A Reason To Live

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Chapter Twenty-Three

“I have to meet with a client at a location for a security run-through, so I’m just going to drop you off okay?” Zander says as we drive to work.

“You know, I could have driven myself then,” I say as I mess with the radio.

“I like driving together, I get a few more minutes with you before I have to be the boss.” I look over at him, he’s staring at the road ahead of us but he has a smile on his face.

I lean over the center console and press a quick kiss to his cheek. “Sorry for teasing you this morning. But I’ll make it up to you later.” I say as I sit back in my seat properly.

He reaches over and grabs my hand, “yes you will.”

A few minutes later we pull up in front of the building. “Just go see Mary in HR, she has everything you need to fill out, and then wait in my office for me okay?”

I bite my bottom lip as I look at him, “so that’s the later you were talking about?” I raise my eyebrows at him curiously.

He hums as he leans over the console, “maybe. Will you be ready for me?”

I lean closer to him. “I’m already ready for you, Zander,” I whisper before pressing my lips to his. His hand wraps behind my head, pulling me closer to him.

He pulls away from me quickly, “I have to go, Freya.”

I groan before getting out of the car, “hurry back okay?” I say quickly.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” He said with a smile on his face. “Be in my office when I get back, Freya.”

“I’ll be the naked one in your office,” I say with a grin as I close the door on him before walking towards the stairs.

As I reach the second step the sound of a car skidding hits my ears and causes me to turn around.

You know those scenes in movies when everything is moving in slow motion and you can hear every single moment and second? That’s what is happening to me. Everything moves in slow motion and it feels like I am having an out-of-body experience the second I turn around.

A van slides forward and crashes into the driver’s side of Zander’s Audi, the sound of metal hitting metal hits my ears.

“Zander,” I scream his name loudly as I run as fast as I can towards the accident in front of me. I walk around the cars, my mind not really registering the accident, not registering the horror of it.

Zander is sitting in his seat motionless, and there is so much blood running down his face. He must have hit his head on the steering wheel. Memories of the car accident with my father and brother flash in my mind. I can see my father in the front seat as I call out to him from the back seat of the car.

Tears flow down my cheeks as I shove the memory aside and look at Zander in front of me. “Zander,” His name barely falls from my lips but he doesn’t move, doesn’t make a single sound. I want to reach out and touch him, but I’ve watched too many crime and hospital shows to know better.

My eyes scan the car, his airbags didn’t deploy and I’m pretty sure they should have. The sped limit on the street is 35MPH, and he was hit hard. This is why you shouldn’t be happy, he’s going to die now. Just like everyone else. A small sob comes from me at the thought in my head.

The sound of sirens sounds far away but suddenly I’m being pulled back and there are police, firefighters, and EMTs surrounding the cars.

Someone is talking to me but I can’t hear them, my eyes are glued to the smashed-in driver’s side of Zander’s car. I watch as the paramedics work on him, checking his vitals and then place a neck brace on his neck. That means he’s alive right?

Someone is leading me into the hospital where they have taken Zander but I can’t hear anything, can’t focus. I’m not even sure how I got here.

I’m sitting in a chair, people walk around and I can barely make out of the chatter happening all around me. A paper cup full of liquid is shoved into my hands and I look down, taking in the light brown liquid. I take a sip but I don’t taste anything, I don’t even feel anything as I sit there.

“Zander Scott.” The sound of Zander’s name being spoken snaps out of whatever is going on with me and I jump, running towards the doctor who said his name.

Someone stands next to me and when I look over I see Zander’s mom. Someone must have called her. She looks calm and collected compared to how I’m sure I look.

“Zander just came out of surgery, he has a broken arm from the accident-its in a cast, but there is some brain swelling. The next few hours will be critical, we won’t know if there is any brain damage until the swelling goes down and he wakes up.”

I can hear the sound of my heartbeat in my ears at the doctor’s words, unable to speak and ask any questions.

“When can we see him?” Elizabeth speaks.

“Shortly, I will have a nurse come get you as soon as he is in his room.” The doctor walks away and I stand there staring in the direction the doctor walked off in.

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