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The drive back to my place is quiet and we don’t hold hands as he needs his for shifting, but he steals glances at me often and I, him. When we arrive, he opens my door for me and helps me out again. Taking my hand, we walk together to my door where we stop and stand face-to-face.

“Would you like to come in, Hayes?” He looks shocked that I’m asking, also worried that I may not be sure of what I’m saying. I rest my hand on his cheek, my eyes looking deep into his. “I know what I’m saying, Hayes – and I’m inviting you inside.” His eyes read mine for a minute before he nods, reassured by whatever he saw within.

I unlock the door and let us in where we leave our shoes and jackets at the entry. I grab us each a drink then join Hayes on the couch, where he is already seated. We sip our drinks quietly and awkwardly in silence for a few minutes while we both figure out what comes next. I’m confident we both know what we want and I’m also extremely confident Hayes won’t make the first move, not after the incident with Jeremy.

So it’ll be up to me to get things started.


Sophia puts her drink down on the coffee table before taking mine from me and doing the same thing. Hiking her skirt, she crawls onto my lap and straddles across my legs. Taking my face into both of her hands, she places her lips on mine – gently at first but as her tongue probes for entry the pressure also increases. Soon our tongues are twined, caressing and fighting for a dominance neither cares who wins.

“Touch me, Hayes,” she whispers as she takes one of my hands and puts it against her breast. Not needing to be told twice, my thumb finds her nipple through the materials of her top and bra, the small bud immediately responding and hardening under my touch. Sophia moans as she leans back, thrusting her breasts further into my hand. I find the hem of her blouse with my other hand and slide it underneath, desperately seeking the contact of her bare skin.

I release her other breast and with that hand grab the bottom of her shirt and encourage her to remove it by helping her pull it off over her head. There are too many buttons and I’m suddenly feeling too impatient to deal with them all but she surprises me by yanking it open and sending the tiny projectiles flying in all directions. She slips it off and lets it fall to the floor then reaches behind to undo her bra, which then follows behind.


She leans back again which brings her breasts to me perfectly and I happily twist and twirl one nipple with my fingers while my lips and tongue do the same with the other. My God, if she tastes this good already, I can’t wait to get between her legs.

“Oh, God, oh, oh,” Sophia moans as she grinds her heated core against my uncomfortably hard cock, still stuffed into my pants. “Hayes, Jesus!” She cries as she has her first orgasm – a flush begins in her chest and rapidly flows to her extremities as she moans, riding out the waves.

Aggressively, she leans forward and takes my lips with hers as I move one of my hands to between her legs. I get near then hesitate, unsure if this is what she wants or if I’m going too far when she grabs my hand with one of her own and guides me where she wants me. My fingers start rubbing her through her panties which are already soaked through and in seconds she cries out again as she climaxes a second time.

“More, Hayes, more,” she pants, asking for something but not sure what. Sliding her panties to the side, I run my fingers through her wet folds before finding her throbbing clit. I give it a gentle pinch, causing Sophia to groan some gibberish as her fingers dig into me. Her eyes stare into mine as I caress and tease her clit, drawing her to another climax. When she shatters, I slowly, between clenches, start inserting a finger into her pussy. Sophia’s groaning grows louder as she begs me for ‘more’, thrusting her hips against my hand.

It takes some effort but I eventually work my finger in, thrusting it in and out of her at the rhythm her body demands. As she cums again, I insert my second and eventually third fingers, sawing them open and closed to not only pleasure her to the max but also open her as much as possible in anticipation.

I believe it is time for dessert.


I’m fairly sure I’m about to collapse because of all the amazing orgasms I’ve already had and I know Hayes is only getting started. After he makes me cum again, he gently pulls his fingers out of me, much to my frustration. He scoops me under my ass and stands us up awkwardly, unsure if he should push me any further or not.

“My bedroom is that way, Hayes,” I tell him, hopefully leaving no doubt what I want. With my legs wrapped around his waist, he walks us to my room before laying me down on my back softly. He pulls my skirt and panties off, leaving me naked in front of him on the bed. He stands in front of me, simply looking at me for a minute.

“Christ, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Sophia,” he says. He then proceeds to undress for me – slowly, sensually and erotically. It is the most intimate moment I have ever shared with another person before – being this exposed with Hayes like I am – and not just my physical body. I feel extremely vulnerable in all senses right now – if he wanted to, he could destroy me in every aspect. Mentally, emotionally and yes, even physically.

I’m giving myself to Hayes completely tonight – he just doesn’t know it.


I crawl onto the bed between her legs, parting them gently to visually dine on the beautiful buffet before me. Silently I ask her for permission as I lower my face to her core. Sophia nods slightly, her eyes watching my every move as my tongue reaches out and presses against her clit, breaking her nearly instantly. She’s so responsive to my touch; I manage to hold it together long enough to go down on her for one more orgasm, my fingers plunging in and out of her ferociously.

It is then I realize I am the stupidest man alive.

“I don’t have any condoms with me, Sophia,” I admit, horrified at my oversight. I didn’t want to presume anything and now I hate myself more than I ever thought possible. I will never leave the house without a condom again.

“I’m clean – are you clean, Hayes?” I nod yes and then reassure her that my last check-up was all-clear. “I trust you,” she says confidently. I wish I shared her confidence in my abilities but the thought of not burying myself deep inside of her is almost more than I can bear right now. My cock is so painfully hard, it is almost excruciating. I nod again to show her I understand then line the tip of my dick up with her opening, my precum pearling at the tip.

I enter slowly, allowing her body time to adjust as I go. When I feel her virginal barrier, I take her lips in mine and our kiss absorbs her cries as I break through, claiming her as my own. We both stay frozen in position as she gets used to the sensation and when her pain turns to pleasure, she starts thrusting against me, our hips pounding against one another. Soon the room is filled with the sounds of our moans, grunts and slapping skin.

I feel her vaginal muscles clench down on me as she shouts my name and even prayers to God as she climaxes a final time, leading me to my orgasm. A couple final thrusts and I pull out, ejaculating on her stomach and breasts. I collapse onto the bed beside her, both of us panting and in need of catching our breaths. After a couple of minutes, I get up and grab a towel to clean her up, wiping her clean before tucking her under the blankets and joining her, wrapping her in my embrace.

“Stay the night?” She asks, snuggling into my arms. I rest my cheek against her head as I run my knuckles up and down her bare back.

“There’s no place I’d rather be.”

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