The Biker's Rules

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Drunken hate

***POV - Melaena

Logan brings some tequila shots and I down three before I realize just what I’ve done. Damion looks at me, those green eyes laughing openly. His hand is on my leg again, but this time I just ignore it, and down another shot or two. Tequila and hate make a deadly potion it seems.

“Go slow, sis, or I’ll throw you out,” Enrique teases.

“Is it just me or are you all assholes today?” They all just laugh at me like I’m a kitten hissing at a lion. It just stirs my hate-potion brew even more.

“So what were you up to?” Axel asks and Lucinda chirps away about our dress-hunting expedition.

Damion smirks softly in my ear, “Mmm, are you going to look sexy for me.” That’s it. I’ve had it with this guy.

“Take your pissy attitude and your worthless opinion and shove it straight up your annoying ass!” The table goes silent for a bit and then they burst out in laughter. Lucinda, bless her naïve soul, continues oblivious to the eery tension.

“OMG, you guys should see your sister’s dress, it’s so sexy the guys are going to fall at her feet.” Suddenly all the guys are glaring at me, each seemingly pissed. And I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but Damion suddenly looks tense.

“Ug, why did our parents curse us for having a little sister? Another brother would have been so much easier,” Enrique moans.

“Seriously!” I snort.

“Yes, we wouldn’t have to worry about every guy wanting to fuck you if you were a dude, now would we,” Jackson says and I just shake my head. Sometimes my brothers are worse than Damion.

“I’m not like you guys! I think if you put a vagina on a teapot, you’ll probably screw it.” I eyeball them straight; challenging them like usual. But also like usual, I don’t even dent those oversized egos of theirs.

“Now why would I screw a teapot if there’s more than enough willing girls out there?” Enrique gives me a winning smirk.

“You know … one day your dicks are gonna rot from some or other kind of disease you pick up from a dirty girl,” I try to scold them.

“Do we look stupid to you?” Logan asks.

“Eh … do you want an honest answer?” I tease, getting fed up with their macho acts.

“We all get tested regularly for our jobs … and non of us is desperate enough to touch a dirty pussy,” Enrique explains and I snort disgustedly. Bloody man-whores the lot of them.

“It’ll have to be a large spout you know?” Jackson gets back to the previous topic, starting an elaboration about the possibility to jerk off into a teapot. After a long discussion about the pros and cons, and Ilkay mentioning that they could scar their tools for good, they decide that it probably is not the best idea. I notice Lucinda’s saucer eyes have returned to the scene.

“No ship Sherlock!” I hiss, slapping my hand over my face. “It’s times like these that I wonder if I wasn’t adopted.”

Logan continues as if I haven’t said a thing, “Unless you’re a girl, a girl could have sex with a teapot. The spout could fit ...”

“Ok, next subject! Ladies in the house.” I shout - interrupting him before they start another obscene discussion - and down another shot, this time it’s Jagermeister. Ug, it tastes like cough syrup but I’m not in a state to complain.

“So, where’s Kiara then?” Axel asks changing the subject - and that’s why he’s my favorite boy.

“She’s on a date. That girl gets more action than the Queen.” Another shot disappears down my throat, “While I have the social existence of a nun cause some people like to throw threats around.” I glare at Damion, wanting him to know just how much I hate him.

“I’m just protecting my ... eh your assets.”

“Really, even the pope gets more male attention than me.”

“Last time I checked, didn’t you have a boyfriend?” Damion shoots back at me.

“Not for long.” Not sure if it’s because I’m drunk, but his eyes change and suddenly look even more demonly as if he’s having a seizure now. It could be contagious, who knows?

“Just stop your yapping! Damion just did what was nececary.” Logan complains, using his hand as if it was a puppet. I turn my hated gaze toward him and then my phone vibrates.

D: Warning – I’m everywhere – so stay away from the biker.

Another beep and a photo of me, standing in my undergarments in a dressing room. Kiara stands next to me holding out a dress while Lucinda is sitting on a bench looking at us. It seems the photo was taken from an angle above. It must be when we were shopping today. My mind is too clouded with alcohol to really apprehend what I’m looking at, but I know it’s not a good thing. Damion grabs my phone and reads the message. Then he looks at me as if I’ve done something seriously wrong.

“What the fuck, Mel!” He says sternly, his hand pressing mine a little too hard. He hands the phone without a word over to Enrique. He reads the message and looks up at me, a huge frown between his eyes.

“And why must you stay away from Damion?” His eyes are scrutinizing me now while he passes the phone on to the rest, “is there something we must know?”

“Huh?” There’s an almost naked photo of me … but he wants to know about Damion. Seriously?

“Those photos in the news sure looked convincing,” Enrique goes on.

“And what is it with the matching underwear and the fucking g-string?” Jackson tips in.

Being a little drunk, I look down at my body as if I’ll be able to see my white lacy garments through my clothes. I’m not sure what my bra and panty have to do with anything. I always wear matching lingerie.

“What?” I look disoriented at Jackson.

“Matching underwear means you’re thinking about having sex.”

“Huh?” His words don’t make any sense, but I’m a little drunk so I might be wrong.

“It’s fucking hot!” Damion blabbers out … I’m not sure if he meant to say that out loud, but he receives some angry glares from around the table.

“Hey … bro, are you looking to die? Are you fucking our sister?” Enrique snarls.

Freaking dimwits the whole lot of them. I say again … a stalker took an almost nude photo of me … and these guys worry about my relationship with Damion and that my underwear is the same color. What the fuck? And sex?

“You guys are crazier than horny rabid-rabbit-hares if you think I have some kind of intercourse in mind when I get dressed in the mornings. Perverts!” I wail, my mood hitting a low.

“Whoa, guys, theirs nothing between them,” Logan comments sounding more sure of the fact than I am, “you know that.”

“Maybe, but you know Melaena always had a little crush on him.” Enrique seems to calm down a little and continues as if I’m not sitting right there. Damion turns his head, but I’ve seen the smile he’s trying to hide.

“Gmpf! I’ll never date this guy even if he was the last man on earth and we had to populate the human race again!” Just thinking of me popping out little Grimms is enough to drink some more of those licorice-flavored tots and I silently plead for calmness to overtake my body before I hit one asshole with another asshole.

“This looks like the first boutique we went to,” Lucinda hands the phone back to Damion, “I remember the pattern on the curtains.”

“Was there anybody with you in the dressing room?” Jackson asks. At last, a brother that asks the right question.

“No,” Lucinda says looking into the distance as if she’s thinking, “but the place was rather crowded.”

“And I remember there were stairs just next to the dressing room,” she continues.

Damion scrolls through the messages on my phone, a frown on his face. I down the cocktail Enrique ordered for me and feel a little unwell.

“Can you order us some food, I’m starving?” Thinking that maybe I’ll feel better after I eat something.

After I finished my burger, I do feel a bit less tipsy, but now I have a new problem. The guys moved off to the bar and are intercepted by some skimpy-clothed girls looking for a good time.

And the one has her arms around Damion like an octopus – the rest are occupying my brothers. But I don’t have a problem with them, only with the hoe whose hands are stuck to Damion.

I drink another cocktail, just to keep my mind off the scene at the bar. What game is he playing? As if he feels my eyes on him, he turns his head and winks. Ug, I can snap his beautiful neck right now.

“Hi, Lucinda. Can we join you ladies?” I was so preoccupied with my brother’s asshole friend that I haven’t even noticed the three guys standing at our table.

“Sure.” Lucinda moves up.

“I’m Jesse,” he continues, “that’s Noah,” He points to the redhead sitting next to him, “and over there is Alejandro.” I focus on the man with black hair and breathtaking icy-blue eyes next to me. And then fate slaps me in the face - he’s the dude that witnessed my unflattering fall this morning.

“I’m Mel,” I say trying to ignore Alejandro’s teasing look.

“I know, “ Jesse laughs, “we have classes together.” I squint my eyes and crinkle my nose but I’m way too drunk to recognize him.

“You come here often?” Alejandro asks, probably noticing that I’m a few tots past sober.

“Those stupid assholes over there,” I point to the men at the bar suddenly taking interest in us again, “are my brothers and the owners of this club!”

“Oh, I swim with Axel. He invited us.” Noah says. I down another drink and am officially drunk.

“He’s my best boy friend, like in a friend who’s a boy you don’t have sex with. My for-real boyfriend is going to be my ex-boyfriend soon, and I’m glad ... is that bad?” I slap my hand over my mouth and give a small hick-up burp. “Cause the guy I hate was holding my hand, but he’s my brother’s friend and not totally right up here, ” I tap my finger against my temple “And I think he might be the devil - I’m not going to second base with Lucifer. Nope.” Now my finger is pointing to myself between my breasts. I know by my muddled mind, my word vomit, and my slurry tongue that I won’t be driving home tonight. The guys just nod and seem amused.

“Maybe you just need a hate buddy,” Alejandro says with a big smile and I wonder if he’s applying for the position. I think I’m gonna love this dude.

“Your name, is it Italian?”

“My mom was from Italy. Can I get you something to drink?” I’m not going to say no. Not as long as the brown-haired bimbo keeps planting kisses on Damion’s cheek. He stares at us, looking angry. What now?

Sexual horny pig! I think to myself, but then the boys strip themselves with laughter and I know it wasn’t such a private thought.

“Let me guess, the guy killing us right now with his eyes?” Jessy concludes and it earns him a stern stare.

“You were getting drinks if I recall. Make it a triple shooter.” Noah gets up and goes to the bar to order some drinks. I notice Axel talking to him.

“Let’s have some fun,” Alejandro winks at me. I pinch his cheek with a drunk smile saying “You’re so cute, buddy.”

Then I look at Damion and his eyes look like the pits of hell so I bravely stick my tongue out at him. Alejandro tries to hide a smile with his hand. Yep, that’s my new buddy.

I try to keep my mind from the prick at the bar whose green eyes are shooting daggers at us while the brunette grinds her body into his, but without success. He has no right to be angry ... or maybe it’s just his horny look – who knows. Still, I just need to get away from this view cause it hurts more than it should.

“Let’s go dance.” I stumble up and grab Alejandro’s hand not to fall over my own feet while descending down the stairs out of the VIP section. On the way, I grab a drink from some random guy’s hand.

“Thanks, dude!” I shout at him and he just shakes his head and smiles. I down the drink, not sure what exactly that was, maybe brandy and coke. I’m so wasted, I don’t even know what I’m doing right now.

All I know is that I don’t want to see Damion and his slut. The dance floor is stacked with people moving to the music in the flashing lights. It’s too crowded so I decide that it will be a good idea to dance on top of the bar counter. I get on and make some moves while all the men cheer me on and even try to grab onto me. The earth is spinning and the flickering lights are not helping.

“I think it’s time to go.” Damion is not asking but demanding. Ug, prick. As if I’m going to listen to him. And where did he come from anyway?

“Butt out, and go back to your hooker party!”

Two guys try to get on the bar with me, but Damion and Alejandro pull them down with extreme force and they fall to the ground. I flare my eyes at Damion, it looks as if he’s going to kill somebody, maybe me. Another guy jumps up and slaps my butt.

“Fuck this!” Damion grabs my arm and pulls me from the bar, and I fall forward into his arms with a shriek. The drunken sots around us complain and scold him but Alejandro holds them away. Damion throws me over his shoulder and carries me through the crowd and the back door before he drops me on the ground, his arms keeping me up. Alejandro opens the car door next to me, and Lucinda gets in. Then he says something to Damion before returning to the club.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you want me in jail for murder?” Damion’s eyes capture mine and they look worried.

“Wrong with me! What’s wrong with you?” I push my finger onto his chest a few times.

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you always ruining my life? You’re a man-whore! I hate you!” He does that super sexy thing with his eyes that vexes me out.

“Ug,” I throw my hands overdramatically in the air, “I’m too drunk for this.” I get into the car and slam the door a bit too hard. But then I open it quickly to vomit onto the pavement. Somebody is holding my hair back from my face. I lean back in the seat and the door closes automatically before Damion slides into the driver’s seat. Of course, it’s his car.

Lucinda babbles non-stop, and my head feels like a bomb exploded inside it. I drop my head on his lap and close my eyes for a minute, dreaming that he’s stroking my hair. The next thing I know, Damion carries me through my door and to my bedroom where he drops me onto the bed.

Kiara looks at us, a frown on her face.

“Are you drunk?” Her frown growing deeper.

“Yep,” I hold out my hand, and make a small gap between my thumb and index finger, “... a llllliiitttlllleee bit.”

She laughs and looks at Damion, but he just shakes his head and holds his hands up saying “Don’t look at me.”

“It’s all your fault dimwit! You did this and don’t look at me like a sexy freaking demon devil!” I shout and he just smiles at me increasing his hotness by 200%.

“Ug why must he be so hot?” I ask Kiara while she takes off my shoes and pants.

“Where’s the bitch (hic) that was kissing you?” He rolls his eyes and even that is sexy.

“I’ll bring her some clean clothes,” Kiara opens the closet and I wrestle to keep my eyes open.

“You must get some sleep, angel.” His voice is soft and husky, and his green eyes hold mine.

“Stop doing that eye thingy, you idiot!” My pointing finger almost takes one of those brilliant orbs out.

“It’s way too sexy.” I lose the struggle to keep my heavy eyelids up.

“Let’s get her dressed,” his voice sounds far away. I’m only slightly aware that someone is taking off my clothes.

“All done, you can open your eyes,” Kiara chuckles and I force my eyes open, wondering why she won’t just let me sleep.

“I don’t want to open them bitch,” I blubber while looking at Damion.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Kiara says, “I’ll go get her some coffee.”

“You make me drink …” I point a finger at his nose this time.

“I know.”

“Asshole …” and that’s how far I get before my eyelids close again.

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