Mr. Turner

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"I had never meant to fall in love with you, I did and I wish I never had." William Turner, recently divorced and ready to finally submit to his feelings towards Eleanor Baker. Although, to some she's a mere assistant, but to him she's everything. UNEDITED MATURE THEMES 18+

Romance / Erotica
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Mr. Turner did you hear me?

"You are now finally divorced Mr Turner.."

Ah.. There have never been sweeter words in my 32 years of my life to hit my ears than that.

With now the quiet murmuring of lawyers and secretaries as background noise, I look out the rain covered window swirling whatever this cheap ass whiskey, sighing in contentment.

I watched my father go through this process with the same reaction i'm having right now. Although under very different circumstances. I watched on throughout my teen years as my mother would prance all over the world with my father's money, with different men every second day.

The way she treated my father made me hate her. He gave her anything and everything she wanted yet that was still never enough. Unlike me, my father was left broken and incredibly sad. My father was a naive man, couldn't see what she was doing to him, even if it was stabbing him with a 10ft pole.

I vowed to protect my father from that ever happening to him again, and I did until Jeanie came along. I knew after a few months, my father didn't need me. Jeanie is a saint. She doted on my father just like he should've had from the very start.

Along with Jeanie came a step-brother, Ben, who quickly became my best friend and a half-sister Mia, who I would go to the ends of the earth for, as would Ben.

"Mr Turner, is there anything else you need me to do for you?"

A shiver trickles through my body, leaving the hairs on the back of my neck standing. The voice that has filtered through my mind the last 12 months, one i don't think i would ever get sick of hearing.

Eleanor Barker.

The assistant most millionaires dream of.

Eleanor is the most dedicated and the hardest working woman in my office. Now, that's not to say that the other women aren't the same but Eleanor is just on another level.

Not once has this woman hit on me or offered her "services" to help reduce stress or tension after not-so great meetings. She's a no bullshit kind of woman, reigns in my temper and also satisfies my mind with adult conversations.

I've always considered her someone I can confide in, someone I can be myself around. She's also turned me into a 16 year old man-child that is constantly dreaming of her voluptuous body beneath mine.

Of course, she has no idea. There's been many a time where my feelings and thoughts have been made known to others working around us and to my family but Eleanor is so focused on our work that she pays them no mind.

Good, but not good.

"Mr. Turner? Did you hear me?"

Her voice yet again, filtered through my ears and made its way down to my groin.

"Yes." I ground out, not angrily but trying to control my urges.

"I need to get someone in to remove all of her belongings, clean and send me samples for redecorating." I say, eyes roaming all over her, watching a stray piece of hair linger over her chest as she writes down my demands.

I'm brought out of my lust filled haze by the clearing of her throat. Idiot.

"I'll get right onto that, you should probably take the day off, it's been a long day."

She says with a small smile gracing her face. I smile back and give her a slight nod, knowing she's right as per usual.

I watch as she removes herself from the conference room, flicking her brunette locks over her shoulder and confidently walking through the suited up lawyers lingering by the door.

All the men watch as her hips sway and her behind bouncing rhythmically to the sound of her heels. The hot sense of jealously and possessive nature started to bubble as I watch these wankers ogle MY Eleanor.

I quickly reign in my overwhelming feelings, I shouldn't be like this, especially with an employee but alas, I cannot help myself. I'm struggling to determine what this feeling is, is it lust or is it more?

I have officially lost control and I just hope she can handle this.

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