Two Can Play The Game (The Elementals-Book 1)

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Time is the most powerful murder weapon. Oshane Larson Kensington, or Shane, the grim reaper, is often sent down to earth to take human souls His latest target is Park Jihoon, who has beat death too many times. What happens when the future king of hell falls in love with a mortal? Book one of The Elementals Series

Romance / Fantasy
Roselia Black
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Do I Really Have to Do This?

Shit had just gotten real for Shane.

In his time period of hundred and nineteen years of service, never had he met someone with such an amazing record. It was true, however, that he had been doing this job for not a long time but even when he was just a student; nothing had shown this to him.

Shane just looked at his parents in disbelief.

“Do I really have to do this?” he asked looking at his parents.

His parents remained silent, quietly eating their dinner at the end of the long table.

Shane rolled his eyes. He really hated it when his parents gave him the silent treatment. He sighed.

‘Nice parents.’ His mind commented sarcastically.

“You’re aware that both of us can read minds.”

Shane groaned internally. His parents really stopped at nothing to make him feel bad or out of place.

“Yes, father, I know that.”

Shane was met by silence again. He looked back at the clipboard in his hand again.

“Do I really have to do this?” he asked, almost irritated, his voice leaving no effort to be bitter. He hated to be dominated by people and his parents knew that.

“Oshane Larson Kensington,” his mother spoke not unkindly, but it could turn blood to ice, “you are the future king of this world, you must do this.”

Shane didn’t want to do this job, he had never asked to do this.“Can’t any one of the reapers do this job, I mean, you always say that you are short of staff?” he tried to make the mood lighter.

“Oshane,” Shane rolled his eyes. He hated it when he was called by his full name, “Oshane Larson Kensington, you are the child of Death and Time, the future king of the Underworld. You are in a position that most of your cousins and your siblings can only dream of. We could have easily given the position to your brother Felix.”

“Then why didn’t you? You could have let me be. You hate me anyway.” He muttered the last past.

“Oshane!” his mother spoke, banging the table in anger, “Is this how you speak to your father, Death himself?’

Shane rolled his eyes.

‘Let him be, Time,’ his father spoke again before turning to Shane, ‘Listen, Oshane, we are not stupid that we will allow anyone to be seated on the next throne of the Underworld. To be honest, you really weren’t my first choice, but seeing that you are the most powerful among your siblings and adding that with your intelligence, you made the best choice for the future king.’

“Thanks a lot, father.” Shane rolled his eyes, hurt by his father’s comment.

“The person whose file you’re holding right now,’ his father pointed to the clipboard in his hand, “is extremely lucky. He has beaten me, not once, not twice but several times. It seems to me that he has Fate’s and Life’s blessing over him. Your job is to find out whether it is true and if it is, make sure he loses the blessing, and bring his soul here. Am I clear enough for you?’

Shane sighed internally. There was no way he could disobey his father’s demands.

‘Yes, father.’ Shane agreed, his voice bearing the tone of defeat.

Shane’s parents stood up. It was clear that the dinner was held only for this conversation.

‘Then I say, we are done for today. I expect you to go to the mortal world and start immediately.’

‘Yes, father.’

Shane heard his parents leave. Letting out a deep sigh he finally looked at the clipboard properly.

NAME: Park Jihoon

AGE: 19 years, 4 months

DATE OF BIRTH: December 25th


Shane studied the picture carefully. It was a picture of a young male with silky black hair and blue eyes. His face was in a huge grin and the crinkle at the corner of his eyes showed that he smiled a lot too.

Shane chuckled. Such a simple looking person couldn’t have beaten his father.

‘You look good but are you good at fighting death as well? Let’s see if you can escape the wrath of his son.’ He smirked as he put the picture in his pocket, ready to leave as well.

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