A Reason To Live

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Chapter Twenty-Five

I jolt awake at something or someone touching me and look around. I’ve only been asleep for twenty minutes. Zander is unmoving still and Elizabeth stands behind me, her hand on my shoulder.

“Maybe you should go home, get some sleep.” Home? What home? Where even is home without Zander? I’m not sure of anything right now. “I can call you as soon as something happens.” I can see the concern on her face but I can’t leave, the fact that I even fell asleep in the first place was a fluke, over-exhaustion from the longest day of my life.

“I can’t.. I..” I pause, unsure of what to say. She doesn’t know me, has no idea what I have been through so I tell her, “My brother was in the hospital. Everyone kept telling me he would be okay. I had no reason to not believe them. So I left to grab something to eat, I just went down the hall. And when I came back..” I don’t finish the sentence, it doesn’t take a genius to know the ending to that story.

“I understand Freya.” She rubs my back softly before dropping her hand. Elizabeth hasn’t done or said anything to me to make me feel like she still doesn’t like me, or whatever her problem was when we first met. Even though we haven’t actually talked much it’s been nice. Maybe we will get along after all.

The rest of the night passes by quickly, the new nurse for the next shift shows up and does her quick checks before leaving. There is a small discussion about doing another scan of his brain to see what is going on if he doesn’t wake up soon. The longer it takes for him to wake up, the more nervous I get. But he has to wake up, would the world really rip away someone else from me, could it be so cruel?

Elizabeth walks out of the room a few minutes later to stretch her legs and get some fresh air. I’m pacing the room, it’s all the stretching my legs are getting until Zander wakes up.

I notice a slight change in Zander’s heart rate and freeze in my steps, turning towards him. Blue eyes stare at me from his hospital bed and I rush over to him, “hey.” I say softly.

“Freya,” he smiles at me, and my heart races in my chest.

“Hey,” I repeat. “How do you feel?”

“Sore. How long was I asleep?”

“It’s been a full day. What do you remember?” I ask nervously.

“I remember dropping you off at work this morning and then it kind of gets dark and fuzzy.” I let out a breath I was holding in, feeling so much relief that he remembers. “I kept hearing your voice in the darkness. I told you I wasn’t going anywhere Freya, I meant that.” He puts his hand in mine, squeezing tightly. “You’re stuck with me, Freya Conner.”

I press my lips against his lips quickly, a calmness washes over me as his hand entangles in my hair pulling me closer as our kiss deepens.

I pull away reluctantly, “I should go get your mom.”

“I don’t care about her, I just want you.” His words are soft against my lips as he pulls me towards him again and kisses me again.

I pull away from him once again and then the door opens and Zander’s doctor and mother walk in. “Look who is finally awake,” I say happily as I step out of the way so Elizabeth can hug her son.

“So Zander, how are you feeling? Can you tell me the year and month?”

“I’m feeling good. It’s July 2020.”

“Excellent, excellent. Well, we are going to keep you another day just to make sure everything is ok and then you can go home.” Excitement rushes through me at the doctor’s words as he walks out, leaving the three of us alone.

I look over at Zander whose arm is stretched out reaching for me. I walk over towards him and sit on the edge of the bed. “You look tired, Frey.”

“She’s hasn’t really slept.” My head snaps to Zander’s mom. Snitch.

“Snitch,” I say to her in a joking matter. I watch as she shrugs slightly.

“It’s true.” I watch as she pulls her phone out of her purse. “I’m going to make a few phone calls, I’ll be right back.” She walks out of the room leaving Zander and me alone.

“Not sleeping huh?” Zander says, pulling my attention away from the closing door.

“Can you blame me? You weren’t waking up and I kept thinking..” I trail off, but I can see on Zander’s face that he understands the unspoken words. “I almost lost you too,” I whisper, my eyes filling my tears at my words.

“Hey, I’m right here. I told you I’m not going anywhere.” Zander wiggles in his hospital bed, moving over slightly, “come lay down with me.”


“Nope, come on. I need to hold you.”

I sigh before slipping my shoes off my feet and laying on my side facing him in the small hospital bed. His blue eyes stare into mine as I lay next to him, “I love you, Zander. I should have said it sooner.”

“I have been waiting for you to say that to me. I love you too Freya.” The fingers sticking out of his cast lightly run down check, causing my eyes to close at his touch. I move close against him, resting my head on his chest as he kisses the top of my head lightly right before sleep consumes me.

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