A Reason To Live

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Zander was acting really strange this morning and practically forced me out the door with Miya, claiming I need some girly time and I distract him from work too much. Which I understand, ever since telling Zander I love him we’ve been having a lot more sex.

Miya and I walk around the mall, a few shopping bags in our hands. “So, how’s the girlfriend?” I ask Miya as we walk into another store.

“Really good. I’m trying to move slowly with her, I really like her and I think she feels the same. I don’t want to mess this up like I do all my other relationships.” I watch the wistful look fill Miya’s face as she thinks about Samantha.

“Don’t go too slow either,” I say as I run my fingers lightly down a gorgeous red dress.

“I know,” Miya hooks her arm through mine as we walk around the store.

After a few minutes, Miya speaks again, “I want ice cream, come on let’s go get some.”

She drags me out of the store and towards the food court.

We stand in line and I eye the different flavors trying to figure out which one I want. “I think I want white chocolate raspberry. What about you?” I look towards Miya.

“Cookie dough,” she grins at me as we walk up to the counter to place our order.


My phone dings in my back pocket and I pull it out, seeing a text from Zander.

Z: How’s girls’ day going?

F: Good. Getting caught up on work?

Z: Yup, almost done. :)

“Is that Zander?” Miya asks curiously.

“Yeah, he wants to know how it’s going,” I say with a smile on my face as I place my phone back in my pocket. “So, now what?” I ask as I throw my empty ice cream container in the trash bin.

Miya shrugs and then gets an excited look on her face, “Nothing says girls day like getting your nails done!” She says happily as she grabs my arm, dragging me towards the nail salon.

Almost an hour later I walk out of the nail salon with simple french tip nails and Miya has bright rainbow nails. Guess nothing says gay like bright-ass rainbow nails.

Miya shoves her nails in my face, “aren’t they awesome!” She’s practically screaming as she waves her nails.

“They just scream gay Miya.”

“I know! They’ll look great around Samantha’s boobs.”

I cringe, “Oh come on Miya, I don’t share my sex life, keep yours to yourself.” I say jokingly shoving into her lightly as we walk out of the mall, Miya’s face turning bright red. “I’m joking, I’m sorry. I hope you’re having a great sex life.” I tease, causing Miya’s face to turn redder which I didn’t think was possible.

“Freya, shut up.” She says as she unlocks her car and we shove our bags inside.


The lights in Zander’s home are lit as Miya pulls up. “Even though I’m sure Zander made you, thanks for today,” I say to Miya as I unbuckle my seat belt.

A laugh falls from Miya’s mouth, “any time. Call me anytime. I miss my friend.”

A smile falls on my face at her words, “I miss you too.” I lean over the center console and pull Miya into a hug before getting out of the car and grabbing my bags from the back.

I can hear Miya’s car pull away as I open the front door and then I drop everything in my hands.

Rose petals are scattered all over the floor, candles placed strategically flow through the house. “Zander?” I call out as I step inside the house.

I follow the petals and candles down the path through Zanders house. “Zander, what is going on?” I call out as I move towards the opened back door. There is no answer again.

My jaw drops as I step out the back door. Roses cover the back porch, the candle path keeps going, turning into a candle heart with Zander standing in the middle, wearing jeans and shirt. “Zander, what is all of this?” I ask softly as I approach him. “What are you doing?”

Zander just smiles at me, his face and eyes full of happiness and love. “Freya, I know you have been through hell in your life, you think you’re broken and unworthy of so much but I know for a fact that you are strong and worthy of everything life has to offer. I want to give you those things, I will prove to you every day just how much you are worthy of being alive and being loved. I am crazy in love with you Freya Marie Conner,” I watch as Zander gets down on one knee and pulls a box out of his pocket, “will you please marry me?” Before he has a chance to even open the box I lean down and throw my arms around him, tears falling from my eyes at his words, his sweet and loving words.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll marry you.” I feel his arms wrap around me and I’m home, I’m finally home. Zander has given me everything when he gave me a reason to live.

The End

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