Finding a Hart

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Chapter 45


“Liam! What are you doing here?”

The big guy chuckled and squeezed her tight. “A bunch of us came out to see the game. What are you doing here? You’re dressed way too classy to be in a joint like this.”

Before she had a chance to answer, a second big guy who looked to be related to the first appeared and hauled Steph against his chest. I relaxed, aware that she obviously knew the guys, but that relaxation disappeared when the second guy placed both of his hands on Stephanie’s ass and leaned down to kiss her.

She turned her face away from his and used both hands to push against his chest. I made it to her side at the same time and wrapped my arm around her waist, shoving the big guy back with my free hand. He stumbled a bit, obviously drunk, and focused his gaze on me with a frown.

“What the hell?”

The first guy, the one Stephanie had called Liam, placed a hand on the second guy to hold him back. “Whoa. You just basically mauled Stephy in public, bro. Calm down.”

Stephanie’s back was to my front and my arm was still around her waist, but she took my hand in her own and moved until she was by my side. She looked over at me and shook her head.

“I’m sorry. He’s been drinking.”

The second guy looked at Steph. Then me. Then back to Steph. “Are you on a date, babe?”

She nodded her head and squeezed my hand. “Guys, this is my boyfriend, Jared. Jare, the drunk twin is Troy and the scruffy one is Liam.

Ah. The famous Troy.

“Sorry about that,” Liam said with an apologetic smile. “Troy has a hard time breaking ten-year-old habits. Especially when he’s been drinking.”

“Boyfriend?” Troy was frowning as he stared at Stephanie. “You have a boyfriend now?”

“Yeah, Troy.” She used her free hand to reach out and squeeze his bicep. “You’ve had a lot to drink. You should probably head home and sleep it off.”

Liam nodded and slapped his brother’s back. “Stephy has a point, T. The game sucks anyway. There’s no way the D-backs can rally to win.” He focused his brown eyes on me. “Steph’s been like a sister to me for eleven years. Treat her right or you’ll have us to deal with.”

I jerked my chin in acknowledgement and she let go of my hand so she could give each guy a quick hug. She stepped back and grabbed my hand again while we watched them both walk away. They were almost to the door when Troy glanced over his shoulder with a sad look on his face, and I felt Stephanie’s body relax once the two were out of sight. She turned and looked at me, her cheeks slightly pink.

“I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?” I asked, running my fingertips down the side of her face. She leaned in to my touch and her eyes fluttered closed for a second. When they opened again, she released a long breath.

“Because my ex-boyfriend just felt me up right in front of you.” She placed both of her hands on my waist and hooked her fingers into my belt loop. “He’s a really nice guy, I swear.”

“I don’t doubt that.” I leaned in so that our foreheads were touching. “You have no reason to be sorry and no reason to be embarrassed.”

I could tell she was still bothered, though, so we both drank our beers and decided to call it a night. The ride home was quiet and neither of us moved to get out once I had parked in my spot. I looked over at Stephanie and she was staring back at me.

“In the six weeks since we’ve been together, you’ve been served papers by your ex, had to confront my drunk ex-boyfriend, and haven’t even gotten laid. Do you regret it yet?”

“Oh, sweetheart.” I reached both hands out to touch her face, letting my thumbs gently sweep along her jaw. “The papers would have come no matter what and that confrontation with your ex wasn’t hardly even a confrontation. And the sex? The pleasure of talking to you, laughing with you, holding you, kissing you… Not even sex could top any of that.”

She pitched forward suddenly and slammed her lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around her tight as we kissed zealously. Teeth clashed together, limbs were cramped in the small space, and her chin caught me in the forehead, but we somehow ended up with her straddling me in the front seat. That gorgeous pink dress had bunched up around her waist, giving me access to so much of her smooth skin along her back and thighs.

I was a goner. I gripped her hips and guided her down against where I was painfully hard. She let out a moan and moved again. Her hips established a rhythm against mine and we kissed like the world was crumbling around us. Stephanie’s moans turned into pants until her whole body was completely tensed up. I gripped her thighs, keeping the motions going and watched as she shuddered in pleasure with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly slack. The most brilliant sight in the world was accompanied by the most brilliant noises. I almost lost control myself but managed to hold on while Steph came down from her orgasm. She slumped against me and fought to catch her breath.

“That was so amazing that I can’t even find it in me to be embarrassed,” she mumbled against my shoulder and I laughed quietly.

“That was beautiful. That image will stick with me for a long time.” I kissed the top of her head and she sat back up. Her blue eyes stared at my face for a moment before she shifted back against the steering wheel and trailed her fingers down my chest.

“My turn.” Her hands had just reached the top of my pants and she had moved back a little bit more when the horn suddenly and very loudly went off, causing both of us to startle. Stephanie’s head hit the roof of the car and I quickly glanced around after remembering we were in a parking lot. We stared at each other for a moment and both burst out laughing.

“Let’s go inside,” I told her and she nodded in agreement.

“Probably a good idea, City Roast.” She let me help her maneuver across the console and fixed her dress. I stood from the car and adjusted my pants so that I didn’t give everyone a show in the lobby. Afterwards, I went around to her side of the car and helped her out, holding onto her as we strode towards the door.

Kenneth just smirked at us, letting me know he was well aware of what we were doing in the parking lot. Stephanie seemed to be thankfully oblivious to it as we stepped onto the elevator.

“Thanks for a great first date, Hart,” she whispered as we came to a stop on the twenty-first floor. She leaned in to give me a quick kiss just as the doors opened and I smiled at her.

“It was perfect.”

Briana and Marco were sitting on the couch watching TV and both of them turned their heads when we walked in. She smiled and used the remote to mute the sound.

“How was your first date, lovebirds?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes and kicked her heels off by the front door. “Amazing. This guy even held the doors for me and everything.”

“Damn.” Marco grinned at us both. “Pulling out the big guns, Jared.”

They stood from the couch while Briana went over their evening with the baby. Her husband wrapped his arm around her shoulders and chuckled softly.

“There was a few times where I think he thought Bri was Steph at first glance but would do a double take and start crying all over again.”

“Seriously.” Briana let out a long, exaggerated sigh. “He gave me feelings of inadequacy.”

Jared nodded his head and squeezed my shoulder. “Imagine how I feel. Think you two are going to have some of your own?”

Both of them shook their heads at the same time and the four of us laughed. Bri pressed a kiss to Marco’s arm and smiled at me. “Maybe in a few years. We’re too selfish with our time right now to bring babies into the mix. Besides, there are plenty of nieces and nephews to borrow when we need a fix.”

Stephanie wrapped her sister in a tight hug and I shook Marco’s hand. He exchanged hugs with his sister-in-law and they left my place hand in hand.

The two of us didn’t say anything as we walked down the hallway and Stephanie automatically turned into Chris’s bedroom. She didn’t stop moving until we were in front of the crib and staring at the sleeping baby. Her head dropped to my shoulder and she released a long sigh.

Chris was in the middle of the crib, on his back, and clutching a lovey in his little fist. The light from the hallway allowed us to see his peaceful face and I couldn’t help but smile.

We stood there staring at him for a few more minutes before I took her hand and tugged her out of the room. We headed down to my bedroom and Stephanie threw her arms around my neck the moment we were across the threshold. Our lips met in a frantic kiss and I lifted her off of her feet so I could walk us to the bed.

My body was almost vibrating with anticipation. The thought of having sex with Stephanie Gibson had all of my blood rushing south and I couldn’t wait. Hell, the thought of seeing her naked was a treat all on its own.

Even though she was basically living with me, I had only caught glimpses of my gorgeous girlfriend naked. A few times I’d walked in on her changing or just getting out of the shower but the only time I’d had a chance to really examine her is during the times she was in her bathing suit. We spent a lot of time at the pool on the fifth floor terrace and Stephanie in a bikini was a sight to behold. She had the perfect sized breasts, ones that overflowed in my palms during our make-out sessions, and a curvy waist that begged for me to grip it while I made love to her. Not to mention that ass that filled out her bathing suit bottoms perfectly.

She was my idea of perfection.

I pushed her back onto the bed and followed, covering her body with mine. She sank her teeth into my lip and moved her hands so she could start working the buttons on my shirt. The shirt had just come off of my shoulders when a loud cry sounded over the baby monitor.

“No,” Stephanie whined sadly at the same time I let out a quiet groan and pulled back from her.

“This must be his revenge for leaving him earlier.”

Chris’s cries intensified and Stephanie laughed while pulling herself out of bed. “Probably. I’ll get him.”

Before she walked out of the room, she leaned in and gave me another long, sweet kiss. It took all of my willpower not to hold her to me. I watched as she left the room to go tend to my son and had to shake my head in disbelief.

I was a lucky bastard.

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