Taste Me

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Looking to try something new in the bedroom, Cleo decides to trying turning her husband Terence into a whole dessert!

Romance / Humor
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Taste Me

“Cleo, that tickles...!”

“Hold still before I mess this up, will ya??”

“Pfft... so damn picky...”

Cleo, a 25-year-old college grad student from New York City, sat on Terence’s muscular olive legs as she covered his belly with whipped cream. For the past few weeks, she had been so eager to try out something new with her husband in bed and decided to bring food into the mix. So Terence went out and bought whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries, a couple of donuts, and even a tub of vanilla ice cream. But they started small with the whipped cream and blueberries, and Cleo was currently spraying the stuff all over him. She pushed her long dark hair out of her almond face to see better, the only thing she had left on her body.

“Just hold still, I’m almost done...”

The young wife sprayed one last bit of whipped creamed into her husband’s belly button, set the can down on the floor, and admired her handiwork for a minute. She had made a heart shape covered in fresh blueberries.

“How cute,” he teased.

Cleo smirked.

“I’ll show you cute...”

She began to lick in the shape of the heart a little at a time before grabbing onto her husband’s penis and gently stroking him. Terence already had a huge boner while she was busy turning him into a dessert, but Cleo just wanted to torture him some more. While she ate the cream and the berries, she very carefully dragged her nails up and down his hard cock to create a tingling sensation. Terence let out a heavy breath of air.

“Cleo...!” he hissed.

“Yes, dear?” she said, looking at him with complete innocence and continuing to lick his belly.

“If you keep doing that...”

“Doing what?”

Terence stared at her.

“Touching me like that...!”

Cleo finished up the berries and cream before speaking again.

“Oh, you mean this?”

She scratched her nails on his dick a little harder and Terence arched his back.

“Yes, that!”

His little wife smirked, crawling her way up to his face and kissing him deeply so that he could taste what she just ate. Her fingers tangled themselves up in his obisidian locks as he held her close.

“Tell me what you want, baby... I wanna hear you say it...”

Cleo scooted backwards and hovered her wet pussy just out of reach from her horny husband’s erection.

“Damnit, Cleo!” he whined. “Do I really have to say it out loud?”

“Yes, you do, my dear husband,” she giggled.

With a mild blush staining his olive features, Terence blurted out, “I want you to slide down on my cock and ride me like a cowgirl...”

She kissed him sweetly again.

“There! Now was that so hard?”

One swift move was all it took for Cleo to impale herself on her husband’s cock and they both hissed out in pleasure. Terence grabbed onto her thick ass cheeks, guiding her movements and greedily watching her breasts bouncing. Cleo wasn’t a very tall girl, so she had to hang on tight with her hands on his chest to avoid falling over. But she rode him as hard she could and Terence bucked his hips to go up even deeper into her tight walls. Their expensive Royal Pedic mattress shook from all the motion going on.

“Cleo... come... come closer... to me...” Terence panted.

Cleo lowered herself down to him and he quickly wrapped his arms around her to pin her in place. Before long, Terence knew he had found her g-spot because his spouse began to cry out.

“Terence... ha... I’m... I’m close...!”

“Go ahead... cum for me, baby...”

He planted a well-timed kiss at the nape of her neck just as he felt her walls tighten around him. Cleo threw her head back and screamed, letting the heat of her orgasm burn right through her. Terence wasn’t too far behind and drove himself that much deeper into her pussy to make sure that his baby seed would reach her tubes. They held tightly onto each other and kissed tenderly.

“So... what did you think?” Cleo murmured against his lips.

“I think... I love you... my little minx,” growled Terence.

“Come on, you horny beast... let’s have a shower before we go to sleep!”

Cleo squealed in delight as her husband suddenly moved off the bed with her still in his arms and headed towards their bathroom, kissing her the entire time.
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