Whatever It Takes

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Chapter 12 - Laura's point of view

“Zach, are you going to be ok with all this?”

“Of course Mum, what would be wrong with me?”

“It’s just, I’ve noticed that you’ve changed quite a bit, I just hope that you are ok.”

He sighed.

“It’s ok Mum, I guess it’s just all these emotions that have been going haywire since I met Isabelle. I think I need some time and automatically, everything should fall into place.” I nodded, smiling and reaching forward to hug my son.

“Sweetie, everything will fall into place, I promise. Thanks God.” The last part wasn’t even to him, and Zach’s laughter reverberated in his chest, relaxing me to no end. I took his hand, walking to the living room, where my best friend sat with her two sleeping grandchildren.

Zachariah’s point of view

I walked in, smiling at Sofía.

“Hi Sofía, it’s great to see you and the children again.”

“It’s great seeing you too Zach. It’s been ages since you came for a visit, so Laura and I decided that the twins could pay you a visit. So I wonder, who has you wrapped around their finger?”

“She’s just amazing. I don’t think I have any other word to describe her.” Mum exchanged a look with her after having spoken over the phone, which meant something had gone wrong. Yet a fucking again. As much as I praise the midwives and the amount of accolades they have achieved, they have the most fuck ups. Either there’s not enough of them or the new midwives have kind of just fainted upon helping another give birth.

“Well Zach, we have to go but we will definitely discuss and meet this extraordinary woman who has our Zach wrapped around her finger. Bye Zach.”

“Bye Sofía, bye Mum, have a great day at work.”

“You too.” Together, they both exited the room, their animated laughter slowly dying down. I looked at Aiden and Aubree, smiling, I moved out of the room.

“Wait Zach, I completely forgot, here’s the baby bag. Bye.” Sofía ran back out after handing me the bag, and I shook my head, making my way to Isabelle.

Isabelle’s point of view

I waited for Zach to come, the happiness I was feeling slowly turning to nervousness. Memories of my own daughters were threatening to return, and all I could do was take a deep breath and pray that everything would be ok. Zach’s steps resounded in the hallway, the slightly ajar door preparing me for his arrival. He walked in moments later, carrying two of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. Both had curly light brown hair and an incredibly light olive skin tone.

He placed both twins into the centre of the large king size bed (we decided to go to his room because it was closer to the kitchen and pantry), before settling down himself. Grabbing the largest pillows closest to me, I rested them on both sides of the twins, my heart swelling rapidly with love.

Memories of my girls began flooding back. Rebellious tears flowed down my face, and this time, I couldn’t think of anything to stop them. Zach lightly placed a hand on my left forearm, moving his fingers in small circular motions, providing some comfort.

“This was supposed to lighten your mood, not make it worse,” Zach chided, his voice a mere whisper.

“Sorry I have messy emotions,” I confessed, wiping the tears away.

“For an interior designer, you sure love your paints,” he grinned cheekily, my heart feebly fluttering. Aubree awoke from her sleep, loud crying startling both Zach and me. I lifted the upset child, cradling her to draw a standstill to her bawling. It worked, and she soon started giggling; clearly she had a sort of nightmare.

“So, what is today’s plan?” I asked, not moving my eyes from the child in front of me. Bizarrely, she looked like someone familiar, but I wasn’t too sure.

“Well, we are looking after them until early afternoon, which is when their grandmother finishes work and so we can also spend some time learning about each other. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan.” I relaxed, holding the enfant closer to my body. She smiled, puffing her cheeks and showing two small fences of pearly white teeth. She lifted a small hand, gently digging her fingers into my face. I kissed her cheek, happiness and longing simultaneously gnawing at my heart.

Zachariah’s point of view

It was a pleasant view ahead of me; Isabelle cooing at the child in her arms, who responded with loud bouts of laughter. Everything was perfect, and thoughts of her looking after our children began taking over my mind. The remaining, curious enfant slowly trudged towards me, loudly making the words he knew audible. Minutes passed, when both enfants began wailing yet again. Isabelle looked up.

“They both need food,” her stomach rumbled loudly, “as do we.” I smiled, placing Aiden down. Isabelle did the same.

“You need to stay here. I don’t want you to overexert yourself. No moving, promise?” I stressed, looking down at her.

“Ok. Pinkie-promise.” She beamed up at me, sticking her little finger up. I laughed at her behaviour before intertwining my small finger with hers.

I jogged down the stairs, hurrying to make breakfast. By the time I had reached the door, Isabelle came back from the bathroom carrying a changed Aiden. Aubree was resting on her back, two large pillows caging her in. I grinned at Isabelle as I advanced towards her.

“So, how is this babysitting idea?” I asked, staring at the serene beauty in front of me, handle the twins. Jeez this was really messing with me.

“I love it Zach, thank you so much.” She picked up Aubree, seating her in an upright position to feed her. I mirrored her actions, doing the same with Aiden.

“So, what’s your favourite colour?”

“Lavender,” she replied, a spoon hovering near Aubree’s mouth. “What about you?”

“Mine is dark green.”

“When’s your birthday Zach?”

“Mine is thirteenth of May, nineteen ninety four. Yours is?”

“Twentieth of November, nineteen ninety seven.”

“So your birthday was on the day of the tsunami?” Her face dropped, her gaze past my shoulders. Instantly, I regretted asking her that, my heart dropping into my stomach.

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