A Reason To Live

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Chapter Six

As we make it into the large ballroom I am completely blown away by the decorations. Red and blue colors are covering the room for the fire and ice theme that was selected for the gala.

My eyes scan around the room slowly taking in everything, from the cloth coming down off the ceiling to the ice that is caught on fire to the smaller details splattered around, “it’s breathtaking.” I say breathlessly as I continue looking around with a smile plastered on my face.

“Yes you are,” Zander’s words barely hit my ears and when I turn to look at him he is staring at me, causing a deep blush to come across my face.

“Zander Scott,” my heart can’t help but drop slightly at the interrupting between Zander and me.

Zander’s eyes leave my face as he turns to look at the person who said his name.

An older woman walks up and pulls Zander into a hug, his hand leaving my back. “Cassandra Grey,” Zander says happily as they pull away, my brain silently flipping out at the name Zander just called out. “It’s so good to see you, you did a wonderful job setting all of this up.”

Cassandra Grey waves her hand, “please, if it wasn’t for the amazing workers who did all the work while I barked orders this wouldn’t look half as amazing as it does. But I will be sure to pass on the compliment.”

“Always the one to never take any kind of credit.”

Cassandra shakes her head at Zander and then her eyes land on mine and suddenly I’m nervous again but for different reasons.“And who is this beautiful woman on your arm tonight Zander?” She says as she looks me down then up.

“Cassandra, this is Freya, my date. Freya, this is Cassandra Grey.”

I grab her outstretched hand and shake it quickly, “Cassandra Grey, as in the Cassandra Grey, the woman who travels the world and does amazing charity work for kids and single parents?” I say completely dumbfounded that I am standing in front of Cassandra Grey.

“The one and only.” She says with a smile on her face.

“It is an honor to meet you really, I admire everything you have done and are doing.” I can’t stop staring at the woman in front of me in awe. “I’m sorry for staring I just..” I’m not even sure what to say, what do you say when you meet someone so amazing?

“It’s fine,” She says calmly. “Tell you what, later tonight we’ll get a drink and we can take a picture, how does that sound?”

“That sounds.. Amazing,” I say.

“Great,” She looks toward Zander, “Zander it was so nice to see you again and Freya,” she turns towards me and places a hand on my bicep, “I will see you later, promise.”

I nod before she walks away and then I turn to Zander, “You didn’t tell me the Cassandra Grey was going to be here, oh my gods, I can’t believe I just met her.”

Zander laughs before placing his hand on my lower back, “I didn’t know you like her.”

“Like her?” I question as we walk further inside, “I love that woman, she is doing amazing things in the world, I idolize her.” I say honestly.

“Well, Cassandra sticks to her world, you will see her again later. But for now,” Zander grabs two glasses of champagne off the table nearby, “enjoy your night Freya.”

I grab the glass he is holding out to me, “thanks,” I say quickly before we clink our glasses together and take a sip.

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