A Reason To Live

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Chapter Eighteen

I guess Miya could see the distress on my face as I asked her to lunch because she agreed before I could even finish asking.

We sit at a small table at a nearby diner, the only talking we have done was when the waitress took our order.

“Alright, out with it,” Miya says as she places her arms crossed on the table leaning against it. “What happened?”

“Zander’s mom happened,” I say with a sigh. “When I came back from the break room she was in his office, scared the crap out of me, which caused this,” I say motioning to the stain on my top, “and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like me because even after Zander told her I’m his girlfriend she still called me a friend.” Wow, that was a lot to come spewing out.

“Sounds like she’s a peach,” she says, she doesn’t look shocked by my words and I let go of a breath I didn’t realize I was holding in.

“Yeah, well..” I slump back in my seat. “Guess we’ll just see how much influence Elizabeth has over her son huh?”

“You have nothing to worry about Freya. Plus if his mother has that much influence over him you don’t want that life anyway.”

All I can do is nod, she’s right. If Elizabeth has that much control over Zander’s life she’d want that control over mine too. Not happening.

The waitress brings our food and the conversation switches, I ask her about her and Samantha as we eat, getting as many details out of Miya that I can. It’s actually pretty easy to talk to Miya, I didn’t realize how much she means to me until today.

“She sounds great, Miya,” I say with a smile.

Miya has a huge smile on her face that has been there since she started talking about Samantha. “She really is.”

“So are you turning into a u-haul lesbian for her?” I joke.

Laughter comes from Miya’s lip, “U-haul lesbian? Really Freya?”

I shrug at her words, “What? I may keep to myself but I’m aware of some of the lingo people use.”

Miya tosses money on the table, “come on, let’s go.” Miya stands up holding her elbow out to me.

I stand up throwing my arm around hers and I just know that Miya and I will be okay. We walk out of the small diner giggling up a storm and for once I feel like everything is working out for me and I can actually be happy.

We walk towards the building and I spot Zander’s mother getting out of Zander’s car that is pulled up to the curb. I tug on Miya and motion my head in her direction, “that’s his mom.” I say to her as she looks.

Miya shrugs, “she looks fine to me.”

“Looks can be deceiving, Miya.”

She shrugs at me as we walk up the few steps towards the building.

“Freya!” I can hear Zander’s voice call my name. I stop, turning and looking at him before detaching myself from Miya and walking towards his car, passing his mother on the way.

I lean inside the door through the rolled-down window, “how was lunch with your mom?”

“Fine, I talked to her. Don’t worry about it or her okay?” Zander reaches over and touches my face lightly.

“Yeah okay. I’ll try but no promises.”

“Freya, I want you and there isn’t anything she can do or say to make me feel otherwise okay?”

I bit my bottom lip as a blush comes across my face at his words. “I believe you.”

“Good, I’ll see you inside.” I give him a nod before I step away and head back towards Miya who was waiting for me on the stairs.

I link arms with Miya again when I reach her and together we walk inside the building.

“Thanks for today, I’m sorry I was a shitty friend,” I say after we make it to Miya’s desk.

“I get it, you felt ganged up on and got defensive. No one blames you.” She gives a small shrug.

“Well, thanks for today and for giving me another chance.”

“That’s what friends do, Freya.”

I’m not sure if Miya understands the magnitude of the words she just spoke to me but a rather large grin spreads across my face at them. I wrap my arms around her in a hug, “Thank you.” I whisper.

Miya’s arms wrap around me as she hugs me back, “anytime Freya. Anytime.”

I pull away and then bid her goodbye before leaving her space and head to Zander’s office. Slowly things are getting fixed, relationships mending, and new ones starting. But the dread that something nasty is coming lingers in the back of my mind.


Originally I was wrapping this story up in a few more chapters and then last night I realized it was missing something. This chapter is short due to those changes that I am making. I’m not sure if I am only adding one chapter or if I am adding more than one so updates will be slower until I can get to back to what I have already written.

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