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Taking precautions, he gently places his ear pods, on the table. One of the important accessories he couldn't stay without.

Jayden Adenuga hated noise, he did well to avoid it, with every opportunity he got, most people called him a weirdo, boring fellow, but he cared less. While others wondered why someone as cute as that choose to
hide behind the scene.

He had this brown skin, with chocolate eyes balls, his jawline was moderate, his noise slightly pointed, his lips pink, you would think he was applying something to it.

He had one of the best smiles you could think of, but you would never notice it, because he rarely smiled.

Due to his height and body built, he had always been asked to go into sporting activities, which he always politely declined, he loved his peace of mind, he hated being at the spotlight. He loved been invisible, but was never invisible to people, because no matter how he tried to hide behind
the scene, there were still people who were ready to go behind the scenes just to mingle with him.

He was tagged the biggest snub at
school, church, also in his vicinity
Not like he cared. Although he knew his behaviour was annoying.

You could be talking to him, and he won't bat an eyelid, spare you a glance, not to talk about replying you. It was just a habit he couldn't stop. So he accepted the fact he was a big snub.

Most hated him for it, while a lot
wanted to be friends with the cute
boy who hardly spoke. He was always used to the weird looks he got.

Now been transferred to another school was something he wasn't looking forward too.

He attended a boarding school at Lagos State, one of the biggest schools there, he choice though. He picked the school, right from junior secondary, he and his siblings hadn't been attending the same school. Jason and Jewel attended a school here in Port
Harcourt, while he attended a school located in Lagos State.

The worst occurrence in his school's history happened last term, which was what triggered his Mum to say, he wasn't going back. If there was one thing Jayden knew, it was the fact his Mum, was overprotective of them, she
panicked at every little thing. After the plane crash which claimed a lot of lives of the students, who came from Port- Harcourt during the last vacation. Students who boarded that flight.

Luckily he wasn't part because he had gone straight to his Grandma's for the holidays, she lived in Lagos State, the plan was to stay with his Grandma for two weeks, before his Dad comes to take him back to Port Harcourt. Most times, when he thought about everything, he always wonders what his fate would have been, if he hadn't gone straight to his Grandma's.

And trust his Mum to always panic.
He didn't even get to stay up to two
weeks, his Mum came and bundled him back to Port Harcourt herself.

"Jay! Finish up, " April says dropping a plate of oats on the table, he doesn't hesitate or respond. He just pulls the plate closer. He could feel his Mum's
eyes on him. He was used to her
awkward and worried stares.

He knew she always worried about
him. But honestly, there was nothing to be worried about.

It got to the point, she took him to see a therapist, and honestly, he enjoyed frustrating the lady, she eventually got tired of his mute self. Because he never gave her the benefit of responding to her questions.

He needed no therapists, that was just him, that was his reality, he couldn't change himself. More like there was just one person who understood him. His Dad, they were kind of similar in a way, he was the only person, he could
talk to freely. Not to exclude a particular girl though.

"I know you feel bad about..., "

"Mum! I'm okay, " He says even before she could complete her statement. He knew what she was going to say. She hadn't stopped trying to justify herself, for pulling him out of his previous school and making sure he goes to the school of her choice.

In truth, he wasn't okay, he had left
behind someone special to him, someone who understood him, the
one person he spoke too. He could see her face now. She was his first, they never dated, but they sure did
things. At first he pushed her away,
but she always kept coming, she
was one of the reasons, he always
stayed behind at his Grandma's.

She lived there, and also schooled at St Micheal's college with him.

His grandma took her in, according
to them, she was an orphan, who
was picked out from the streets.

"It's safe here." She pushes.
"Besides, my mind would be at
peace. You don't know how I worry
about you." April says, meanwhile
he spares her a glance.

He hated the fact, he always made
her worry, but she always thought
Something was wrong with him, no matter how he tried to let her know, he was mentally stable. She always gave him a look, he hated, like he wasn't mentally unstable or something.

"Uhmm!" He mutters, been fully aware if he kept mute, another
issue would pop up.

The loud music sound, and noise
been made, makes him turn to the
direction it came from on impulse.
Not like he didn't know who to

He watches Jason, turn the music

Jason was a direct opposite of
Jayden, they didn't look alike in any way, seeing them outside, you would never guess they where related, he was this bubbly type, everyone's favourite, he spoke to everyone. He looked a lot different.

His skin was lighter, he also had
the chocolate eyeballs, perfect jawline, he had a pointed nose,
which was his asset, his lips was
neither pink or red, but it was perfect, the fact he was always smiling, attracted people to him.

"Jay, please tie my shoelace!" Jewel
says out of the blues, meanwhile
her Mum spares her a glance, Jason on the other hand, seized the
opportunity to get his food, with the help of one of the maids.

Jewel always acted like a baby at home. Never does anything herself.
Seeing Jewel, you wouldn't believe
they were triplets. She acted like the baby of the house, she was the
youngest of them. One thing about her was the fact she loved getting attention, which she always made sure she had. As funny as it sounded, she had practically forced herself into
Jayden's life. After his Dad and Ivy,
she was another person he spoke
to freely.

Because she didn't mind forcing herself on you. She always
wanted attention, from people
she cared about, she could act up, when she didn't get it.

Without uttering a word, Jayden
abandons his food, now getting out
from his chair, and bending down,
to tie her shoelace.

"Jason, pass me my bag please!"
Jewel says politely.

"Who is your slave?" Jason attacks,
meanwhile Jayden, who was done
with the lace, gets up and goes back
to his food. The funny part of it, is how polite, she always sounds,
when asking for help.

"How many seconds will it take you to walk down here and pick your bag?
Queen of the coast." He mocks, going back to his food. Meanwhile,
Jewel rolls her eyes, she attempts
talking, but gets cut short by her Mum.

"Jewel, eat your food. I don't want
any more argument, " April who knew
a heated one was building up says,
trying to stop it, before it starts.

"Daddy! Carry me." Jewel suddenly
says, running up to her Dad, who
just strolled into the dining room,
casually dressed.

"Attention seeker!" Jason mutters
under his breath. Meanwhile, Jewel
wraps her hand around her Dad's.

Everything she did, practically
irritated Jason, staring at his sister, he wonders why In the world a sixteen-year-old, would be asking her Dad to lift her.

Jewel was practically the Daddy's
girl, she was more like, the Daddy's
handbag. The only thing left
beforehand, was following him to
work, which she had practically done times without number, during the long vacation. Being the only female child and the last born, she was giving every attention she needed.

Jewel practically cried for the tiniest things, which irritated Jason.

Most times he wondered what
changed, Jewel was practically baby and home, but something else in school, picking on everyone at
any slight opportunity was one of
the things she did best.

She was picky when it came to
making friends, she practically just
had one friend in the whole school.
Or would he say, in her whole life.

And she never failed to show the fact she disliked someone when giving the opportunity. One thing about Jewel was the fact, she hated pretending, another fact was she loved getting attention from the people important to her so much.

Seeing the displeased look on Jason's face, Jewel picks on him immediately.

"Why are you staring at me, with
those frog eyes of your?" She asks
without battering her eyelashes.

"Once my hand touches you. You
will flip twice." Jason attacks.
Meanwhile, Jewel holds on to her

"Jewel, eat your food and stop
wasting my time." April who
had almost lost her temper yells.
Meanwhile, Jewel walks alongside
her Dad, totally ignoring her Mum.

"You should have gotten his
uniform's at once!" Jordan there Dad says to April, throwing a glance on Jayden.

"The problem was his size!" April
responds calmly.

"Daddy, you didn't take me to the
gym today!" Now this statement
irked Jason.

He had this, must you talk or can you just keep shut look on his face.

The funny part of it was, there Dad
never failed to take her with him.
She was more like his handbag.
If there was something Jason admired about his Dad, it was his
body built, and Jayden took after
him in that aspect.

Jason rarely went out with his
Dad, but he was always in his mum's company. Funny enough, people referred his Mum to being his elder sister or Aunty. At thirty-three, she was still looking very much young, her curves, everything was still intact.

Even with his Dad, you would
mistake him for his elder brother
or rather uncle. His Mum had them, back in secondary school, She was a teenage Mum.

"Jayden!" Jordan calls out calmly,
he had been watching him for a while, and he seemed lost.

1777 Words

So we finally met Jayden Jason and Jewel, our triplets.

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