Whatever It Takes

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Chapter 11 - Isabelle's point of view

I stirred awake from the happy memory, sitting up. I checked the large clock on the wall ahead. It was already five in the evening. I gritted my teeth. I jumped out of bed, doing it up before I left the room, in search of Zach. He was sitting on the sofa, going through large several large folders, wearing a black t-shirt and black jogging bottoms. I placed both hands onto my hips, clearing my throat. He looked up.

“Oh, hey Isabelle, how are you feeling?” If a cartoon reaction was possible, steam would be billowing from my ears. I grabbed the nearest pillow.

“Don’t you hey me, Wilson, you gave me a sleeping tablet when I really wanted to explore the mansion.” I attacked him with all the force I had, and after a few blows, he put his arms up in surrender.

“I am really sorry but I’m sure that you are much better than before.” I stopped.

“Actually,” I threw the pillow at his head, “I feel much better. Now, an exploration of the mansion awaits me, if you will.”

He moved towards the kitchen: a strange floppy noise audible. I looked at his feet; he was wearing flip flops. He turned, tracing my gaze.

“What?” He asked, innocently. “Don’t tell me I can’t even wear flip flops in my own house?” I shook my head, seeing Laura enter the room.

“Isabelle, Zach, I wanted to tell you something. For tomorrow, I thought I should plan something, you know, for Isabelle. So, I thought if the two of you could babysit my best friend’s grandchildren. Their mother is an accountant, and she has a long day tomorrow so Isabelle, if this is ok with you…” I was speechless, but I really loved the idea. It’s so boring at home, and hopefully, I can busy myself a little.

“Laura, that would be great. Thank you so much.” I moved over to her, giving her a large hug. She hugged me back.

“It’s ok, they’ll help you get better, you might even prefer their company more than Zach’s.” She whispered.

“I heard that,” Zach stated in a matter-of-fact tone, pouting. Laura grinned as I giggled at his childish reaction.

“Now, I heard Isabelle wanted a tour of the mansion. You too should go ahead. I am feeling a little low at the moment.” Zach looked at her with a pained expression, so I crossed the distance, holding his hand. His eyes went examined my face, probably thinking what an earth I was doing.

“Shall we?” He nodded, smiling. We went everywhere. The tour took a good hour to explore every room in the mansion. Its extravagant interior screamed wealth, with beautifully designed rooms. As an Interior Designer, I was thoroughly impressed with the taste of this place. When the day finally drew to a close, and I had retired for the night, I couldn’t have been more excited to babysit. Memories of my own family resurfaced, and whilst I let the tears have their way, I was sure to eradicate them. It pained especially to think of my daughters, Zach was right – I needed to be strong for them, I couldn’t let them down.

Laura’s point of view

“Mum are you ok now?”

“Yes Zach, I’m fine. I guess that I have been working too much. Tomorrow, I am not working but I’ll be training so it will be a lot less strenuous than today. Don’t worry sweetie, I am not going anywhere.” I pulled him in for a tight hug. I had seen the expression on his face earlier on today, and I didn’t mean to scare him. My age has started to catch up with me, I just hope that the plan God has for my son will happen soon.

“Zach, look at me, don’t worry about me, I am not going anywhere anytime soon.” He nodded. “Now, go get some sleep, we have a long day tomorrow.” He nodded and I kissed his head.

“I love you son.”

“I love you too Mum.” Those words managed to restore me to a certain degree. He stood up, leaving for his room. As he walked out, a few rebellious tears leaked down my face. I hoped that everything would fall into place.

Zachariah’s point of view

“Good morning Zach.” I opened an eye, looking to my right. Big mistake. The unforgiving morning rays a reminder that it was most definitely time to get up. I sat up, swinging my feet over and stretching, whilst racking my brain for what was so special about today. It came to me, babysitting. Holy fuck. It was like a turbo mode I never knew existed, as I sprang into action, making my bed and getting dressed. Amidst the chaos, I nearly forgot that Mum was still standing there.

“Ready when you are mum.” She smiled, shaking her head, walking out of the room, with me trailing behind her.

Isabelle’s point of view

I was waiting for everyone to turn up. Unable to sleep with all the excitement (and because I slept during the day), I was continually pacing around my room when voices could be heard. I smiled, looking up to see Laura and Zach walk in, the concentration on his face only adding to his beauty. Jeez, what was wrong with me?

“Good morning Isabelle, how was your sleep?”

“Good morning Laura. To be honest, I didn’t get any, because Mr Wilson here –”

“Isabelle, I am really sorry and next time I promise to pay extra attention to what I am doing. I promise. Now can we please drop this and talk about today’s agenda which is babysitting.” I looked at his face.

“Ok, so is there anything that we need to know about them.”

“Yes. Both of them are twins and are two and a half years old. The boy is named Aiden and the girl is Aubree.” She looked over at Zach, whose ears were gradually reddening. She smiled, shaking her head before continuing. “Really that’s all, other than the fact that they have a nut allergy. Zach, a word please.” She gave a final smile, walking out of the room, with Zach trailing behind her.

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