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Our office hosts two major parties every year – the Christmas party and our fiscal year end office celebration which is what is happening tonight. Normally I don’t mind going to these events as it gives me a chance to reconnect with my employees, something I don’t get to do a lot of normally but this year, I’m dreading it. I have been avoiding Sophia like the plague and probably looking like a giant ass the entire time.

When she brought up the fact that she would be working for me and the way she did it, I could have responded with something reassuring, calm and diplomatic but instead my feelings got hurt and I shut down. I took it as a rejection and nothing more and after that, it was like I put blinders on when it came to her. I’ve behaved deplorably and now it’s gone on for so damn long, I have no idea how to make things better again.

Or if I even can.

The time I spent with her that evening was… enlightening. She was clearly intimidated by me at first – because of who I was to her, in terms of the CEO of the company she was assisting and looking forward to working for. I never once got the impression she was impressed by who I was in terms of my car or my money – she seemed to enjoy my $160,000 car as much as the $40 dinner. Shit, the fact that she’d rather work for me than jump into bed with me says so much.

She is intelligent, witty, enjoyable to be around and just fun to be with – not to forget how insanely beautiful she is. And sexy. And sensual. And gorgeous.

I truly could go on for hours if I knew enough words.

But instead of convincing her to give me a chance, I sulked and pouted like a toddler who didn’t get his way and succeeded in pushing her further away. The half dozen times I’ve seen her have always been at a distance – while she’s working or walking through the office. Twice she saw me looking and like a coward, I ran away. I haven’t handled it well, but in the end, I’m giving her what she asked for.

Strictly professional relationship coming right up.


The party is mandatory but the drinks are free and flow easily. Mr. Matthews makes a short speech about our contribution to another successful year, blah blah blah. I hide in the back behind some of the guys from Receiving and do my best to disappear while he’s in the room. We can’t seem to get beyond this awkward stage we’re in so I’d just as soon avoid him and it all together.

After a few drinks, I excuse myself to use the ladies room. Preferring privacy, I don’t use the ones immediately off the room we’re in and instead walk further down the hall and around the corner. It doesn’t take me long to finish what I’m doing and to exit the washroom. No sooner do I leave then my arm is grabbed by none other than the pig himself, Jeremy. Clearly, he followed me down here but what isn’t clear are his intentions.

Odds are, they aren’t good.

“Looking good tonight, Soph,” he whispers in my ear while pulling my body against his. The grip he has on my arm is painfully tight and no matter how much I try to pull away, I can’t - the more I try, the angrier he seems to get. He yanks me by my arm and pushes me against the wall before pinning me in place with his own body. He leans down quickly and plants his lips on mine, forcing my mouth open and his tongue inside. With my one free hand I push against his chest, trying to move him away but it’s like trying to move a bus and I have no success.

“Oh, excuse me,” a voice says, interrupting us. Jeremy lifts his head, thankfully releasing me, to look in the direction of the voice – Mr. Matthews. I take advantage of the distraction and make a break for it – escaping Jeremy’s hold and walking as quickly as I can down the hall toward my desk. I have to pass Mr. Matthews as I go and as much as I want to not look at him, my eyes are drawn to his face in spite of my desires otherwise. The look of disappointment and disgust as he looks back at me is like a punch in my gut and I know in that instant that things between us will never be the same again.

“No worries, Mr. Matthews, nothing we can’t pick up again later,” Jeremy jokes as I disappear down the hall and out of earshot. I’m guessing from Mr. Matthews’ point of view it looked like the two of us were doing nothing more than making out – he has no idea that Jeremy was assaulting me right in front of him.

Nor will he ever.

I grab my stuff from my desk and quickly leave the building – I won’t ever be returning here again. Mr. Matthews hates me – probably thinks I’m a whore, bouncing from him to a co-worker in the blink of an eye and Jeremy… Jeremy won’t leave me alone. If he’s so brazen to attack me at an office party, I’m not going to be safe anywhere with him. No, I can’t go back to The Matthews Corporation – ever. In fact, there is only one place left for me to go.


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