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The lives of two different girls living in two very different lives. But love was written in their destiny. Lily was a timid girl, bounded in chains by her parents. And Coby. Her only friend who they had forbidden her from seeing. But he wasn't normal guy who abide the law of her folks. The only wish of his was to free her out her terrible life. Rose was a stripper. She never thought a certain someone who was only know for his terrible character would save her life one day. His interests for sparked but he denied it, until he couldn't anymore. But their romance was more dark than she could ever imagine

Romance / Drama
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The book is posted on dreame as well under the name of Roses.


I bite my nails as I watch the snow falling down from the windows. The constant chatter of the neighbors disturbing me, while I sit up and make myself some hot chocolate I contemplate whether I could make it to the club or not, I bite my lip sitting over my couch and watching the TV.

When a call was heard from the counter of my kitchen and I groan. How could I leave my phone over there? I quickly ran over to it and picked up the call from the house mom of the club.

“Hey Rose, can you make it today? we need some girls in an hour. We have a room request” I sigh.
“Ya, I’ll be there in a few minutes”

I replied hanging up and making my way to my closet. I picked something to dress up and grabbed my work bag calling an uber. I feared I wouldn’t get a ride back home, But I could never refuse some money.

Finishing up the now lukewarm hot chocolate that I made after putting on some makeup I made my way towards the windows and made sure all of them were locked.

Put my wallet in my jacket and headed out the door. It took a while for me to get there, about 30 minutes, due to the snow collecting over the roads.

I sigh walking as fast as I could inside and greeting Sam, the bouncer who smiled at me. “Hey, hon.”
I waved as I walked inside. It took me and the girls who came right after me some time to get ready but I order myself some food since I had finished food back home. Making a list of things to buy while going back home we waited for the men to come.

The day was as normal as any, However, It wasn’t a surprise the club was full even with a snowy night. We grabbed the money and made our way to the back rooms to get dressed again. I could never go completely nude, so I didn’t make as much money. But it was way enough for me to live happily. I had some food to my content before walking out for my dance and I saw him.


He was one of the bouncers in the club. But somehow I always felt the need to be away from him. He was huge. He was scary, And no one wanted to get in trouble with him. I noticed he was wearing a nose ring today.

My stomach clenched as I stood over the floor dancing in the skinny bodysuit and his eyes locked with me. Within a second I turned around not wanting to be watched by him.
But he was right there, collecting my money. And guarding the spot.
I hated it, I hated that feeling of twists and turns my body gave me whenever he looked into my eyes. We never spoke, but there was always this awkward tension I felt when I saw him. He was quiet, calm.

He never got in fights unless absolutely necessary.
But then again.

Fights never happen when he was around. I was done when I made my way down the stairs, his hand extending for me to take. It was difficult to walk down a set of stairs. I wasn’t skilled with these heels. Although my hand never wanted to be in his, in fear of tumbling twists in my stomach. I accepted it. He held it tight.

Tighter than wanted.

But I never said thank you and walked away. I breathe out walking inside and waiting for the house mom to count my money and give it to me so I could leave.

“Honey the roads are jammed. I tried to call you a uber but there are none around.” I bite my lip nodding. “Hold up, let me change I will see” She nodded.

As I walked out after taking a quick shower and changing I see The house mom Carrie, as we all called her, talking to another bouncer. Cody. “Hi Cody,” I said and he gave me cheeky smile. I hadn’t been in the club for over four months, since the last one closed down. But the staff here was better.

“Hey, why don’t you give her a ride hon. She’ll be stranded” He looks at me. “You didn’t get no cab?” I shook my head searching for one. But there was no one around this club.

“Aye, don’t worry. I’ll drop ya off” I smiled grabbing my bag and walking outside. My heart almost stopped, a gasp leaving my mouth as my head bumped into a hard chest as I opened the back door. “Sorry,” Kaden said, “I-Its fine,” I said.

“Hey, Kaden. You coming with us ya?” Asked Cody from behind me. I look at Cody in a confusion but I couldn’t say anything. Why was he coming with us? I had seen him get into his own car many times. I bite my lip getting in the back and setting my bag beside my feet. I zoned out most of the ride back home. None of them talked either. The roads were empty, with only a few cars passing by due to the sudden snowfall. I was cold. I should’ve gotten a jacket.

I sigh leaning back on the seat staring at my own reflection out the window. It was one o’clock in the morning now. I had my job at Nine again. I wish I could just quit everything and let myself relax but I couldn’t.

“Thanks, Cody,” I said as he stopped near my apartment. “Ya,” He replied. I contemplated over saying good night but my hands opened the door and I walk straight into the building without looking behind. It was only a matter of seconds when I took another hot shower and make myself some food.

I didn’t waste time doing other things but just fell to my bed falling asleep. Within an hour I heard the front door open and slam close. I turned on my stomach hearing my roommate stumble across the hall to his room. I didn’t like living with a guy. But when I moved to this city I only had a little money saved up to survive in good conditions.

I soon realized my work wouldn’t give me as much to live the life of luxury that I wanted. So, I decided to start working in a Strip Club.

I started getting money for things that I wanted. Things I could buy and feel good about. I was going to move out soon enough. My roommate wasn’t a nice guy, I was tired of him coming back drunk. Sometimes being a creep. I had to lock my door all day because of him. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find another apartment like my current one.

Which gave me much privacy and my own bathroom. I had enough strength and funds to get out, live alone. But I didn’t have any confidence. I couldn’t live alone.

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