Whatever It Takes

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Chapter 5 - Isabelle's point of view

The loss, everything just came crashing down once I saw that seizure. Sure, the assault itself was awful but that and Zach fighting them was the final nail in the coffin. Memories of James agitating violently due to his medication threatened to come back. I washed my face, suppressing them. I stared back at the reflection from the mirror. Her face was pale, her posture weak. Her expression, broken. I had to be strong, I’ve been through so much, surely, I can get past a little more. I took a few more deep breaths, stepping outside.

True to his word, he was pacing outside of the door. As the white door creaked open, his head snapped to my direction, a supportive smile spread across his defined face. I returned his notion, walking beside him. As we joined everyone else, I felt a strange feeling unsettle me. I ignored it, all smiles as the nurses waved at me.

Unknown point of view

“You and Duncan touched her. The Dalian leader came out of nowhere fighting for her,” I spat through gritted teeth. I felt the gun butt at my hip. I took a breath and released it, a smirk playing on my lips. I turned, my head tilting a few angles from side to side. “Let’s play a game. It’s called ‘Morte’ (Death). Now to take part in this game, you must have already disobeyed me, which you bastards have done,” I seethed, anger bubbling inside me. I turned to face the young, anorexic man with dark circles under his eyes, tattoos elongating over his mostly bald head. His face blanched, his body shaking.

“Please sir, she ’ooked so pretty, I –”

“Lei è mia (She is mine)!” I yelled in Italian, pulling the trigger. The bullet travelled straight through his head, taking his obsidian blood with it, spattering it over my expensive, Italian furniture.

“Both of you bastards deserved that for touching my prize. Rest of you, clean up and make some crappy excuse and shove it down their families’ mouths. I don’t have time to spend on these useless fuckers.”

I massaged the bridge of my nose. I stared out of the penthouse, longing to get away from this mess. Whoever killed Duncan did a good job. It serves him right for disobeying me. The tapping of heels brought my attention to my surroundings, my eyes settling on my beautiful wife.

“Isadonna, amore mio (My love) , you came at the right time,” I whispered huskily, watching her shake her head, grabbing a tissue and dabbing at the blood on my Italian black suit.

“So, have you found Isabelle?” She asked, her hands on my chest as she lifted her face, her grey orbs staring into my blue ones.

“Yes, amore mio, I have found her. A man is making our job a little difficult, but we can deal with that. Soon, everything will be over once we hand her over. Then we can raise both our children.” I looked down at her bump, which was starting to show through her nude dress.

“Well, is there anything I can do to help?” I stared at the attractive woman in front of me, my mind still registering her daring words.

“No, it’s bad enough that we are in this mess in the first place. You must promise me that you won’t get involved in this. I don’t want either if you to get hurt, you both mean too much to me.” I brought her in for a hug, kissing the top of her head. “After this, we can live a lavish lifestyle and then, I am all yours tesoro mio (My treasure).” I withdrew, looking into her eyes. She sighed, tears leaking out of her eyes. I wiped them away with my thumb, kissing her lips whilst I rested my hands on her make up free face.

Isabelle’s point of view

Since my encounter, a nagging, uneasy feeling loomed over me. As Zach stood in the middle discussing today’s agenda, my mind was restless, my heart palpitating and my stomach queasy. Eventually, everyone began to rise, heading to large black SUVs. Fear rooted me to my seat. Black dots danced in the corner of my peripheral vision, my heart threatening to explode. I placed my hand over my chest, trying to breathe through a stubbornly tight airway. Zach was on his knees, calling to me, but I couldn’t make the words out. It was almost as if my body wasn’t my own. Everything began to glow, a wave of nausea hitting me hard. I felt Zach lift me, carrying me towards the ward that I gave birth in. The speed he ran at catalysed my nausea, the bile soon emptying itself into a nearby bucket. I recognised Zach’s hand on my back, rubbing small circles to help. Despite the comfort, the vomiting refused to cease for a while. Soon, my eyelids could no longer force themselves open, my body giving up.

Zachariah’s point of view

I had noticed how the incident with the men had shaken her to the core. After a few check-ups, the doctors had told me that she was hyperventilating from anxiety that had been building up from the past few days. I too, had a feeling that something was going to happen, which was why I wanted all the survivors out from this part of Dalia. A small nurse came running in my direction.

“Sir, she’s awake,” she panted. I didn’t need telling twice, and I sprinted past to find her sitting bolt upright. Her body started shaking, the nurses managing to regulate her breathing. She calmed down a few minutes later, and cautiously, I approached her. I took her hand, using my thumb to run small circles into the backside of her hand.

“Hey, you ok?” I asked, my eyes trained on her worried face.

“Zach, I feel scared. I feel as though something bad is going to happen.” She blurted, her dilated pupils magnifying the size of her prominent eyes.

“Isabelle, everything is going to be ok. I have increased security as I too, felt this way. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.” I raised a hand and stroked the side of her soft face. “If you are feeling good, shall we make a move?” I asked.

“Yes, let’s go.” I carried her, moving towards the SUV with long strides.

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