A Reason To Live

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Authors note

I probably shouldn't be posting this note but I am.

The next chapter (chapter 16) is.. a lot and I'm struggling with posting it as is. I'm worried it's dramatic and it is long, almost 2k words.

I'm trying hard not to question my writing, to not look too into it because I wrote it this way for a reason. However, my own personal mental health issues are not where they were when I wrote this so I'm questioning it a lot. There is a lot of personal stuff in this story and putting it out into the world is never an easy taste. I am giving you, my readers, pieces of myself and it's terrifying.

Due to my mental state, I will be posting it as is without any edits.

Sometimes it's hard to be confident in your writing and this is my way of pushing through the doubt.

A few of you have been reading this and waiting for updates and being totally awesome about my story and my characters. I want your opinions and thoughts on it. I want to know how you feel about this next chapter.

I think to soften the personal issues I am struggling with I will be posting the next 2 chapters (chapter 16 and 17) back to back. I am working on making sure the spelling is correct and I haven't missed anything. So look for them later today or early tomorrow.

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