A Reason To Live

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Chapter Twenty-Two

It’s been a few hours since my breakdown in Zander’s office and he hasn’t acted or treated me any different than usual. I expected him to hide all the sharp items again the second we walked through the door but he didn’t.

“How much did you know?” I ask Zander curiously as we sit on his back porch, enjoying the cool night breeze.

“Know about what?”

I face him as I take a deep breath, “that night outside the bar. When you grabbed my wrist, how much did you know?”

“Nothing. Medical records are not part of the background check. HIPPA laws and all. I saw your debt from the hospital and the scars on your wrists but other than guessing I didn’t actually know anything.”

I take in his words and consider them for a moment. “So you didn’t hire me because you pitied me?”

“No, Freya. I did not nor do I pity you.” He tucks a stray piece of hair behind my ear and lightly runs his thumb down the side of my face. “I could never pity you, Freya, I just want you to be happy.”

“I’m scared,” I admit softly.

“I think you’re focusing on the wrong things in life, Freya. If you don’t open yourself up to the possibilities of the good things you’ll always be scared. Life is going to happen, but it’s the happy moments that make life worth all the pain.”

You’re my happy moments, I think to myself as I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him close.

“You’re going to be okay, Freya, I promise.” He whispers against my neck, his arms tight around me.

“I’m starting to believe that,” I whisper back.

“It’s about time,” he pulls away from me and kisses me quickly before he untangles from me and stands up.

I stare up at his outstretched hand and grab it, pulling myself up.

“By the way, my mother would like to have both of us over for dinner,” Zander says as we walk inside.

“Did she really say both of us?” I ask hesitantly, my last encounter with her was less than good.

He stops in his steps, causing me to pause as well. He turns and looks at me, “I talked to her, she has to accept you Freya because you are not going anywhere. Give her one more chance.”

I sigh, “okay, but only because you asked me to. I promise to try. But if it goes horribly wrong I’m blaming you.”

“Deal,” he says with a grin on his face. “I’ll set everything up for next week okay.”

I nod, “yeah, okay. Next week sounds perfect.”

- - -

I lay in the bed, listening to the sound of Zander in the shower and resisting the urge to join him. After pulling him out of work early I know I shouldn’t make him late too. So instead I pull his pillow closer to me and inhale his scent, it doesn’t help.

The sound of the shower being turned off catches my attention and I look towards the door. A few minutes later Zander is walking out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped dangerously low on his hips and water dripping from his hair and sliding down his chest. I groan out loud.

Zander’s eyes met mine and he grins, “like what you see?” He teases.

A blush rises to my face and I cover myself with the blanket instead of answering him.

I can feel the bed dip beside me and my breathing speeds up, “Freya,” he calls my name sweetly.

“If you don’t want to be late I suggest you leave me be.”

“I think you mean if we want to be late.”

I throw the blanket off my head and look at him, bad idea. I sit up, “I was going to ask you want you mean but I suddenly don’t care.” I shove him down on the bed and quickly straddle his bare waist.

He places his hands on right above my knees and slowly moves them up, “I found you a job at work.” His hands rise slowly before taking a turn and moving back towards my knees on the side of my thighs.

“You did?” I lean over and lick up a droplet of water off his chest.

Zander’s voice turns slightly husky as he talks, “I did. You need to fill out some paperwork so you can start on Monday.” His hand reaches up and he grabs my ass tightly.

I kiss up his chest, moving towards his collarbone, “can we go to lunch later?” I ask before I lightly bite him.

He lifts his hips up and I can feel him pressing against me, “whatever you want.”

I sit up, “Great,” I say happily as I climb off him. “I’ll go get ready.”

I can hear him groan loudly as I walk into the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

“Such a fucking tease.” He says through the door.

I can’t stop the laugh the comes from my mouth at his words. He started it by walking out of the bathroom looking that good.

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