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I only hesitate because he surprises me but once I get over my initial shock – I say yes. Yes! Yes!! A million times yes! I’m in love with this man and we’re about to have a child together – why on earth would I want to stay living apart and try to do this on my own? Did I envision getting married and having a baby by the age of twenty? No, absolutely not but it is what it is and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love Hayes, I love our baby and now, I love the future we have to look forward to.

We spend the next month planning the wedding. Because of whom Hayes is in the community, there is going to be attention on the wedding if we do it in the city so we decide to elope. Where better to disappear to than the Saskatchewan north? Hayes books the lodge and a plane, I book my sister and my family and two months after he proposed, we’re on a small plane heading to my home to get married.

Mom and Dad know we’re coming to get married – I told them that much over face time but they don’t know about the baby, that is going to be a surprise. As the plane taxis to the dock, the nerves take over as I get ready to see my parents. Bridget and Hayes are both reassuring me that it’ll be fine – Mom and Dad will be excited for a grandchild but secretly, Bridget and I also know that inviting Hayes into our family is more than just ‘tying the knot’. Our family comes with secrets and while I don’t carry the shifter gene, Hayes still needs to be told. The chances of something unexpected happening, or him seeing or hearing something he shouldn’t while we’re all gathered is too high – it is better for Hayes to be informed ahead of time than us trying to fix a situation after the fact.

Doesn’t mean it is going to be easy.

I’m scared to death that he’s going to reject me, come after the baby after it is born and once we tell him about shifters, he’ll have the ability to destroy my family too. It is all so much to deal with, I’ve been sick for weeks worrying about it. Fortunately, Hayes assumed it was all due to the pregnancy and I did nothing to correct him.

The plane door opens and Bridget gets off first. I hear shouts and cheers as my family celebrates when they see her which amps my anxiety – I’m already showing so as soon as they see me, they’re going to know. Will there still be shouts and cheers?

Hayes goes next, holding my hand to help me get off the plane so I don’t trip or slip. He takes no chances with my safety and is cautious with me around everything – for the most part it is cute and endearing, and only sometimes all-consuming.

I release the breath I’m holding and exit the plane.


I know she didn’t prewarn her family which I thought was a mistake but I didn’t say a word – she knows them better than I do certainly so what do I know? Perhaps this is her way of avoiding a big scene since we’ll be in ‘public’ – although the brief introduction I got the last time they didn’t strike me as unreasonable people.

Granted, this is kind of a big deal.

As Sophia exits the plane there are shouts and cheers for her as well that quickly turn into shocked gasps. Sophia stops and while standing beside me and I can feel her entire body trembling. Her Mom walks toward us and stops in front of Sophia, reaching out toward her but stopping short of touching her.

“May I?” She asks and Sophia hesitantly nods yes. Her Mom gently rests her hand on Sophia’s slightly mounding belly and caresses it lovingly, a smile broadening on her face. “When?” Sophia looks at me, relaxing considerably and smiling herself.

“Mid-July, Mom,” she answers, resting her hand over her Mom’s on her belly. The rest of her family come over, showing their excitement for our pregnancy and congratulating us now for both. I can see that Bridget is also visibly relieved on behalf of her sister and it gives me comfort to know how close those two are and that she’ll always be there for Sophia, no matter what.

We make our way into the lodge to let Sophia rest and get unpacked – tomorrow is a big day! I’m marrying the woman of my dreams who also happens to be carrying my child – life could not be any better than it is right now. Apparently, it is going to get even more exciting because her family has news for me too – I can’t imagine what it could be – but I’ll find out after dinner tonight.

This is going to be so great.

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