The Biker's Rules

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Saving the day

***POV - Damion

Guppy winks secretly at me before he slams the door of the van closed. They’ve handed me over to two other gang members, looking like Homer-Simpson-twins. I adjust my hands behind my back slightly, making sure the loose ropes don’t fall off prematurely and ruin my plan. Turning my head to the right I give the guy my cockiest lopsided grin, the one that makes girls weak in the knees and wet between the legs. Guess it won’t have quite the same effect here though.

I watch as the van drives off, and my smile turns slightly sinister. I hope the meeting between the boys and our new allies works as planned.

I phoned my father while we were driving here and know that Jackson and Luke escaped, both of them now safely with the others. But things do not look too good for Mel and Kiara.

And even though I know that they’re ready to infiltrate the house at any moment, I’m not totally relaxed – I have a bad omen about all this. Anyway, I need to play my part collectively … no place for errors. I need to create a distraction so the boys can move in secretly. It’s probably the only advantage we have … that and the fact that Jackson nearly took out half of the guards on his way out.

“So do you guys watch Vampire Diaries?” I try my luck.


Homer-on-the-left’s palm connects with the back of my head! Now I know how Harry and Ron felt in Snape’s class. The once impressive door is cracked and weathered by exposure, the surface slimy, covered by moss and other fungi. I come here every year on my sister’s birthday and put some flowers in the place she died. And every time I notice the decay taking over more and more.

“You won’t be cocky for long, Mack.” The moron fists his partner on his upper arm and both laugh as if they know something I don’t. Well, I got a surprise for them, I know something they don’t.

The hit-squad that Alex organized … well, instead of killing Garcia and Uncle John, is going to save them. And as soon as Mel is safe, the Old Man will attack the two gangs and finish this whole nightmare once and for all.

“Yeh, Darren is going to push his plonker into that skank and make you watch. Little ice queen is going to get it good.” He shits his mouth off and I didn’t know that it was possible to muster up such self-control. My nails digging into my palms are the only indication of my not-so-calm interior.

“Hope we can also get some action.” Rightside-Homer interrupts, pushing my nails even more into my flesh, but I stay in control. If I mess up now, Mel might die.

“I’ve been hard all day, I need a good shag.” Pushing his hand against the front of his pants he pulls me into another dimly lit room – the one where my sister died. I swear fate is pulling a joke on me.

I quickly scan my surroundings, and then my heart stops for mere seconds. I notice her tied against a pillar as if it’s the only thing keeping her from falling onto the floor – her arms pulled back in an awkward-uncomfortable position.

“Fuckin-shit, she’s hot,” escapes from one of the Homer’s lips and I can hear the hungry lust in his voice. I close my eyes and breath in deep, then out again. And I pray for calmness, strength, miracles, and all the help I can get. She standing dressed in that violet lacy underwear, partly covered by her torn blouse, her pants in a bundle at her feet. Some part of me feels like it’s dying, seeing her like that, all exposed and vulnerable and I bite my already raw cheek. For now, I have to push my emotions aside.

She looks up and it feels like an electric shock jab through me when our eyes meet. I hide the storm inside, pulling myself together with every little bit of self-preservation I still have left, and try to reassure her that everything is going to be fine, that she’s safe now, that I’m here. She returns my ghostly smile. She knows.

She looks like hell, tired and cold, her pale face is swollen and bruised, with some dried blood around the corner of her mouth, but still, she’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. That fucking bastard is dead. They’re all dead. Deep breath in, and slowly out.

“Hey, angel.” My voice manages to somehow hide the torment burning inside me, sounding cocky and arrogant.

“Good, you’re here.” I turn to the sound of the voice. For a moment I lost myself and move forward, but the Homer-twins keep me grounded by holding my arms. That fucking piece of shit! I should have known, the voice on the phone … I try to cover my surprise by giving him a demonic smirk, my eyes the opposite of friendly. He opens his mouth but gets interrupted by the one Homer.

“Darren, we also want a go on that bitch when you’re finished with her.” This guy on my left is now really starting to pound into my reserves as he pouts while looking with hungry eyes at my almost-naked girlfriend.

Darren answers the goon with a deadly glare that clearly says shut-up-if-you-want-to-keep-breathing. I know the look cause it’s the same one I have on my face.

“Do you think I’ll share the woman I love with you, moron?!”

“Love,” Mel suddenly giggles, “don’t make me laugh, Ren. You don’t have a freaking clue what love is!”

“I know I love you,” he says pushing her hair from her face with the tip of a knife.

“You don’t love me, you’re obsessed with me – big difference. If you truly loved me, I wouldn’t be hanging here like this, and you would never hurt me.” She’s looking him straight in the eyes. His face goes white and I can see a vein throbbing in his neck. She’s hit a nerve, pun intended.

He turns away and walks up and down a few times while everybody watches in silence as if waiting to see if he’s changed his mind or not. Then he stops and looks at me, and the hate in his eyes tells me – NOT. I have to keep his attention on me and away from Mel.

“Ah, Ren, didn’t I tell you I’m going to kill you if you come close to Mel again?”

“Funny, biker-boy, I said the same thing to you. And still, here you are, just looking for pain and torture.” Did I mention just how much I hate this guy? But I need to stay in control, that’s the only way I’m getting both me and Mel out of this alive.

“What can I say, I like living on the edge.” I know what’s coming, waiting for the impact I harden my abdominal muscles and intentionally put a smirky grin on my face, taunting him even more. He punches me, but he hits like a fucking girl, increasing my smile from ear to ear. It seems easy enough to get under his skin, and all I have to do is play for time until the boys get here.

“My dad went to kill with Garcia, so we have loads of time, enough for me to break that little angel in.” Darren gives me a bughouse smile, slowly backing up to Mel, his eyes telling me that he’s won the war and all that’s left is to plant the flag of victory. But what he doesn’t know is that the war hasn’t even started yet.

“Are you getting wet for me baby?” He doesn’t take his eyes off me, the triumphant look of a dead-man-walking.

A feral growl roars from the back of my throat when he slides his fingers under her panty, his other hand holding her chin, forcing her to look at him. He moves his head down and starts kissing her.

I bite on my jaw and look away for a moment, my heart getting liquidized by the monster gripping it. But I need to stay in control just a little longer.

“Ouch! Bitch!” Darren suddenly jolts back, his hand reaching out to touch his lip, and then he looks at the blood on his fingers with shock. Mel stares at him triumphantly, the blood on her lips shines eery in the light, giving her a sinister vampire look. The Homers are not paying any attention to me anymore, they look like teenage boys in a strip club, with hungry eyes on my girl.

“Stop!” A faint voice breaks through the tension. It is when I notice the body on the ground next to Mel, leaning uncomfortably against the pillar. It’s covered in blood and looks more dead than alive. Hell, I’ve been so preoccupied with her position that I haven’t seen it before now. I don’t know who the man is, looks a bit like Uncle John, and I don’t have time to figure it out right now.

The gleaming blade of the knife in his hand stops my liquidized heart and I ready myself to break loose and fight till my death if needs be. He cuts her bra, and a thin trail of blood starts to steep down from just under her left boob where the knife pricked her skin, those perfect tits now completely naked. The mongrels holding me suck in their breaths and swallow down the lust and desire vibrating through them. At least I know that their brains fell into their pants, making my job easier. The point of the knife traces little circles around Mel’s nipple, an appalling look on Darren’s face when he looks back at me over his shoulder. He moves his body against Mel, pushing her legs apart with his knee, his one hand clutching her hair, pulling her head to the side, while the knife seductively moves down her side.

“Fuck off Darren!” It’s more of an angry hiss than a scream and at the same time, her knee connects him where it hurts the most - hard. I swear I could hear his balls explode with pain, his face contorted in a painful expression. He drops the knife and both hands grab his groin, his body bends into a ball-like position. I’m sure my vindictive laughter is not helping his situation of humiliation, but it’s just that funny, can’t help it. Even the Homers click a smile, seeming even more turned on, their attention all on Mel.

I get ready to drop the ropes and fight the two guys beside me, while Darren is out of action when a voice stops me in my tracks.

“Shame, brother, did you get kicked in the balls?” I turn to look at the origin of the voice and I must admit, I was not expecting this. Lucinda. That’s his sister? She leans against the doorframe, arms crossed and face slightly amused. Darren snorts at her and straightens his body slowly. Then he paces up and down the room a bit, walking off the pain, his eyes jumping from me to his sister and then back to Mel.

“You better finish here before dad arrives. We still couldn’t find that crazy bastard and the little dude. He’s gonna be pissed with you.” Lucinda pushes from the frame and disappears into the darkness.

My nerves are pushed to the limit and automatically, I start laughing again, but softly this time. Darren picks up a gun from the table and without warning holds it against Mel’s head, giving me a winning smile.

“Who’s laughing now, asshole?” I freeze and stop breathing.

Then he punches her full force in the stomach. My heart cries out as she bends over in pain, tears mixing with blood to stain her bruised and swollen cheeks. The laugh dries in my throat, and the sight is too much for me to take, I can feel my control slipping, my heartbeat increases, and my demons stampede from the darkness where they were hiding and I see red, green, blue … the whole fucking rainbow. It’s now or never. I hope the guys are ready.

Just a twinkle of a movement and the ropes around my arms drop to the ground – Guppy only made it seem as if I was tied up.

As if my body is possessed I attack the guy to my left like an enraged rabid animal. The sound of shattering glass echoes through my ears and the remaining Homer drops to the ground, clutching his shoulder. Alejandro. My brother must have shot the bastard. I salute him through the now broken window, knowing he can see me before I turn to face Darren, just to see how he hits Mel with the side of the gun against the temple, then he shoves her head back against the surface behind her with full force. The sound of her skull cracking is something that will haunt me in my nightmares forever.

My heart stutters. Crashes. Stops. Dies.

Her eyes look like they turn around in their sockets and she’s struggling to keep consciousness. Life flickers one last time in those blue orbs and then she’s out cold, hanging in a sinister way against the pillar, only the ropes keeping her from falling to the ground. Blood oozes from her head and drips down staining the little pieces of clothes that remain on her body.

Pain, devastation, helplessness … feelings I’ve buried deep inside long ago come rushing forward.

My little sister’s face, the light in her eyes disappearing slowly as the life flows from her body with the blood that stains the floor, while all I can do is lie and watch. Not this time, no! Seeing her like that is enough to send my demons to battle with all guns blazing. But blinded by the blackness I don’t see the gun in Ren’s hand until it’s too late.

The force of the bullet penetrating my vest sends me hurdling backward and I land on my back, pain shooting through my elbow and the oxygen ripped from both lungs. For a few moments, I struggle to breathe, each gasp for air excruciating. I can’t move. Need air. He struts towards me and I feel the icy coldness of the gun pressed against my temple.

Staring death in the face, suddenly all these questions are running through my brain – how does a chicken pee? Do you get mouse-flavor cat food? Do coffins have lifetime guarantees? How do you handcuff a one-arm man? If a Smurf chokes what color would it be? Can blind people see their dreams? Do penguins have knees? Does it hurt when you die?

Fuck, dying must mean losing your mind, or is this the flashing of your life before your eyes part? Whatever it is, it’s weird … like hell-of-a weird.

“Need some help little brother?” Alejandro appears right behind a surprised Darren, grabbing his head between his strong arms, squeezing until the struggling bastard falls lifeless to the ground. The fear that was slowly snaking up my spine unexpectantly ceases to exist and instead, calmness cloaks me dispersing the coldness. I get up, struggling through the compressing pain in my chest, and make my way over to Mel, still hanging in the same position.

I lift her while Alejandro cuts the ropes, freeing her broken naked body. I see my worry mirrored back at me in my brother’s eyes as I pick up the limp figure bridal style, her head leaning against my chest. Tears well into my eyes and I pray, pleading for her to be okay, willing to take her place.


Alejandro grabs onto his leg as if in slow motion, shock on his face as he looks at the blood staining his hand. Then he looks back up and towards where Darren is standing with a gun aiming straight at us, smoke curling from the barrel.

Shit, I can’t do anything with Mel in my arms and instinctively I shove her into my brother’s hold before running toward the creep. Alejandro, even though injured, moves towards the exit. I can see Darren aiming at my chest and I know I’m probably going to die, or at least it’s going to hurt like shit again, but at this moment it doesn’t matter as long as Mel is safe. I hear the sound of the gun going off, and I’m pretty sure I hear the bullet rushing toward me. I close my eyes and wait for the impact, ready for whatever is to come. The pain burns into my shoulder; my forward movement stopped dead in its tracks; the sound of broken flesh mixes with his laughter to echo in my ears. Fuck!

“I’m going to kill you slowly.” The laughter in his voice fuels my rage. I’m close enough and with my last energy resources, I leap forward, my fist connecting with some bone in his face. In the same movement, I grab the gun, twisting the man’s arm behind his back. I force him to his knees, stuffing the gun into his mouth.

The twins run into the room … Enrique takes his sister from Alejandro and they disappear through the door. Jackson slowly makes his way towards us … his eyes dead. My finger itches to pull that fucking trigger and for a few moments, I’m battling between mind and emotions. My mouth is open but I can’t seem to get any words out. I can see the fear perspicuously in his eyes.

I’ve recently been at this point where he is, thinking your time has come, questions flashing before your eyes, so I try to help the dude out. “Chickens don’t pee, they just coat their feces with uric acid.”

Both Jackson and Darren look at me as if I’m a deranged, demented imbecile. A mad person. Lunatic.

“Great, you’ve made my brother-in-law completely lose his mind,” he says to the asshole before suddenly falling forward onto Darren, and then everything goes black.

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