A Quiet Session

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A spunky redheaded poet and a lowly stable boy meet up in the warm evening of summer to spend a steamy night together...

Romance / Humor
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A Quiet Session

The summer sun was setting as a warm breeze fluttered through the farmlands. Crickets sang their song from seemingly every corner. Everyone had turned in early from a long hard day of work; even the farm animals were fast asleep.

But the quiet kept being interrupted by rustling sounds in the hay loft and the sighs of passion from two hot-blooded lovers lost in each other’s world. A head full of curly red hair popped up for a minute to get some air. It belonged to a spunky girl named Cindy who loved to write poetry. She was like something out of a painting- pale baby soft skin and the most intense green eyes of anyone in her world. Her cheeks were flushed as red as her hair from kissing the handsome man called Emile laying underneath her. He was just a stable boy and therefore considered lower in society, but none of that mattered to Cindy. His warm toasty skin, jet black hair, and strong muscles from working in the barn had done everything possible to attract her to him. She would get so lost in his dark eyes and killer smile and fall in love all over again.

Currently, Cindy was perched comfortably on top of Emile with her wet lady bits hovering over his hard erection to tease him. No matter how many times he grabbed onto her butt cheeks and tried to bring her down on him to impale her, Cindy would manage to resist. She wanted to see how long he could last before he couldn’t take it anymore.

“My dear Cindy...” he mumbled in between her kisses. “Why do you insist on torturing me so?”

The spunky redhead giggled.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Emile...”

“Cindy, please... I need to be inside of you... giving you babies...”

Another giggle.

“But how... are you going to keep me quiet, my sweet Emile? We don’t wanna disturb the animals...”

Smirking, Emile reached into his discarded work clothes and pulled out a red bandanna. Cindy’s eyes widened with curiosity.

“You can still say no, if you want...”

“Not a chance!”

She grabbed the bandanna from him and quickly tied it over her mouth, sealing it shut. Emile didn’t waste any time impaling her pussy with his cock, sliding in all the way up to the hilt. The red cloth did a perfect job of silencing Cindy’s cries and moans as she bounced up and down on his lap like a bunny in heat. Faster and faster she went, eager to reach her g-spot. When she found it, she cried out into the bandanna.


Emile shamelessly grabbed onto her milky breasts and sucked on her taut rosy nipples. Cindy’s eyes rolled back into her skull and she held on tight to her lover as she came crashing down hard.

“Emile!” came her muffled cry.

“Cindy!” he exclaimed.

He cradled the young girl in his arms while she rode out her orgasm and then relieved his sperm into her tight canal. When the afterglow started to set in, he untied the bandanna from around Cindy’s mouth and kissed her soft lips.

“I love you so much, my darling Emile...” the redhead whispered.

“I love you so much more, my spunky Cindy...“
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