Finding Paradise in Hell

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"Don't even think about messing with my feelings again sweetheart." His voice was low and taut, his strong arms trapping me in, clearly not paying any attention to my words. A sudden natural disaster can only mean one thing: death. When Isabelle loses her entire family, down to her unborn child, she has nowhere to go and no means of help. Zachariah, the leader of Dalia, takes Isabelle under his wing, doing everything possible to help the woman who has claimed his heart. The Dalian Mafia catch wind of her unclaimed fortune, obscuring the lines between the genuine and the fake. Will both Zach and Isabelle finally secure a loving life with another, or will both be claimed by their demons?

Romance / Action
Kaeira Estrada
4.8 22 reviews
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Hi everyone,
For those of you who have already read this excerpt, you'll notice that it is a little different as I took the reviews on board and have added and taken a few things out.
This is an original piece of work that has been crafted from my imagination. This work is copyrighted and reproducing this work in any way is completely unacceptable. The complete novel will be published this year (hopefully if everything goes well) and I will add the URL link in my bio. This excerpt is incomplete, and I will do my best to finish it but, as a science/literature student, I have major exams nearing...

Contains graphic scenes of violence, strong language, bereavement and other emotionally intense scenes. Please read with caution and please press the like button and send some feedback.
Look after yourselves and stay safe,
Kaeira Estrada.
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