Whatever It Takes

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Chapter 6 - Isabelle's point of view

As soon as I had answered, Zach swept me off my feet, practically running towards the car. As we got in, the deafening sound of a gunshot ripped through the tense air. We quickly strapped the seatbelts on and drove off. I did my best to stay calm, but Zach’s constant commands into his Bluetooth piece were making things worse, not to mention the weight on my chest of having to leave without my family. The car was constantly accelerating, trying to stay away from the dark Sedans, who were trying to corner us. He stopped talking, everything going lethally quiet. I rested my head on his shoulder, unable to fight the fatigue. I felt a light pressure on my shoulders, but I didn’t want to fight it. I fell into a deep slumber, completely ignorant of my surroundings.

Start of flashback

I was at a party with James. My dress was black, and skin fitted. It stretched down to my knees, plunging on both the front and back. I wore black stilettos with a tall, red, velvet heel. My hair was in a large messy bun, my eyes draped with dark, smoky make-up, silver highlights resting on my cheekbones, my lips painted blood red. It was an evening celebration one of my husband’s friends threw to celebrate a successful business transaction. He was laughing and chatting animatedly with a group of his friends, leaving me at the small, round table alone. A tall, handsome man with black hair and blue eyes came over to my table. His facial features were sharp, and he wore a tailored black suit and a crimson red tie.

“Mind if I join you?” He asked, his voice sultry.

“Of course,” I gestured a French manicured hand to a seat on my right.

“May I ask what a beauty is doing on?” He asked in the same tone as before, angling his body towards me.

“Actually, I am not alone. I am with my husband, James. He is that one,” I pointed. Just as I did, James looked over.

“I see that your husband is coming over. I shall see you soon,” he whispered in a silky tone. He raised my hand, slowly kissing it. “Buonasera.”

As James arrived, he finally released my hand and walked away, concealed by the dark black draperies. I sighed, unable to find out how my sister was doing yet again.

“What was Lucian doing here?” He questioned.

“He just came over to talk James, that’s all,” I responded in a soft voice, standing up and holding the table for support. He slowly closed the distance, his cologne inebriating my senses.

“Lies.” He whispered, his warm breath fanning my ear. He grabbed my hand, walking over to the car. The journey home was silent. He opened his door before letting me out and carefully closing the passenger door. We walked towards our massive, Victorian style house. I observed the night sky for a few seconds, as he hastily unlocked the door and held it open for me. I stepped inside and took a shaky breath as I neared the shoe rack.

I was about to lean over to take my uncomfortable stilettos off, but I was slammed into a wall. I moved further into the wall, wincing from the pain. James stood dangerously close; his body pressed against mine. Suddenly, he crashed his lips onto mine, aggressively kissing me. I felt blood ooze out of my lower lip. His greedily licked it away, his hands roughly grabbing my hips.

“You are mine, remember that.” He whispered aggressively, his hands travelling along my sides, mercilessly grabbing my already weak arms. I leaned against the wall, unable to take the assault.

“Please stop it. You’re hurting me.” I cried.

“And what about you? You allowed him to kiss your hand. Did you not think that that would hurt me?”

“James, I’m pregnant. Please stop.” My tears hastily cascaded down my face, dragging the make-up with it, staining the neckline of my dress. The rigid expression of his face slowly cracked, tears falling onto his cheeks. I reached up, wiping the tears away. He leaned into my hand, placing a hand onto my stomach.

“So, I’m going to be a father?” He asked softly. I nodded, resting my head against the wall, my body exhausted from the day’s events.

“Hold onto my shoulder.” He said, his voice gentle. I latched both hands onto his shoulders, as he kneeled down, taking the dammed five inch heels off. He kicked his own shoes off, turning to face me. He secured a hand onto my back and one behind my thighs. He cautiously lifted me up, carrying me up the numerous, carpet steps and to our bedroom. He turned the light on, revealing the light, creamy coloured king size bed, the light, beige chaise longue, along with the other ivory paraphernalia present in the master bedroom. Slowly he put me down, but not wanting to stand, I tried to climb back in his embrace. He chuckled lightly.

“Honey, you need to stand so I can take the dress off,” he whispered, his front barely touching my back. I nodded. He pulled the zip down, removing the sleeves off of my arms as though they were made of china. He pulled the dress down, chucking it into the washing basket. He then carried me to the bathroom, placing me onto the counter space, standing between my legs. I placed both hands onto his strong shoulders, unable to support my own weight.

He responded, by resting a hand on my thigh. He applied some make-up removal onto a cotton pad, brushing it across my face in small, circular motions. He only paused to apply make-up removal to a new pad. I watched his face; it was screwed in concentration and care, as he carefully dabbed my skin. He brought a small face towel, soaking it on warm water, ensuring that all the impurities had been lifted. He brought a dry towel, wiping it on my face for the last time, before carrying me back to our bedroom. He placed me onto the large, comfy bed. I sighed, allowing my body to finally relax after a tiresome day. Moments later, James joined me, intertwining his legs with mine. He placed his face near the crook of my neck, wrapping an arm around my waist and resting the other on my flat stomach. I relaxed as our skin made contact. He reached over, kissing my temple.

“Goodnight Isabelle.”

“Goodnight James.” Then everything turned to darkness.

End of flashback

I opened my eyes, finding myself in a large, extravagant bedroom, which was themed a dark teal, gold and evergreen. I stretched an arm out, dropping it heavily.

“Ouch, thanks for that,” Zach complained, sitting up and massaging the side of his face. He shuffled closer, slinging an arm around my shoulders.

“So, how are you feeling?” He asked, staring straight into my sapphire eyes. I lifted his arm up, putting it down by his side, not wanting to be touched. My heart clenched as I noticed the hurt swirling in his jade eyes.

“I feel very weak and a little claustrophobic, but other than that, I feel great.” He smiled, the hurt from his eyes slowly vanishing.

“By the way, where are we?” I questioned, taking in the beautiful room.

“We are at my mansion and currently, we are in my room, as the guest room is still under construction. There are many other rooms but… it’s a long story. It will be done for you by evening.” He finished, his cheeks and necks flushing. A strange emotion settled in the pit of my gut, making me both giddy and nervous. I cleared my throat.

“How long was I out for and what happened?” I asked, snippets floating around my mind. I rubbed my temples, racking my brain cells for the missing parts.

“You’ve been out for a day and a half. The men after us were all arrested and are currently being interrogated. Unfortunately, one escaped and had to be killed. So, yeah, nothing much.” He finished, his voice transitioning from monotone to nonchalant far too quick for my liking.

“Do you have any idea who is behind all of this?” I tried.

“No, but somehow, he is connected to a man named James.” My heart plummeted into my stomach, as I rushed into the bathroom, vomiting my gut out.

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