A Reason To Live

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Chapter Twenty

As always mature scenes marked with *

While I can’t see the look on Zander’s face I can tell by the tone in his voice he’s almost speechless, “you made all of this?”

My eyes scan the counter, a large pan of fudge and a Tupperware container so full of pralines the lid sits underneath it because I couldn’t close it, sit on the counter. A large pot of very hot gumbo sits next to the small pot of rice on the stove. “It’s not that much. I needed the distraction.” I shrug lightly. While it may have taken a few hours to do it all, it’s really not a lot.

I walk away from his grasp on my hips and grab the oven mitt taking the rolls out of the oven, Brown n’ Serve rolls are amazing. I place the hot pan on the counter before grabbing a large serving bowl and quickly plopping all the rolls into it.

I look over and find Zander taking a bite out of one of the pralines, “Hey! No dessert before dinner.”

I watch as Zander’s eyes close as he chews on the bite he just took and a throaty groan comes from him. “Holy crap,” he says shoving the other half into his mouth.

I roll my eyes as I shake my head at him, turning my attention back to what I was doing and serving both of us bowls of Gumbo. “Grab the rolls yeah?” I ask Zander as I pass him holding the two full bowls of Gumbo in my hands.

We sit at the table and I watch, nervously as Zander takes a rather huge bite of his food. Another throaty groan leaves his mouth before he shoves another bite in his mouth. “It's so good Freya. You’re cooking dinner from now on.”

A loud laugh comes from me at his words, “I was kind of enjoying being weight on hand and foot though.” I admit as I take a bite from my own bowl. Just like Nana used to make.

“We can switch,” Zander says as he reaches for a roll.

“Works for me.”


Zander and I stand in the kitchen, eating the fudge and pralines I made. “I was thinking we need to get my stuff from my place soon. Since I’m still not back at work yet,” I give Zander a pointed look before continuing, “I figured I’d just go by tomorrow and pack up what I want and just hire someone to put the rest in a storage unit.”

“That’s fine, whatever you want, hon,” Zander says shoving another fudge square into his mouth.

“Great, and then I was thinking I need a job again. But I like Nicole, she’s been a great assistant so I don’t want you to fire her or anything.” I can see the hesitation spread over his face. “Oh come on, you gave me all the sharp shiny object back and I’ve been doing really good.”

A sigh escapes his lips at my words, “you’re right.” He pauses. “I’ll see if we have an opening somewhere for you.”

“So, do we need to go to HR and talk to someone about the fact that I’m fucking the boss?” I ask curiously.

“Hm,” Zander hums as he takes a step closer towards me, “maybe.” He leans over, his lips touch my ear lightly as he whispers, “are you fucking your boss Freya?” His breath and lips on my ear cause me to shift in my stance slightly as a warmth covers my chest and face.

“I’d like to,” I whisper back, my voice falters just slightly at my words.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” his voice deepens at his words, and then his hands find their way under my ass, my arms wrap around his neck as I jump up, wrapping my legs around him as our lips find each other. He tastes like the fudge and it’s delightful on his lips.

My hands move from his neck to his shirt unbuttoning it as he moves up through the house. He places me down on the floor when we reach his room, removing the rest of his shirt as I quickly remove mine.


It’s not long before we are both naked and on his bed. His lips trailing kisses down my neck then across my chest. I wrap my legs around his waist as he goes to move down lower, “I can’t wait Zander.” I groan out, “I just want you, please.”

“Whatever you need,” he says deeply before placing a quick kiss on my lips.

He shifts his position and the tip of him rubs against my lower lips causing a groan to come from me. In one swift motion, he’s buried deep inside of me and a loud groan falls from both of our lips as he starts moving. I move my hips in time with him as I run my fingers up his back and into his hair, his lips finding mine.

I push on his hip with my leg in an attempt to tell him to roll us over, he must have understood because he flips us over and I’m on top. I sit up, my hair falling in front of my face as I grind against him slowly.

His hands slid up my thighs towards my hips as low and soft moans and groans leave his lips. I lean over and kiss along his chest, placing kisses anywhere I can while I continue my slow movements.

His hands move from my hips and into my ass, grabbing my ass cheeks as I tease him with slower movements. An annoyed growl leaves Zanders lips causing a smile to come to my face.

My smile doesn’t last long because now I’m on my back once more, his lips against mine as he slams into me over and over again. My walls tighten and loosen around him as my orgasm builds up with every forceful thrust.

His lips trail down my neck, finding my pressure point before he sucks and nibbles, causing my walls to tighten even more around him. Zander bites my neck a little harder and sends me spiraling over the edge of my orgasm, moaning loudly as it takes over my body.

I can hear the muffled sound of Zander reaching his own orgasm shortly after I find mine.


Zander and I lay cuddles together on the bed, sweat glistening on our bodies as we catch our breaths. “You are such a tease,” he says as he catches his breath.

I chuckle slightly, “you like it.”

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