Whatever It Takes

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Chapter 7 - Zachariah's point of view

I told her what I knew, and she went running to the bathroom. I followed suit, waiting for her at the door. Her actions from earlier, for some strange fucking reason, really hurt. I mean, it’s one thing to have so much on my plate regarding my duties, but my emotions, the fuck?

“Isabelle are you ok?” My heart wildly beating in my chest. Many moments passed, and as I was ready to knock the door down, I heard a response.

“Yeah Zach, I’m ok. I need some time alone, please?”

“Ok.” I was reluctant to her request, but I needed to respect her space, considering everything she has been through over the past two days. I paced around, hoping to see her face again. Seconds later, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I took it out, smiling to see the caller id.

“Yes Jack, what have you found?” He poured his findings out to me, everything shocking the shit out of me. A psycho husband… someone hunting her. “Continue with your search, I want complete details of exactly what we are dealing with.”

After about half an hour, red, swollen eyes met my gaze. I brought my arms close to her, but she moved them away, nearly toppling over in the process. I caught her, despite her protests, carrying her back to the bed and tucking her in. I ran down to the storage room, remembering that there was a teddy bear somewhere in the house. I quickly ran down, ignoring the bizarre gaze from the maid. There it was, a large, light pink teddy, which was abnormally soft with a massive, round stomach and chunky arms and legs. I grabbed it, running back to Isabelle, placing it near her hands. She noticed it, looking at the teddy bear, then at me. I smiled, gesturing for her to take it. Her timidness dropped, as she hugged the poor thing to death, loud, ugly crying echoing around the room.

I placed a tissue box next to her, before leaving the room, knowing that she needed some time. Mentally, I prepared a list of what needed to be done. First, the security in my country needed to be increased, along with the mansion. Then, I needed to ensure that Isabelle was fully recovered, so that she can be taught how to defend herself. I wasn’t going to be with her forever, and that thought of having to leave her life started playing havoc with my emotions. I dismissed it, calling my mother.

“Good morning Zach, how are you sweetie?” Her peaceful, yet tired voice asked.

“I’m good Mum, what about you?”

“I’m ok, just dealing with the midwives. How is Isabelle doing?” Yes, whilst she was out, I told my mother about her and she was thrilled, saying how she waited so many years for this day to come. Only God knows what could possibly be going on in her head.

“She’s hanging in there,” an ear-splitting scream came from the room, “actually, she’s been crying her eyes out.”

“Zach just keep her calm and I will be there soon. Look after yourself cupcake, I love you.”

“I love you more Mum.” She hung up.

I rested my head against the surface behind me, little did I know that it was the door, as I fell backwards, flat on my back. Isabelle stopped crying.

“Zach, are you ok? What happened?” The light pattering of feet grew louder, as she stared down at me, those cute eyes threatening to hypnotise me.

“Yeah, I’m great. I kind of forget that a thing called a door existed and leaned into it and gave the floor a backward hug.” She laughed, and I smiled, seeing that she was feeling better.

“I got you,” she stuck a handout, which I took, pulling myself up. Triumph was written all over her face, but I didn’t think it important or fair to tell her that it was me pulling my weight up.

Isabelle’s point of view

After helping him up, I suddenly felt very happy, which was the mood swings kicking in. I looked down, shuffling my feet.

“Thank you, Isabelle.” I smiled, meeting his… awestruck green eyes? I definitely wasn’t expecting to see that emotion. I was expecting him to be annoyed with me, especially since he was practically babysitting me.

“Is everything ok? You look a little off,” he asked, worry etched into his beautiful face. I mentally face palmed myself for that thought, proceeding to answer.

“Zach, thank you for looking after me until now, but I think I should go.” I looked at his radiant face, which instantly glowered.

“You want to leave? But why?” He crossed his arms in front of his chest. I took a deep breath.

“Zach, you don’t need to burden yourself by looking after me… you forget that under the rules of intestacy…”

“This is not England, but Dalia, and that rule doesn’t work here. You got any other argument?”

“Yes, you run this country and your people need you?”

“Ok, first of all, you can’t answer a question with another question and secondly, like you said, I run this country, so I decide what I want to do, where I want to be and why. Oh yeah, you are being hunted. You are a lot safer here. End of discussion.”

Zachariah’s point of view

Sometimes, I definitely don’t regret being single. I sighed, shaking off the possessive emotion. God it really does feel like going through puberty again. I turned to look at Isabelle, her eyes filling with tears. I sighed again, brushing a hand through my hair. After my chat with Jack, there was no way that I was going to leave her on her own, especially after a difficult childbirth. I walked towards her, placing both hands on her shoulders.

“Look Isabelle, I only want you well and safe. When everything clears, you can… you can… carry on living wherever you want to, but until then, just comply with what you can and can’t do currently.” She nodded, moving forwards and wrapping her arms around my shoulders. I enveloped her in a hug of my own, feeling my shirt dampen, but I couldn’t care less… she meant so much to me, she was such a beautiful soul, I really don’t know what I would do without her.

The bedroom door creaked open, my mother, a woman of fifty, poked her head in. She flicked her gaze from me to Isabelle, a smile lighting her face. I groaned mentally, knowing that she had some crazy plan formulating in her head. She walked in, and even though the country belonged to me, my mum was the real boss around here. Isabelle lifted her head up, looking from me to the source of the clicking heels. She looked down, trying to wipe her tears away, plastering a smile onto her face.

“Hi Mum,” I said, moving towards her and kissing her cheek.

“Hi Zach,” she returned, standing as tall as possible to ruffle my hair.

Laura’s point of view

I observed the girl next to my son. She was very beautiful, with her tanned skin and a petite figure. Dark circles loomed under her eyelids; fresh tears smeared across her face.

“Isabelle honey, please have a seat,” I requested, lowering her down. I took a seat next to her. “Honey, how are you feeling?” She nodded, and I looked up at Zach.

“Mum, I think we should make her something to eat, she hasn’t eaten in two days.” I looked at his handsome face and saw that it was painted over with concern. I thanked God, happy that the day I’ve been waiting for will arrive soon.

“Very well. Why don’t you take her down to the kitchen and I will meet you there?” He nodded, understanding what I was on about. I smiled leaving the room. Finally, he had found his second chance love.

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