Apart From The Shadows

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2boys that are bestfriends First person pvo You are a boy in this story hehe

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

There was a boy named Edward Bult he and I met when we were about 7. Funny thing is that was both had the same birthday. Edward was my best friend and we went everywhere together. To the park, bowling alley, swimming pool. We stuck together like glue.we were turning 16 soon so we decided to have one more sleepover before we were finally 16. We lived together. I just told him that he can sleep in my room. The sleepover was going great and he told me he likes someone. Officer Interrupts” Was the girl he likes close to him” Well it wasn’t a girl and he just told me that he liked a guy he didn’t give a name “Oh okay you can continue now ” Said the Officer. Okay where i was.. Oh right after i bugged him a lot about telling me i gave up because i got bored and so i brought up we should play a game. He thought that was a good idea so we played some video games, bored games, then we played truth or dare. The questions and the dare were funny and a little hard to do scenes; we were the only two at that house. It was his turn to ask me the truth or dare so I picked dare. He then told me to… kiss him. I laughed a little and said “ No way dude im a guy” Then he replied “ So what man i like guys and we are best friends anyways” so i thought about it and i decided to kiss him. “ Why did you kiss him, couldn’t you just say no″ Said the Officer. Yes i could’ve said no but i haven’t kissed a guy before and i was 15 at the time. “Okay go on” said the Officer. So we kissed for what felt like a moment but it was actively 5. When we both pulled back we were looking at each other for a second until he broke the silence. “ So how was kissing a guy for the first time ″ He said a little nevestly. I Pause for a Minute until i said “ It was no different from kissing a girl well apart from feeling like i’m being dominated by your mouth” We both looked at each other and started busting out laughing. I’m sorry, can we take a break? I need to just… take a break.

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