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I, along with three other students have been selected to work on a side project for some big company downtown. It is going to be boring as hell accounting data entry but the money is good and will help Bridget and I out for awhile. Her work as a barista pays minimum wage and with limited hours, she doesn’t bring a lot of money home so this job for me will be a major boon for us – after all, what’s mine is hers.

Except Logan – we don’t share men, gross.

I catch a ride with one of the other students which saves me the forty-five minutes on the bus. Getting around in this city on public transit is not ideal so I’m grateful for the lift. I’m dressed in what I hope is appropriate for working in an office like we’re heading to – a black pencil skirt with matching jacket, along with a lime green camisole top underneath – my favourite colour. I had to borrow the suit from Kimmy – my fanciest outfit being untorn jeans and a black long-sleeved top.

I feel like a deer wearing ice skates as I walk across the lobby in Kimmy’s high heels, again, in an effort to look professional. Mental note for next time – forget the high heels and wear flats. It isn’t going to look professional in any way, shape or form if I faceplant in the middle of the fucking office.

A man named Aidan Jacobson greets us and introduces himself as the CFO, Chief Financial Officer for the company – The Matthews Corporation. He asks us to follow him and awkwardly, I manage to. He leads us to a bank of elevators and in no time has us on the eleventh floor where he leads us to a boardroom. There are stacks of papers all along the table as well as two computer stations set up on desks in the far corner. The one saving grace for the room is the view – a broad expanse of windows shows the hustle and bustle of downtown and even a small glimpse of the city’s natural highlight – the river.

He explains what he needs us to do, where we can take our breaks, where the bathrooms are and all that good stuff. He spends an inordinate amount of time on privacy and even has us all sign documents to that intent, which we do. Considering we’re doing accounting paperwork, back-tracing and data entry, I’m not too sure how many corporate secrets he expects us to be exposed to! The whole thing seems a little over the top but I sign anyways – the job is too important to not only my career, but Bridget and me.

I’ll sign whatever they need me to sign.


“I’d guess they’re maybe a third of the way through,” Aidan updates me. “They’re moving fast – the school is doing a good job, we’d be smart to hire a couple of them once they’re done their course,” he adds on. I distractedly agree, not caring one way or the other. The students are making remarkably good time but of course, it isn’t fast enough for my impatient ass.

“Keep me updated, I want to know the minute you do,” I needlessly remind him. Aidan slaps me on the back reassuringly.

“We’re going to get this guy, Hayes, one way or another. You have my word,” he promises me. I look him dead in the eye so he appreciates the gravity of my promise.

“I look forward to it.”


Between school and the side project at The Matthews Corporation, I’ve had zero social life – there’s been no time! And the few nights that I’ve had no homework – I’ve been too exhausted to do anything, especially if it meant tagging along as a third wheel with Bridge and Logan. But all of that changes tonight because Bridget and I are nineteen today and finally legal to drink!


Yeah, I heard it.

The whole group is taking us to a dance club and from there – who knows where the night will take us. I borrow a dress from one of the girls – it stops mid-thigh with a deep ‘v’ in the front and bare back. Essentially hopes and prayers are the only thing keeping the top up and my breasts covered but I feel sexy in it and ready to party!

Standing outside and waiting for our turn to get in we joke and laugh to pass the time and in short order we’re making our way inside. The music is thumping so loudly you can physically feel it through your body and there are so many people you have to physically squeeze your way through the crowd to get through. There is no personal space and while I keep my hands to myself, not everyone does the same and my ass is pinched twice as we make our way inside.

Bridget and I are both ID’ed for a second time at the bar and we happily show the bartender our photo IDs. When he realizes it is our birthday, he buys us a round of shots which immediately has Bridget tipping sideways – my sister is a lightweight. I’m not much better but ready for more and after three additional rounds we make our way to the dance floor.

Bodies are rubbing against one another and hands are everywhere as the music pulses its erotic beat and the crowd moves their bodies in rhythm. I don’t move away when a pair of hands land on my hips and someone starts grinding up against me from behind – I don’t even look to see who it is because it doesn’t matter. After a few seconds, the stranger moves away in the crowd as the mob moves like a living being, flowing freely to and fro. In no time someone else is behind me while I grind on the person in front of me – none of it matters, we’re all here for a good time and that is what we’re doing. The crowd shifts again and in no time, I have a new partner and so it goes.

At some point I lose track of Bridget but I trust that she’s with Logan and somewhere nearby. I know she won’t leave me so I abandon myself to the music, throwing myself into the dance. Arms in the air, hips swaying side to side seductively I move about the dance floor, person to person, song to song.

I have the night of my life.

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