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Turns out the reason Bea and Jason weren’t home at the same time is because they were out together, and now Bridget and Logan are dating which leaves me the odd person out in our household – fun. Nothing like being the third wheel in every room of your own home! As a result, my scores have been off the charts because I’ve been spending all of my time in my room studying, preferring that to watching everyone else making out all of the damn time.

It didn’t take Bridge and I long to get into a routine here – her more than me thanks to her relationship with Logan. I’m not sure on what planet Bridget loses her virginity before me but it happened and now her and Logan go at it nonstop. I’d be happy for my sister if I weren’t so busy being jealous all of the damn time, especially when they’re in Bridge’s room across the hall – my sister is a screamer, lucky me.

We each have our own schedules because we are in different courses but we start each day together, regardless of whether or not she slept in her bed or Logan’s – that way we’re guaranteed to see each other at least once in a day. Otherwise, there are days we’d go without seeing one another at all if we didn’t make the extra effort. Not seeing my sister is unacceptance – I love her so much and she is such a part of me that not having her in my life would be like losing a limb, so I treasure our daily breakfast dates. Logan has been good so far, not getting between us or interfering in our ‘sister time’. This makes everyone’s life easier because then I don’t have to become a lunatic, which I otherwise would.

Don’t. Fuck. With. Me. And. My. Sister.

Flying home is prohibitive and unreliable, so as awful as it is, we don’t return home for the Christmas break. We facetime with the family, Mom and Bridget crying the entire time and spend the break alone in the house, all of our other roommates including Logan returning home to their families. We exchange gifts with one another and order in Chinese food while watching horror movies on TV – our first Christmas away from home, done the Bridget and Sophia Way.

It is what it is and we make the best of it.


“Are you sure?” I ask Aidan, my CFO and bestfriend for final confirmation. I stare at the papers strewn across the boardroom table, unable to deny the evidence in front of me but not willing to accept it. Aidan nods grimly.

“Hundred fucking percent. What I don’t know for sure is the original source,” he confirms. I nod, collapsing into a chair. Resting my head in my hand, I feel the weight of the company on my shoulders. So much money – so many jobs.

“What do you suggest as our next move?” I implore him to have an answer or a suggestion – anything to give me some hope that the situation isn’t hopeless. I couldn’t care less about the missing money – the fact that money is still going missing means the person or people are still able to access the company’s database.

This means we’re vulnerable and that scares the shit out of me.

“We need to keep this quiet,” Aidan says, confirming my thoughts. The transfers have been small, concealed amongst other transactions and deals so they’ve been overlooked for years. The only reason they were discovered at all is because of Aidan’s keen eye and nose for sniffing out irregularities – he noticed some odd numbers on a recent report and started looking into things. If he hadn’t, this would have continued for who knows how long and I would have remained clueless while whoever it is continues to rob my company blind.

“I agree. If they discover we are on to them…” I trail off, not wanting to finish the thought. I look at Aidan and see he is on the same page as me. He nods.

“They could do something major before they disappear, I know,” he agrees, his tone morose. “We need to do an auditing autopsy,” he suggests. Not knowing for sure what that is, I ask him to explain. “We’ll bring in a bunch of students who know enough but not too much and get them to start tracing – we’ll tell them what they’re looking for but that’s all they’ll know. We’ll let them spend the hours it is going to take,” I nod again, in understanding.

“How do we cover that up though?” We can’t let whoever it is know we’re onto them or all of this will be for nothing. I want to catch this person before they get away – they risked a lot of people’s livelihoods for their own selfish gain and should be punished accordingly.

“We’re making the switch to computers for our old data and everything needs to be entered – who better to do it than a bunch of students, right?” He smirks at me and I smile back. “No one should give it a second thought because there is nothing to raise any red flags in the system – it will take a human eye to catch what is going on so whoever is behind this, isn’t likely going to be worried about what we’re doing,” he reassures me.

Nodding, I tell him to put the plan into action. The sooner we get this started, the better – I want this son of a bitch in jail. Some Christmas this turned out to be, finding out someone within my own company has been stealing from me for years. I feel so stupid, that this has been going on under my nose for so long and I never had any idea.

I know now though and payback is going to be a bitch.

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