A Reason To Live

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Chapter Two

“Freya, wait up!”

The sound of my name being called makes me turn around. I spot Miya running towards the office building. Miya is.. A friend.. I’m honestly not really sure what to call her. When I first came here I wasn’t planning on making friends, on getting to know anyone on a personal level. But when I accidentally ran into Miya on my first day she attached to me and hasn’t left me alone since.

She runs up beside me, clearly out of breath, “Thanks for waiting.”

“Running late again?” I say to her curiously as we walk into the building, showing our ID’s to the security guard up front.

“Always.” She says pushing her glasses up her nose back into place. “So, guess what happened to me this weekend?” There is a wide grin on her face as she looks at me while we wait on the elevator. Even though it is Tuesday, I haven’t seen Miya since Friday when we got out of work.

I shrug, “what?”

“I met someone,” She says happily.

“What’s her name?”

“Emily,” when Miya and I first met she put herself out there, told me she is a lesbian and very out. At one point she kissed me, and while my bisexual heart was overjoyed, my mental illness screamed no, relationships are a huge no-no. She understood completely, even told me she lost her sister to suicide five years ago.

The ding of the elevator arriving interrupts our conversation and we step onto it.

“Busy day today? I was thinking we could go do lunch today.” Miya says as she presses the button for the top floor.

I pull my work phone out and double-check Zander’s appointments, making sure nothing is planned around lunch. “Nope, Zander doesn’t have a meeting or anything scheduled around that time so I’m free,” I say slipping the phone back in my pocket.

“Great! There is a new cafe place around the corner that just opened up, I want to try it out.”

“Sure Miya sounds great.”

Miya is practically jumping in her boots at my agreement.


After putting my items down at my desk, I quickly walk into Zander’s office to find him already sitting at his desk, “did you even go home last night?” The question tumbles out of my mouth before I can stop it.

A small laugh slips from his mouth, “Yes I did, Freya. But I had some things I didn’t finish so I came in early.” His blue eyes look up and meet mine causing my heart rate to speed up slightly as I place his coffee on his desk. I’m not sure what it is, but Zander does things to me, things no one else does.

“You could have called me, I would have come in earlier.”

Zander’s eyes don’t leave mine but his eyebrows raise, “I kept you here till after 10 last night Freya, you need your sleep.” One of the things I like about Zander, he cares about his employees.

I cock my head to the side, “and you don’t?” I question him, raising one eyebrow up, one of the only few cool tricks I can do. “I’m just the assistance, if I need sleep, you need sleep.”

There’s a small twinkle in his eyes at my words, “I’ll try to remember that,” a smile falls on his face at his words causing my heart to race once again.

I straighten up and clear my throat, willing my heart rate to calm down, “don’t forget you have a meeting in thirty with that guy from legal to go over Mr. Smith’s contract.”

“Right,” he looks away from me and towards the paperwork in his hands. “I just gotta finish going over this and then I’ll head over to Legal.”

I nod quickly and then walk out of his office.


I glance at the clock and realize Zander is about to be late for his appointment in Legal. I jump out of my chair and walk into his office at a fast pace. “Zander, your meeting.”

“Hm?” He looks up at the sound of my voice before looking at the time. “Shit,” he curses as he jumps out of his chair, grabbing his suit jacket.

He stops moving when he reaches me and places a hand on my shoulder, “what would I do with you?” He says.

“You’d be late,” I say quickly before he rushes out of his office doors and heads over to legal, leaving me standing alone in his office, trying to calm myself down from his words and touch.

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