Chocolate Box

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Murphie has spent year after year of her life single on Valentine’s Day with nothing but a box of chocolates to keep her company. Just when she thinks that she can’t take it anymore, someone will give her a night that she’ll never forget...

Romance / Erotica
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Chocolate Box

Murphie was curled up on her fancy queen size bed in a comfortable sleevless cotton nightdress and an expensive box of Belgian chocolates right next to her. It was Valentine’s Day in the early evening - the most romantic day of the year - and the only company she had with her were the chocolates and her flatscreen TV. It had been like this for her since middle school days, always the one that the boys and eventually the men would overlook. It’s not like Murphie was unattractive, quite the opposite. Standing at only 5’3, she was what most girls would describe as “sexy” or “yummy...” sunkissed peanut butter cookie skin, cute beauty marks on her neck and face, soft onyx jewel hair, big expressive dark eyes, long eyelashes, and D-cup breasts that would make any man very happy.

But Murphie had one defining flaw she just couldn’t get rid of: her shyness. While it sometimes bothered her that she never had a boyfriend, just the mere mention of the word “sex” could send her into a blushing frenzy. It also didn’t help that she was much more on the quiet side and why she lived in a tiny log cabin on the deserted outskirts of her native Bear City. Not too far from civilation but secluded enough to give her plenty of privacy.

So her surprise was genuine when she heard a gentle rapping on her bedroom window behind her thick curtains. She thought she was hearing things until the rapping came a second time followed by a soft voice calling out...

“Murphie! Are you there? It’s me, Milton! Please let me in...”

Milton? thought Murphie. What’s he doing out there?

As if reading her mind, Milton was more than ready to talk once she pulled aside curtains and opened her bedroom window to the warm summer air. He was your stereotypical nerdy boy who grew up to be hit in the face by puberty and become hot enough to melt lead. His skin was only slightly darker than Murphie’s with a head full of curly jet black hair, big hazel eyes, and the personality of an R-rated Disney prince. He’d also had a massive lust-filled crush on Murphie and decided to make a move on her tonight. Murphie quickly let him into room before shutting the window and the curtains.

“What on earth are you doing here, Milton?? I thought you would be out on a date or something!” she said, already trying not to blush.

“I’m here because nobody deserves to be alone on Valentine’s Day, Murphie... and I want to give you an unforgettable night!”

“B-But... why? Why would you wanna do that for me...?”

Milton slowly reached out to place his soft hands on Murphie’s blushing freckled cheeks. She unintentionally wrapped her arms around the waistline of his grey sweatpants, bringing them closer together. Her dark head just barely reached his shoulder blade.

“Because, Murphie honey... I have been deeply in love with you for three long years and I can’t stand to see you by yourself anymore! May I kiss you?”

Before she could let the doubts start creeping into her head, Murphie shyly turned her gaze up at her admirer and whispered...


Even though Milton’s sexual appetite was at an all-time high, he didn’t want to rush into making love to Murphie lest he accidentally frighten her. So he started by simply kissing her, gently slipping his tongue into her mouth and listening to her quiet moans. He tasted her sweet honeycomb essence and decided to take the next step with her if she was ready. She was blushing even harder when he pulled away.

“Love me, Milton... love me like you were Hades and I was Persephone!”

Milton didn’t need to be told twice. He lead Murphie over to the foot of her bed, laid her down, and continued to kiss her. After a minute or two, Murphie grew impatient and began to pull at the hem of her nightdress. Milton helped her the rest of the way and exposed her soft sunkissed skin to him. Her nipples and areolas were a darker shade of brown that her lover gladly latched onto. Murphie’s breathing became more and more shallow as her arousal reached a fever pitch and Milton knew that he couldn’t make her wait any longer.

“I think you’re ready for me...” he murmured.

“Take off your clothes, then...” she whispered, biting her lip.

While Murphie turned off her nightstand lamp and pulled back her blankets, Milton slipped out of his tank top and sweatpants. He climbed into bed with her and got cosy between her legs. The glow of the TV cast a romantic light on his handsome features.

“I guess chocolates won’t be the only thing to keep me company from now on...”

“You’d better believe it...”

Milton slipped himself into her soaking wet core with ease but took great care not to hurt her. He wanted Murphie’s first time to be sweet and savory like the chocolates on her bed. But she seemed to have other ideas....

“H-Harder... more... m-more...!” she gasped.

Her admirer listened and started thrusting hard enough into her love box to make her bed shake from all the motion going on. Murphie held on tight with her hands clutching his back muscles and buried her face into Milton’s creamy left shoulder. She could feel the presence of her orgasm approaching and he could feel it, too.

“Murphie...! I’m... where should I...?”

“I-Inside...” was all she could say.

Despite his own need for release, Milton held back for as long as he could until Murphie started squirming underneath him. He could feel her walls tightening around his genitals and knew she was right around the corner.


The young woman held on even tighter to her new lover and moaned into his shoulder as her groin exploded into a million pieces. Only then did he finally unleash his erotic cream into her tight walls that greedily milked him dry. When he was fully emptied out, he looked deep into Murphie’s big dark eyes and kissed her.

“I love you, my sweet valentine...”

“You already said that...”

“And I’ll keep saying it... every day until I die!”

Murphie couldn’t help but to giggle.

“Well, when you put it that way... I love, you, too, my darling!”

Milton laughed himself. “All joking aside, though... I could really use a shower before going to sleep!”

She rolled her eyes playfully.

“Come on...”

They rolled out of bed together and hobbled their way over to Murphie’s expensive master bathroom. Even though they were all alone, she slammed the door shut and could be heard giggling loudly on the other side.
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