Whatever It Takes

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Chapter 14 - Security's point of view

“Miss Ryder, have you seen Mr Wilson?” I asked, trying not to panic.

“Yes sir. He is in the bathroom.” She replied. “Why, what’s wrong?”

“Ma’am, you need to come with me. Please bring the infants.” I rushed, ignoring the irrelevant question. It was life and death, and still there’s always someone who has to ask a thick question. I looked at her, remembering that she has not fully recovered. I ran to her, grabbing the child in one arm and using the other to help her up. As I did, she doubled over, a scream escaping her mouth as she doubled over in pain.

“Isabelle!” The door was swung off its hinges as he charged out of the bathroom.

“Sir, there has been a security breach. We need to escort you to the panic room.” His face grew stern.

“No Raphael, you need to escort the children out of here and you need to stay with them until further notice. I will take Isabelle to the panic room.” He walked over to me, handing the child over and the baby bag, lifting Isabelle’s crumpled form to the side of his room, pressing a palm on one of the many glass panes that lead to various secret passages.

I tightened my grip on the children, carefully making my way down the majestic staircase. I reached the side door, looking around to see a few rogues not too far off. Fuck. I pulled out a small hand bomb, nothing dangerous but just an explosion of colour for a temporary distraction. I threw it, both children wrapped in one arm. An explosion of dark blue resounded fifteen metres to my right, creating a large curtain, shielding the three of us. I quickly jogged past, concealed by the loud swearing of the rogues and my wonderful explosion.

After fifteen minutes of jogging and distracting rogues, I finally reached their home, ringing the doorbell. The door opened, a woman in her mid-twenties answering the door. She had a stunning bronzed complexion, wearing her dark hair in a messy bun atop her head. She chose the most amazing clothes to dress in, a fitted scarlet plunging neck dress, but it wasn’t the time to be distracted.

“Who are you and why do you have my children?” Those gorgeous light blue eyes widened in concern; her red painted lips slightly parted.

“Kindly let me in and I promise that I will explain everything,” I finished, looking around the deserted street. She opened her mouth in protest but ushered me in as we both heard the faint sound of a gunshot. Quickly, she moved to the side, allowing me entry as she sprinted into action, locking the door. Her voluptuous body relaxed, momentarily, before stiffening as she sprinted into action, closing all the windows, doors and curtains. I stood at the entrance, watching her dart to and fro.

“What is going on?” She asked breathlessly, gritting her pearly white teeth.

“The security system at the mansion was breached and so the house was vulnerable to attack. I was ordered to stay here until further notice to protect both the children and you. By the way, my name is Raphael, what’s yours?” The twins were seated on my lap, and I used an arm to secure them in place as I offered the other to the woman in front of me. Strange emotions, such as fear and guilt crossed her face, and before I could ask, they were gone.

“My name is Amora.” I smiled. A perfect name for a beautiful woman.

Amora’s point of view

The man in front of me was freaking hot as anything. He was perfect. A shame God didn’t make many like this. His large hand was enclosed around my own, a perfect fit.

“Amora, are you ok?” My hand was no longer in his, instead, he was using it to get my attention. I nodded, warmth piling in my cheeks. Aubree began crying, and I picked her up, cradling her. She stopped crying, happily speaking. I smiled. Raphael was holding a sleeping Aiden, gently patting his back. My heart melted at the site; could this man get any better?

“Where is their room?” He whispered, standing close enough for me to smell his alluring cologne.

“Come with me.” I smiled, turning to walk to their room. His burning gaze was no secret to me, butterflies madly flapping my stomach, sparks whizzing through me. Oh God, what are you doing?

Raphael’s point of view

Amora was brilliant; the way she comforted Aubree made her look even more stunning. It was impossible to understand where her husband was. Was she even married? A part of me hoped not, but I couldn’t let my emotions get the better of me, especially since I was the head of security at the mansion, well, along with the rest of the country.

We walked into a grey painted room; two white single beds placed in the heart of the room. A toy box was neatly stacked in the corner, a large pair of dark blue wingback armchairs at an angle to each other, with a small, rounded coffee table in front. Aubree was already asleep and tucked in, along with a goodnight kiss. I mirrored her actions, kissing Aiden’s forehead, feeling incredibly proud. That was the first time I had handled a child I did a pretty good job.

The two of us walked out, and into the living room. As we were going to sit down, the doorbell resounded.

Amora froze, her light blue eyes wide in shock. I moved towards the door, a hand resting on the handgun at my hip. I peeked through the spyhole, noting that there was no body in sight. I opened the door and saw a familiar large suitcase, resting on the doorstep. I looked around before bringing it in. There was a small note written in a cursive hand, one that I have always been in awe of. I smiled as I read it:

These are your books and clothes as well as some pictures of you and Charlie playing Golf on both special occasions.

- Your loving grandmother -

I've had to change this from the original because the subscripts cannot be formatted on Inkitt. So even the explanation for this will be different from the actual book.

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