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GeraldineJohnsons, not your regular female lead, Nicknamed the tomboy of "HILTON COLLEGE" Even though she considers it body shaming. Although she tries hard to fit in like a girl, all to no avail. Due to her bold and sassy nature, she earned the respect of most students, as well as the hatred of others. Geraldine, never cares about what people think of her, but there is something about Jayden, his dark eyes, his dark aura, the look on his face when their eyes meet. like he wants to strangle or devour her. Making her wonder, what she has ever done to him. Acting likes girl could be pretty difficult, especially when there is someone who has mada it his goal to taunt her. What she considers body shaming. Jason Adenuga, everyone's favourite, jovial and funny, also with no filters, He attacks her with any chance he gets. When the matters of the heart knocking, What happens when she gets entangled with both brothers? She feels something other friendship for one, but can't let other. STARTED: 17TH JANUARY 2020

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She scurried into the sitting
room, almost bumping into her
younger sister. Seeing the sorry
look on her sisters face, she decides
to let it slide, most times she
wondered if her sister was just blind
or rather too clumsy, a day never
went by without her doing clumsy

The weather seemed hazy, more
like there was going to be a heavy

She hated such weathers, what
made her mood a lot worse was
resuming school, on a day like this,
it was more like a punishment to
her, because she wasn't ready for
school resumption. She wanted
more holidays.

Getting to the dining area, she turns to one of the maids, who was coming out of the kitchen, without uttering a word she diverts her eyes to the dining table.

Picking a slice of bread from the
table, and also trying to put on
her shoes at the same time, she
gets a smack on the back. Without
looking above, she knew who was
capable of doing such.

She also wondered when she got there, without her notice.

Her mother was a handful, even at sixteen, it didn't stop her from
descending on her.

"Gidi, most times I wonder what
you are learning in that school of
yours." Wendy rebukes.
Typical of her mum, to always find
a way to drag her school into any

Whatever she does, she would always ask, what she was learning from her school. If she doesn't fold her clothes properly, drop her things in other, same question.

Whenever her Mum was at work, as tacky, as it sounds, she always
had her peace of mind. Her Mum was a handful, she was what you call a workaholic, but her eyes never left her kids direction, she made sure to be informed of whatever was going on in there lives.

Her job was demanding. She was a doctor, although she owned a hospital, where doctors were employed, she was never reluctant,
it seemed more like, she loved her
job, because she gave it a lot of

Taking her head slowly, she turns to her mother, who she was sure, would give her another slap, if she
didn't act fast.

"Gidi, I have prepared your things!" One of the maids says, while she gets down the stairs. Gidi lets out a gentle nod, not bothering to respond.

With the amount of workers they had, she practically didn't do anything herself. Attributes of having well to do parents. They were just six in such a big house. Her parents and siblings.

They needed maids and other workers to run around the house. Hence the house was very bubbly, with different workers trooping in and out, probably tending to there needs. Both parents were what you call working-class parents, the twins also had a nanny.

"Sorry!" She says calmly.
Meanwhile, her Mum looks away,
making her heave a sigh of relief,
this was new, her mum didn't stress the matter, which was unlike

Her Mum could be sweet most times, also she could shock you
when she turns sour, that same minute.

She loved her Mum, no doubt, but she was just such a hand full. Especially with her bubbly and energetic she could be, never relent in giving her a mouth full.

Turning to the couch, her eyes
meet with a sight which makes
her almost scream, losing her cool

With the look of things, she was
ready to go over and smack his head on the wall.

Her brother Grayson was extra,
currently he was about dipping her
cell phone into the bowl of milk,
which she was very sure, her sister Aaliyah put there.

Her siblings were so annoying, so she felt, what annoyed her the most, was the fact, her Mum saw them
as angels from above, they never
seemed to do anything wrong in her eyes, unlike her.

Getting to her little brother, she yanks the cell phone away roughly,
wondering how a four-year-old
would be that daft.

She knew better than smacking
him. Because her mother, won't let
her hear any other word after that.

Walking back to the dining table,
she almost bumps into Aaliyah
again, this time she doesn't relent,
she hits her on the back. For dropping the milk carelessly.

"Mummy!" Now that was a

Turning back only to see her Mum glaring alongside one of there housekeepers staring, she gradually turns to Aaliyah, who looked like she was going to cry at that moment.

"Just that small tap. Did I beat you?
Mummy!" Her last statement was a

Aaliyah had a kind of look on her face, which could make you feel pity towards her.

Geraldine knew that was done
on purpose, most times Aaliyah acted out of her age, she was just nine.

To Geraldine, Aaliyah was so
cunning, forget about her age, she knew how to twist things to her favour, and also put on a pretentious face.

When it came to beauty, she took after their mum, even at nine you could see she was an angel coming up. Although Geraldine looked a lot like her Daddy.

She was also what you called a daddy's girl. Whenever she knew
her Daddy was home, she did whatever she felt like, fully aware
her Dad would always come to her aid.

Her siblings were Mummy's angels.
Especially Aaliyah. She was more like a goddess to Wendy. But that didn't stop Wendy from smacking her, with every little opportunity she got. Asher turned the house upside down, he was Aaliyah's twin. While Grayson was the baby of the house.

If there was something Geraldine
could remember vividly, it was
the fact her mother, didn't show any signs of pregnancies, unlike Grayson's, during Asher and Aaliyah's birth. She was seven when Asher and Aaliyah were born. Yes, she was a kid but a smart one at that.

There where little things she picked up. She was twelve when her Mum gave birth to Grayson.

That period was the worst periods
of there life, especially her Dad.
More like her Dad was going crazy.
Her parents went distant.

If there was something she always wished for as a child, it to have such love her parents had for each other,
with her future partner.

Her Mum was the most stubborn person she had ever come across in her entire life, but how, her Dad managed to cope with her, was still unknown.

The only thing she could pick out of there arguments then was keeping
the baby and getting rid of it. Her
Mum claimed she was a doctor and knew her chances, while her Dad
said she was been selfish, and also wanted to fulfil her selfish desires.

She didn't understand the basis of the argument then, they had constant quarrels, till it was almost time for birth.

Everything just went upside down.
For once she thought she had lost her mother, which would have ruined their family.

Because If there was something she knew, it was the fact her Dad and Sister couldn't leave without her Mum, she wasn't left out too.

Wendy was like the pillar in there home. And no matter how tough Asher acted, he was still a Mummy's boy.

Aaliyah and Asher was conceived
through gestational surrogacy.
The twins of the house.

Due to the fact her mother had
complications while giving birth to

Her mum was just seventeen when she conceived her, she had complications while giving birth, hence she was told given birth again, was a big threat to her life.

Grayson was treated like an egg
in the house, Aaliyah's case was worse than an egg, most times, it seemed like Wendy loved Aaliyah the most. Asher always acted like a big boy. But deep down, he couldn't stay a day without Mummy.

"Gidi!" Wendy calls out in a warning tone. Meanwhile, Geraldine glares at her younger sister, who had a look on her face, which would make you pity her.

Walking down to the sitting room,
Geraldine heads down to the centre table, only to meet Grayson
scribbling with her notebook and
pen, this time around she doesn't
hold back.

Now giving him a hot slap, which sent
chills to everyone around. Even the
little child, found it difficult to cry.

You know when a child is shocked,
and is kind of crying inside, but the
sound doesn't want to get out. That
was the situation at hand. If there was one thing she found difficulty in doing, it was tolerance and controlling her anger, those were her biggest flaws.

"Gidi, tell those people that sent you, you didn't get any of my children!" Wendy yells throwing a ruler on Geraldine, which she dodges, she didn't regret the slap at all.

Her siblings could make you go mad. Last term, Grayson dipped her biology and Chemistry notebook into a bucket of water, important notes, whose teachers were strict, she didn't know if she would cry or laugh, funny enough, the notes where very long. She knew what she went through
copying those notes, the only thing
her mother said was, "Leave him, he
is a child, he would learn" She felt
like strangling them both.

Geraldine grudgingly picks her
book, and pen, walking away from
the crying child, she didn't bother
trying to console him. Meanwhile, Wendy hurries down to the crying child, picking him from the chair and trying to console him. Grayson screams immediately his Mum picks him up.

Wendy tries her best to control the child, at the same time, throwing killer looks on Geraldine, who
simply continues trying to stuff her

Feeling uncomfortable in her daywear, she knew, this feeling was bound to be felt.

She had slim fitted all her school
wears, for a particular reason.

This was the first term, and she
was determined to shut the mouth of a lot of people, most especially
a particular boy, who did well to irritate her.

"You don't feel comfortable in
those. You are the only one who knows the reasons you slim fitted
them!" She heard her Mum's voice,
close to her.

Wondering when the got so close, most times she acted like a ghost. Currently she held Grayson whose head was carefully placed on his mother's breast.

Sucking his fingers, that was his
bad habit. He hadn't outgrown it yet.

She knew better than to roll her
eyes, although she was tempted to
do so.

Wendy had always been against
her wearing the kind of clothes she
wore, telling her, it made her look like a boy, now she saying this was surprising, or she probably wanted
to mock her.

"I told you what happened last term right?" Geraldine asks. She couldn't forget that in a hurry, normally she never took whatever people said about her to heart.

Most called her a Lesbian, some
She could remember vividly when a teacher asked how many boys and girls were in the class last term, a particular boy gave a response, bluntly saying there was no difference between her and a boy.

She being referred as a lesbian also made her mad, they didn't dare say it to her face, but they said it anyway, the painful part was not it been said, but the fact they believed it.

"When a girl starts caring is when she wants to impress a boy!" Wendy says in a manner.

"I am not trying to impress anyone! You always complained about how big my clothes were!" Geraldine asks,

"Sweaters!" Wendy says. That

Her mum knew everything that happened in her life. She felt
uncomfortable doing things without telling her, also making certain decisions.

" I just feel bad, knowing most of
my peers calls me a lesbian behind
my back," Geraldine complains.

"Don't tell me they say that to your
face" Wendy says calmly.

"They wouldn't dare, because I
won't mind bashing there heads on the wall," Geraldine says with
full confidence.

That was the only similarity she had with her Mum. Not taking shit from anyone.

Majority of her classmates called
her a tomboy, she won't just say
classmates, it was more like the whole school. She didn't know if it was because of her dress sense, or
the fact she was never relentless,
when it came to fighting.

You wouldn't dare cross her part
and she leaves you without a fight,
you would have to show her that guts or what you have in you, that made you cross her part.

Apart from the fact she had a bad
dress sense, courtesy to her Mum's
review, who never failed to tell her

Geraldine wouldn't call it a bad dress sense, but the fact she hated skimpy clothes and rocked on bigger and baggy ones.

Her figure wasn't bad, but her curves where always perfectly hidden in those outfits or hers, which made her seem like a boy, to top It all, the way she carried her self. She was what you call the slim goddess, or abani like some Nigerians would call it. She assured herself, maybe her walking step was part of it, but could she change it? Because it seemed difficult.

Her tiny face, coupled with her bulgy eyes, tiny nose, perfect lips, which you could stare at fora long
while, it wasn't like the pink of red lips, it was kind of dark, her hair which was very curly and dark.

Courtesy to the fact she hadn't
barbed it before, even as a baby, this was her first hair, it felt soft
too. Her skin tone was something most people envied, brown skin.

It's kind of funny, how people always asked her the cream she was using. Her teeth was her signature. It was just too perfect, knowing that, she never missed an opportunity to show it off.

"Gidi. I don't want any complaints
from your principal this term?"
Wendy warns sternly.

Because there was no term, she wasn't
called to the school, because there was no time, Geraldine wasn't beating someone up.

Last term, you didn't right?" Geraldine asks feeling proud of herself, she had managed to maintain her cool, since she had been giving a post, as the Deputy Senior Perfect Girl. Although it felt insulting, since she was under her biggest rival.

"I won't!" Geraldine says calmly.

"Look, don't let whatever they
say get to you. The fact you don't
whore around, doesn't make you a
lesbian." Wendy says calmly.

"Gray, I will soon cut off your
finger!" Geraldine suddenly blurts out without thinking. Making Wendy glared at her.

"Stop disturbing this boy!" Wendy

"Mummy!" Aaliyah yells, it was obvious she was coming to complain, because it seemed like, she wanted to cry.

"Asher, pulled my hair!" Aaliyah complains.

"That's it! Always looking for someone to pity you, get out of
here!" Geraldine barks, one look at
her Mum, she keeps mute.

"Be here talking, don't get ready fast. I will leave without you." Wendy threatens. Meanwhile, Geraldine picks up a glass of milk.

She wasn't even planning on leaving with her, so she lets out a small smile.

"Daddy, said he will take me!" Now
that was all she needed to provoke
her Mum.

"Get out of my sight! Before I
smack you, "

2625 Words
So we all met Geraldine, what do
you think about her?

Also, Aaliyah, most of us can relate,
having that one sibling, who could
annoy the crap out of you.

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