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She dreamed of being alone and he protected her. But one day separated them from each other. Roley lived with a family who raised her and gave her everything, but she was lost and broken. Everyone she held dear was dead and gone. She was sad and alone until a stranger walked in her reminding her of the person she loved. Froldan never knew that he will find someone like her in a country he was stranger to. He tried to reach her but she pushed him away until a day he could finally hold her close and love her. But, in their hearts were the people they lost and loved. Will they be able to fight for each other? And who will stand up with them?

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In Queenstown, a city of New Zealand, near the beach, lived a family. A girl and her parents. She was her parent’s only child, but a lovely girl. Every year on her birthday her cousins came to visit her and celebrate her birthday. But she hated their company the most, in the world. She dreamed to be alone and happy, every day. She never wanted to share her mansion with any of her family. She hated her cousins because they played tricks on her every day till they went home. She hated their tricks, but she never said a single word to her parents, for she tried to find reasons to love them.

This month it was her 14th birthday. She was very excited but at the same time she was very sad, for her cousins were coming, again. Her parents promised her a grand party for her this birthday. On September 10, 2003, Roley Nobleriver ran down the stairs and into the hall, where her parents were sitting on the chairs, near the fireplace. She stopped beside them and looked at them, smiling happily.

“Mom, I want a pretty dress for my birthday.” She said. Her mother looked up at her and smiled back.

“Dear, we will buy you one. Just tell us the colour.” Her mother said in a sweet voice. Roley jumped with happiness and clapped her hands.

“I want the dress with the colour of my eyes.” She said jumping around her parents. Her father chuckled and looked at her.

“I think, my daughter is far happier than I thought.” He said and stood up.

“Where are you going?” Her mother asked, still smiling at her.

“We have to go and buy her dress.” Her father replied and put his hands on her shoulders, putting a stop on her jumps. “Roley, you are going to behave while we are gone. Am I understood?”

“Don’t worry father. They are our family too.” She said smiling, like always.

“Yes, our servants are our family. That’s right.” Her father said and walked towards the door. “Are you coming, Alle?” He asked and glanced over his shoulders, as his wife stood up and started following him.

“Come back soon, father. I will be waiting.” Roley called as they stepped out of the door, into the gardens.

She waited for her parents just for 3 hours. They were back with her dress, shoes and jewelry. She started jumping with happiness. “Roley, will you stop jumping?” Her mother asked a bit annoyed.

“Sorry.” She said and sat down on the sofa. She picked up her frock and looked at it. It was the same colour of her eyes, turquoise with blue hue. She was tall and fair and her hair black as moonless night.

“This dress will suit you more than any.” Her mother said and picked up her heel shoes. “How are they?”

“They are the best shoes I have ever had. Thank you, mother and father.” She jumped on her feet and hugged her parents. As the night fell, she ran upstairs and into her bedroom. It was a large room with a study at one corner and bathroom at the other corner. She jumped on her four-poster and looked up at the roof. I hope this birthday will be the best. She thought as she closed her eyes. It took longer than before for her to fell asleep. This night was the worst for her. She failed to sleep, soundly.

First she saw a dream that she was walking alone on the roads of an unknown place. Then she saw that she was standing in the middle of the house, but something was wrong. The house was on fire. She gasped for breath and fell down. She could see her parents lying far from her......dead.

Roley woke up with a start and realized that she was gasping for breath. It took her about two hours to sleep soundly. But she was glad that she slept well without any more nightmares.

She dressed nicely and walked out of the room. One of her servants bowed to her and smiled. “Your father is calling for you. The guests will be here soon.” And she walked away. Roley bit her lips, annoyed and walked down the stairs, jumping after every few steps.

Her father and mother were waiting for her on the doorstep. “Hurry up, Roley.” Her mother said and moved towards her, half-running and half-walking.

“Why do I have to welcome them?” She asked annoyed.

“Dear, they are coming to attend your birthday party. Is something wrong?” Her mother asked, looking at her sweaty face.

“No.” She lied and smiled. Her dreams were the problem. She have never seen such dreams in her whole life, but why now? She shook the thought away as she saw Lia and Ada Dawnfall walking on the stone path, towards her. The two sisters were orphan. Lia was twenty and Ada was twenty-two. The servants opened the door and bowed to them as they walked towards them.

“How was your journey, girls?” Roley’s father asked and pointed at the servants to take the luggage of the sisters upstairs in the room they will be staying in.

“Tiring. But we reached here safely.” Lia said, forcing a smile on her face. Roley noticed her expression and turned around to leave the entrance hall and into the living room.

“Roley.” Her mother said with a warning look on her face and she stopped where she was. Lia and Ada moved towards her. They half-smirked and looked at her.

“Good to see you both.” Roley said, controlling her anger. “Thank you for coming.” The words were harder than ever.

“No problem.” Lia said and shook her hands with Roley. “We will make this birthday your favorite.” Ada nodded and both of the sisters turned around to face their uncle and aunt.

“We want to rest for a while.” Ada said and one of the servants walked towards them and bowed. She walked away with the two sisters behind her.

“Behave with them, Roley.” Her father said half-angrily.

“I know.” She answered annoyed and walked away. Her mother glanced at her father with strange looks.

“What’s wrong with her?” Alle asked, as they saw their daughter walking into the living room.

“I don’t know.” Korgen Nobleriver replied. “This is the first time she answered me like that.”

“Let’s wait in the living till others arrive.” Alle said and he nodded. They walked into the living, but Roley wasn’t there.

“She must have walked upstairs from here.” She said and sat on the sofa.

After about two hours Roley was again called downstairs to welcome her cousins. Annoyed, she ran down the stairs. Megi and her brother, Fronan Rhina walked towards her. Their father died when they were few years old, they were living with their mother in New York. They shook her hand in turn and smiled at her happily. At least they were better than Lia and Ada.

Megi was eighteen and Fronan was nineteen. They were mostly by her side, helping her against Lia and Ada.

"How have you been, Roley?" Fronan asked, eyes shining with happiness.

"Good!" She replied and smiled.

"Glad to know that." Megi said, patting her shoulder, politely.

It was almost midnight when one of her servants knocked on the door and informed her that more guests have arrived. Who is it this time? She thought and ran out of her room, her hair flying behind her. As she entered the hall, she stopped dead. Those eyes, she loved those eyes more than anything. Shin Kie Xan was one of those who she hated, but she loved his eyes. Reddish-purple eyes and violet hair. Beside him was his mother, Ren Xan. And beside them was her best friend from the family, Shai Nayi. These were the last guests.

“Your brother was busy. He really wanted to come.” Ren was saying to Korgen.

“You should have brought Lema with you.” Alle said, smiling, but sad. Shin looked at Roley as he felt her eyes on him.

Roley gulped but still stared at those eyes. He smiled, “Roley, how are you?” He asked and everyone looked at her.

“Roley, come here. Why are you standing there?” Her mother called. It was hard to look away from those eyes but she looked at her aunt. Shin’s father was her father’s only brother, but he lived in Japan, because of his business. He had only two children, Shin and Lema. Shin was eighteen and Lema was twenty-five.

“Roley, how are you?” Ren asked smiling and hugging her. Roley hugged her back.

“I am good.” She smiled and looked at Shai. She smiled at her and looked sideways at Shin.

“Shin, you are looking tired.” Shai said and Ren looked at her son.

“You know, after the journey I always feel sick.” His voice was soft as flower, but he was feeling far more tired.

“Tell us where we will be staying before he become seriously ill.” His mother said and put her arm around his shoulders. “Come Shin.” And they walked towards the living room. As he passed her, she glanced at his eyes. He glanced at her and she looked away. This time he didn’t smile.

Next day Roley ran downstairs, thinking that everyone will be up already. But when she came in the living, no one was there. She looked around and sat on her place near the fireplace. No one was out of the bed, although it was about eleven in the morning. She looked out of the window and saw someone walking in the garden. She jumped to her feet and ran towards the window. Shin was walking in the garden, walking around the garden path, looking at the flowers around him. He looked up at the sky as the clouds started covering the sky. She ran outside.

“Shin, you should come inside.” She called when she reached near him. He turned around and stared at her with blank face.


“It is going to rain heavily and you are going to get wet and then ill. Your mother will be angry.” She grabbed his left arm with her both hands and dragged him inside. He didn’t utter a single word. As they entered the house, it started raining heavily. They looked out of the door and she closed her eyes. She loved the smell of the rain more than anything she knew.

Shin looked at her and turned around. He walked in the living room, where Lia and Ada were already present there. They were murmuring and laughing. He stared at them with hatred. They will try to kill her or use her. Shin, you have to protect her with Shai. Your duty is to protect her. His father’s words echoed in his mind and he looked behind at Roley, who was still looking out of the door.

“Shin, here you are.” Lia said and walked towards him. He looked at her with a flat expression. “Your mother is calling you in the room.” They said and turned around. He bit his lips and climbed the stairs. He glanced back at the two sisters, both of them staring at him. He walked towards Shai’s room instead of going to his mother. He knocked on the door three times and waited for her reply.

“Who is it?” Her voice came from the room.

“It is me, Shin.” He answered back and the door opened.

“What is it?” She asked, looking around the corridor.

“Go and stay with Roley.” He said urgently and ran towards his mother’s room. She stared at him as he turned the corner and was gone. She looked behind at the window. They will try every single thing to get rid of her. Shai, you have to protect her. Uncle Ken’s voice echoed as she stared at the rain. She ran out of the room and down the stairs. The living room was empty. She moved towards the door and saw Lia and Ada running and laughing. They were running for the back door. Shai looked around, but Roley wasn’t there. She ran around the garden but Roley wasn’t there. She moved towards the swimming pool and saw Roley drowning in the pool. Shai ran forwards and pulled her out of the pool and laid her beside it.

“Roley!!” Shai exclaimed, patting at her cheeks. “Roley wake up.” Slowly Roley opened her eyes and looked at her. “What happened?” Shai asked, anger swirling in her.

“I just slipped and fell into the pool.” Shai helped her on her feet and took her back inside. As they reached the door. Shin ran forwards with her parents and his mother. Alle and Korgen helped their daughter inside and took her away, asking her about what happened to her. Shin moved towards Shai and grabbed her left arm tightly.

“What happened?”

“Lia and Ada.” Shin pressed her arm so tightly that she closed her eyes with pain.

“I knew it.” He said with gritted teeth.

“At least don’t hurt her.” His mother said and he let go of her arm.

“Mother, what if we fail to protect her?” His voice was trembling but he was controlling himself.

“I don’t know. But, at least we should try.” Ren said to her son and looked behind at the door of the living room. “We will leave after her birthday.”

“But Lia and Ada are going to stay here more than two weeks.”

“We can’t do anything, Shin.”

“Why not?” He shouted and ran up the stairs.

“What should we do now?” Shai asked, as she looked at him running up the stairs.

“All we can do is wait and see. But you must stay alert.” Ren said and walked inside the living room. Shai bit her lips and walked up the stairs.


Roley opened her eyes and looked around the room. She wasn’t alone. Shai was sitting beside her bed and looking at her face. “You are awake.” It wasn’t a question, but it made her feel warm and happy. Roley nodded in return and sat up.

“Do you remember what happened?”

“Not much. I was just enjoying the rain and then my feet slipped and I fell into the water.” Roley said weakly and looked out from the window. The clouds were gone and the sun was shining brightly.

“Was there someone else with you?”

“Lia and Ada were with me. But they went to pluck some flowers before I fell.”

This is nonsense. They went to pluck flowers in the rain. How can it be possible? They hate flowers.

Someone knocked on the door and interrupted her thoughts. She stood up and walked towards the door and opened it. Shin was looking at her. “What are you doing here?”

“I want to talk to Roley.” He said, but remained where he was standing.

“Fine.” Shai said a bit rudely and stepped aside. He walked in and looked straight into Roley’s eyes. She gulped and stared back without blinking.

“Tell me the truth.” He said, angrily.

“I have already told the truth to Shai.”

“Is that really the truth?” He asked, his voice raising.

“Are you trying to say that I am lying? What do you want?” Roley shouted back, looking away from him.

“Shin, she told me the truth. Believe her.” Shai said and stepped forwards.

“Fine.” He said and walked towards the door. He stopped as he saw Fronan and Magi walking his way. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

“What are you doing here, Shin?” Megi asked and looked behind at Shai and Roley.

“It’s none of your business.” He said, opening his eyes and glaring at them.

“Don’t be so rude, Shin.” Megi said and moved forwards. Shin smiled and walked passed her and her brother and out of sight. Roley bit her lips and closed her eyes.

“She is good. You two must leave, now.” Shai said and closed the door on them.

“How rude of them.” Fronan said and started walking away. Megi looked at him with a sad face and silently followed him.

“That was rude, Shai.” Roley said as her friend walked towards her.

“I don’t care.” Shai whispered back. She looked at her feet, lost in thoughts and fear.

“You should care.” Roley smiled back and looked out of the window yet again. Shai smiled in return and looked out of the window.

At night Roley took Lia, Ada, Shai and Megi on the walk around the mansion. Shin and Fronan followed them, silently. After two hours of walking, they sat in the middle of one of the gardens of the mansion. Lia and Ada stood up after few minutes and looked at Megi.

“We are going in, want to come Megi?” Megi nodded and stood up.

“We will be back after few minutes, so don’t worry.” Lia added as Shai and Roley looked at them.

“Okay.” Roley replied and the three of the girls were gone. After few minutes Fronan took Shin towards the other side of the garden, leaving Shai and Roley alone in the darkness. Shai felt someone walking around the bushes and she stood up.

“Stay here. I will be right back.” She left Roley alone and walked towards the bushes.

"Shai, come back. You know I am scared of darkness." Roley called after her, but she was gone. She sighed and hugged her legs, resting her chin on the knee-caps. After few minutes Shai heard Roley’s screams and turned around.

“Roley!!” Shai shouted and ran back. When she reached there. Lia and Ada were laughing with Megi and pointing at Roley, who was lying on the ground with fear in her eyes. Shai sat beside Roley and put her hands on her shoulders. “What did you do to her?” She shouted at Lia and Ada.

“We didn’t know that she was that scared of dark and ghosts.” Ada said, still laughing.

“I don’t need you three around her anymore.” Everyone looked around and saw Shin walking towards them with anger.

“Shin, what are you doing here?” Megi asked and moved towards him.

“Stay where you are. Do you think I am a fool? I will never become a fool by you three, never.” He said with gritted teeth and helped Roley on her feet. Shai stood up and put her left arm around Roley’s shoulders and her right hand on her right arm. “Take her inside.” Shin said and they walked away.

“You must stay out of this, Shin. Or you will lose everything.” Lia warned, anger pumping through her veins.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” He demanded, pointing at himself.

“Do you think we won’t do anything to you because of your father? Forget it.” Ada said and moved towards him. “You and your mother will die here. And there will be blood in the water” And they walked away, leaving him all alone in the darkness. Fear overcome him and he fell on his knees. Tears rolled down his face and he looked at the moon. Only one day left, and it was Roley’s birthday and after two more days he was gone. He must stay back and protect her from Lia and Ada.

Next day Roley climbed down the stairs and walked in the living room, where everyone was already present. She glanced at everyone. As she looked at Shin, she realized he was looking at her with a fading smile on his lips. He is smiling? Strange.

“Come Roley.” Her mother called and she moved forwards. She glanced at Shai and realized that she was looking sick. She stopped in front of everyone and looked at her parents. I want to run away. And take those who love me and never return back.

“Shai, I am telling you the truth. Lia and Ada are going to kill me and mother if we won’t stop protecting her. You must stay by her side and keep an eye on Lia and Ada.”

“Shin, I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“They’ve threatened me. Do you think I am lying?” Shin’s voice was trembling.

She have heard them while she was fast asleep for them last night. “Is everything alright, Roley dear?” Aunt Ren asked, looking at her carefully.

“I just want to ask a question from everyone.” She said, confidently.

“What is it?” Her father asked and turned to face her.

“What will all of you do when I will be lost?” Everyone looked at her with shock.

“I will come find you.” She looked at Shin as he said and stood up. “I will come find you. No matter how far you go.” He repeated as she stared at him with annoyance.

“Yes, we will come find you.” Her parents also stood up with Aunt Ren. Roley turned to look at Shai and saw her smiling.

“I will always be there for you, Roley Nobleriver.”

“We will be waiting for your return.” Lia said and looked at Ada, who nodded.

“I will be with Lia and Ada.” Megi said and glanced at the two sisters. Roley looked around and saw that Shin was gone. She looked away from everyone and at the sky outside. Tomorrow was her birthday. Everything will be fine after tomorrow, she hoped.

That night she walked along with her cousins. Planning for her birthday, enjoying her time with her family. She stood beside the swimming pool, along with Lia, Ada and Megi. Shai was walking towards them and Shin and Fronan were far away, when Lia pushed Roley forwards and she fell into the pool. Shai shouted and ran forwards but Ada grabbed her arms and stopped her. Shin moved forwards but Fronan pushed him towards the wall and knocked him down. Lia looked at Roley, smiling satisfied.

Shin looked up and tears rolled down his face. He stared at Shai and gritted his teeth in anger. He pushed Fronan as hard as he could and jumped to his feet. He pushed Fronan away again as he grabbed him and ran towards Shai.

As Shai glanced at Shin she kicked Ada hard on her leg and as her grip was loosed she pushed her away and grabbed Lia. By that time Shin dived into the pool and dragged Roley out. She was almost unconscious. He laid her down and patted on her cheeks. “Shai, go and call Aunt and Uncle.” He shouted, although she was standing almost behind him. She obeyed and ran into the living room. Lia moved forwards and stared at him.

“You have crossed your line, Shin Kie Xan.” She said angrily and glared at him. Shin laughed sarcastically and looked up at her.

“Do whatever you can. But none will get hold of the property and business of Uncle Korgen.” He glared back at her, “Am I understood?” Before Lia could answer, the door burst open and Shai came running inside.

Ren, Alle and Korgen were behind Shai. Shin stood up and moved aside as his uncle and aunt picked their daughter in their arms and walked away. Korgen stopped in the doorway and glanced back. “I will like to know who did this to my daughter. Or all of you will be going back home tomorrow.” And he was gone. Shin locked his anger in his heart and walked out of the area. His mother glanced at others and followed him.

“I will not let her open her mouth.” Lia said angrily and walked away. Ada looked at Megi and then at Fronan.

“She is going to kill her for sure.” Ada said and bit her lips.

“What are you going to do? Stop her?” Fronan asked, looking at her with tensed expression.

“I can’t stop her. But we have to. She will kill everyone else, if she had to. She is obsessed. She thinks that our parents were murdered by Korgen Nobleriver. There is nothing that will stop her. Nothing.” Ada looked at the two brother and sister and walked out of the room .Megi and Fronan glanced at each other and walked towards their room.

On the morning of Roley’s birthday, everyone was gathered in the hall. Roley was the last to arrive. She looked at everyone and forced a smile on her face. Her father stood up and moved towards her. “Tell me dear. Who tried to kill you?” Roley closed her eyes and sighed.

You will tell everyone that it was Shin who tried to kill you. Or else everyone will die including you. Am I clear? Lia’s words haunted her soul and she opened her eyes. Slowly, she raised her hand and pointed at Shin. Ren looked at her with open mouth and stared at Shin. He looked up at everyone and bit his lips. Shai moved forwards as Roley’s father moved towards him. “Stop!”

“Seriously? The one who wanted to protect her the most just tried to kill her?” Lia said and turned to her sister. “Let’s go, Ada.” And the two started climbing the stairs. Shin stood up from where he was sitting and tears welled up in his eyes. Roley looked at him and tears rolled down her face. But no one was looking at her, except for him.

“Out of the way, Shai.” Korgen said angrily and pushed her aside. As he moved near Shin, Ren moved between them and spread her arms.

“Please, stop.” She cried. He stopped and stared at her.

“I never thought that my brother’s son will do such a thing to my daughter.” He shouted.

“Look at her, Korgen.” She pointed at his daughter. “She is lying. They threatened her. Look at her!” He turned around and Shin turned around and ran out of the hall. Shai looked up and fear overcome her.

“Shin!!!!” She shouted and Roley looked at him disappearing round the corner. Tears rolled down her face and she whispered.

“Lia.” Her father stared at her in disbelief.

“What?” He asked, staring at her.

“Lia did it. She tried to kill me many times. Shin saved me.” She was whispering with fear but Lia and Ada were standing in the dark, looking at her.

“She has dig her own grave.” Lia said with gritted teeth. Hatred shining in her eyes

“What do you mean?” Ada asked and turned to look at her with horror.

“I will kill her soon.” Ada stared at her with wide eyes as she walked away.

You shouldn’t. Ada thought and looked at Roley walking out of the hall.

Roley kept staring at the sky, as the sun sank towards the horizon. She was crying for half day. But now she was thinking only of one thing. I must go and apologize to Shin. He the one who protected me for those past years along with Shai. I must apologize with both of them. And the guests would have arrived by now. I must return to home now. She turned her back towards the sinking sun. She felt chills running down her spine as she walked towards her home. It was cold beside the beach, but she felt strange. It started raining as she walked towards her home.

She heard screams from far, but she thought that it was imagination because she was feeling numb. But as she got near she gasped and ran forwards. She forgot all about hatred and love. She forgot about grief and happiness. She forgot everything and only one thought remains. Her parents were inside the burning mansion along with others. Her home was burning. She had to save them all.

When she appeared near the walls of the mansion, she stopped dead. The whole mansion was on fire and few people were shouting and running out of the front doors. Someone grabbed her and started running towards the parking area. She started calling for her parents, not knowing who was taking her away. And then she saw him on his knees, his mother’s head in his lap and his hands on both sides of her head. She shouted his name.

“Shin!!!!!!!” She shouted again and again and he turned around to look at her. His body was also burned along with his half face. He looked at her and before he could speak or move, he fell beside his mother. Dead.

Shin was also dead. Her hope was gone. Her world darken as she screamed his name with grief. She had lost everything. Everyone. She was all alone.

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