking that maybe I fell asleep and this is just a dream, but the look on Kiara’s face tells me this is the painful reality.

“Ren?” The word rolls ghostly from my lips when I eventually close my dropped jaw and manage some control over my vocal cords.

“Actually it’s Darren.” He walks over to the window and then turns back to look at me. Anger slowly starts to push the initial shock aside and bubbles up inside me.

“Fuck you, bastard!”

“Oh, you will soon. We’re just waiting for your irritating lover to arrive.” The glint shining in his eyes predicts that whatever he planned is not anything even relatedly good – no it’s bad.

“You’re sick!” The disgust on Kiara’s face is enough to send more than one demon to its death, but it’s not even a fraction of what I’m feeling towards my ex right now.

“I tried to win your heart the normal way, but you just had eyes for that piece of shit. Now he’s going to suffer for breaking the number one rule – trying to take what’s mine.”

“You can’t blame the girl, he’s hot.” A familiar woman’s voice comes through the open door and then the owner of the voice walks in with a huge smile, holding her hands behind her back. Kiara is back to being a frozen statue with a large open mouth for a few seconds and then her lips move forming the name of our friend.

“Lucinda?” This time ‘surprised’ doesn’t even begin to describe what both me and Kiara are right now. Maybe combine super-surprised, or stunningly-flabbergasted to get superstunningly-flabberprised!

“Hi, girls.” She leans her hip against an old broken dresser standing against the wall while her finger pulls a line through the layer of dust as if she’s majorly bored.

“Enjoying the accommodation? See, this was my room long ago. That was before your dad fucked up our lives.”

“You can chat with your little friends later, sister, I need to get things ready.” Ren … or Darren glares at me with lustful eyes and a smile that would freeze an active volcano instantly.

“I’ve been waiting for this a long time.” His hand cups his junk and he shakes it suggestively while the smile grows even colder. Just thinking of him penetrating me pushes up the piece of pizza and I cover my mouth with my palm and swallow hard.

‘Sniff pixie dust and soar’

The chant runs through my head, Damion’s Peter Pan shit, that for some reason, always comes to mind when I’m in some kind of trouble. I must ask him about it if I make it out of here alive.

Okay, shock is over, now we need to get our plans in motion before it’s too late.

“Leave her alone!” Luke jumps up and stands on the bed like a little superhero with his arms in his sides, chest pushed out, and chin up. Ship, these Grimm boys move fast, and they seem to like staring death in the eye, but before I can even try to pull him down, things happen with staggering speed.

First Lucinda swings her arm and slabs Luke from the bed, and he lands with a THUD and a groan on the floor. Then Darren pulls me unwillingly towards the door, while Kiara jolts up to get to the brave boy, protecting him with her arms from more blows. A silent conversation between our eyes and she whispers into Luke’s ear.

Plan A is in motion, and even though her eyes tell me she’s still not happy about it, she also knows it’s the only way. The fucking Lucinda bitch laughs hard, her lips rolling over like a fucked-up horny orangutang. Sorry to all the apes for lowering them to that disgusting level and sorry for swearing like a pirate captain, but under given circumstances, I’m sure I’ll be forgiven.

Darren is holding onto my left arm, the broken or bashed up one and the pain only inflates the balloon of anger until it pops and all I see is red – blood red. My right arm flings out and a fist strikes Lucinda solidly with an uppercut on her jaw, throwing her off-balance and she lands against the dresser behind her. Who knew growing up with four wild brothers, learning to fight, would one day come in handy?

“Bitch!” She yells her eyes flickering surprise that turns into anger. Hell, that look is worth the painful knuckles, that’s for sure.

“It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it!” I can hardly stop now, I have to keep the bravado up to give Kiara and Luke a minute to escape. I push my body into Darren to open a path to the door. Kiara grabs Luke’s hand and they sprint through the opening down the hallway before Darren or Lucinda can do anything. Lucinda turns to face me with a scolding hate-filled face. Her pathetic attempt to slap me fails horribly when I catch her wrist and turn it until I see the pain on her face.

“Don’t bark if you can’t bite, shrew.” Where is all this coming from? I’m actually scared shitless that they’ll do something to me that will hurt my baby, but I can also not allow them to hurt Luke. Plan A was for Kiara to escape with Luke before they can kill him or rape her – hoping that they’ll manage to get to the forest.

Kiara will then hide Luke and try to save Jackson and my dad, who will then try to save me. Yeh, not the best plan, but it’s all we have.

“Fuck, if this is not turning me on!” Darren growls out a deep laugh, his fingers tightening more painfully around my arm as he drags me out of the room not waiting for his angry sister to follow.

“Go get them back.” If the look on her face is any indication, Lucinda is not happy about being ordered around by her brother, but she drags her feet down the hallway.

“Where are we going?” I ask while being roughly pushed down a huge staircase, the chandelier hanging from the roof flashing a vision from my past into my mind. Flippin, we truly are in the haunted house. I stop and turn to Darren.

“I saw your dad years ago, standing here.” He looks at me but I can’t see his eyes in the dark.

“I know. You were six and shot with an arrow. I was hiding up there,” he says, pointing to the top of the staircase. “After everything happened, we’ve fixed up and stayed in a small part of the house. Your mother gave us enough money to survive for a few years, without my father needing to work and nobody seemed to come looking for us here.”

He pulls me towards a room on the right side of the entrance room and we walk past the hole Kiara fell in – it seems so much smaller than I remember or maybe it’s just because I’m bigger – who knows.

“I was on my way to come and help you, but even back then that guy ruined everything. I’ve hated him for so long.” He murmurs while tying me up. Stuffed against a pillar in the room, the ropes so tight they’re already cutting into my skin, the pain from my broken arm causing me to bite on my teeth - literally. His hand holding the knife is slightly shaking as he cuts my shirt open, unveiling my breasts, now only covered by my violet lacy bra.

He pulls in a lustful breath and licks his lips, his face and eyes wiped from any emotion. Watching in horror as his lips move closer, panic soars through me, and without thinking I spit into his face, I’m so angry at this guy. I know he’s crazy and wants revenge, but it still doesn’t give him the right to do this to us. None of what happened to them was our fault, it was my dad’s. He wipes his face with an ugly grin, then his hand connects with my cheek again and again.

I feel something wet running down my face and I don’t know if it’s blood or tears or both. He takes my chin in his hand, his fingers bruising my face.

“Never do that again.” He throws my face to the one side and I look away, praying like never before.

“Say cheese!” He sends the photo to somebody and slips the phone into his pocket, the look on his face must be the exact one a deer sees before it gets killed by a predator. He grabs my hair and yanks it, forcing me to face him. With his other hand, he then cuts my jeans, ripping them from my body and it falls to the floor in a mangled puddle at my feet, leaving me feeling vulnerable and exposed, standing in only my underwear. It’s cold and my body is covered in goosebumps, shivering from both cold and fear. He runs his hand over my breast and between my legs and I bite on my tongue, forcing myself to keep calm. I’ve never been so scared in my life.

He walks away to a table in the room and pours himself something that looks like scotch before he falls casually into a chair, taking a sip from his glass. I struggle against the ropes but they just cut deeper and deeper into my arms. It feels as if I’m going to faint, my head is dizzy and my body seems numb, probably from the cold.

“Now we’re just waiting for your boyfriend.” Looks like we’re going to kill some time waiting for Damion. My heart flutters just thinking about the man, but now is not the moment to get all smoochy about my baby-daddy.

“Why did my mom give you money?” I use my draining energy to stand up straight, trying to relieve the pain in my arm. He turns the glass around in his hand, the golden liquid catching the light, twinkling like a star.

“Your mom knew the truth, she’s the one that helped us escape, that treated our wounds.” Ok, now I feel like the guy that got on a plane to sunny Hawaii and ended up in snowy Russia.

He gets up and walks back to me.

“Years later, George and Alexander, found out about it and had your mom killed. You’re father cowardly disappeared. My father was upset about her death and planted the bomb that killed George and your grandfather. It was then that we started planning to take over, and get revenge all in one.” He holds up his glass and stares at the liquid shining in the light.

“My father won’t actually hurt you or your brothers, because of your mother. Oh, except for Jackson, the fucking asshole.”

“What did Jackson do wrong?” Might as well get answers while we wait. I watch his eyes change into hate. Then he puts the glass down and takes off his shirt. For a moment I’m thinking the worst, and I shoot up another prayer.

Then he turns around and I see the scars on his back. Old scars, but still very visible. No wonder I’ve never seen Ren without his shirt the whole time we were dating. I always just thought he was shy.

“Your psychotic brother did this,” he says.

“He was freaking something like 10!” I don’t believe that a young boy would hurt someone that badly.

“So was I. And it doesn’t matter, he still whipped me a good 20 times.

Movement at the door interrupts him and the guy that brought us the pizza drags in my father’s body … or by the looks of it maybe his corps – it’s a naked bloody raw mess of a human being. He throws it down against the pillar next to me and the old man groans painfully. Ok, so he’s still alive for now.

‘Sniff pixie dust and soar’

“Did you find the boy?” Darren looks at the man that’s openly staring at me as if he’s going to eat me for lunch.

“Nope, but we will. Your father said you must start beating the crazy guy.” He doesn’t take his eyes from me, and I’m sure some spit is running from the corner of his mouth, his hand is fiddling with his crotch. But it’s his words that send chilling jolts down my spine. Jackson … they’re going to hurt my brother. I start pulling at the ropes again, fighting the pain and exhaustion. I need to get out! Now!

“Nope, keep him hanging for a while. I’ll first finish my business here.” I let out my breath silently, thankful that Jackson gained some time and hopeful that it would be enough. Darren picks up his glass and goes back to his chair again. I look down at my father.

“Dad, dad are you okay?” I whisper softly, not wanting others to hear us. He opens his eyes slightly, but I can see that he’s hurt pretty bad.

“Mel, forgive me, girl. I just … “ he struggles to breathe, “wanted what’s best …” Deep inside my gut tells me that this might be our last conversation ever.

“Dad, I forgive you.” I’m not sure if I truly mean it, but I know it’s what he needs to hear right now. His eyes light up a little and he gives me a small smile. Then I lean over, as close as my tied-up body allows, and talk to him with a huffed voice, “Dad, I’m pregnant. You’re gonna be a grandfather soon. Hang on, okay?”

This time he manages a big smile on his bloody face and tears form in his eyes.

“I love you, Mel,” he says and starts coughing, a thin trickle of blood now running from the corner of his mouth. Then he closes his eyes, his breathing an unnatural gurgling sound.

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