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Jake is the average teenager. He has lived life so far doing a little bit of everything but coming into year 12 he sticks to studying and tries to avoid going out too much. he finds his obsession with one of his class mates coming back to him however. Harley Herndrickson is the schools 'bad boy' and is everything Jake is not. Jake finds himself unable to keep away but will end well? is there someone else for him? follow Jake as he lays out his obsession for you.

Romance / Erotica
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Hi guys, this is my first story ever so be kind. I have never written this kind of story either so constructive criticism would be great but anyone being a straight up beech will have to go. Btw yes this is BL and yes there are some sex scenes so if you are not 18+ get your butts out of here and come back in a couple years. It is a work in progress, enjoy my lovelies.


I don’t know when it started getting bad again. When I walked into a room and couldn’t focus on anything but the rise and fall of his chest. When I froze whenever he looked anywhere near my vicinity. When his voice sounded in my ears, it became honey running over all the nerves in my body.

Maybe that was when it started getting worse.

My biggest issue is being attracted to people who don’t even know my name. It would be one thing if it is was a celebrity, you have to be delusional to believe you will be the main character in that story or tragically optimistic. No, I fall for jerks who let the door slam in my face, who mispronounce my name anytime I speak to them. Oh and have girlfriends… this is an issue well for obvious reasons in that they are in a committed relationship but also an issue due to the fact that I’m a guy.

It’s nice to meet you Observer of my life. I hope you enjoy reading it more than I do living it. Then again second hand embarrassment is a real thing… but hey? What can you do? Anyway I have blabbered on enough so I shall tell you about this guy...who I find myself tragically in love with to be oh so cliché.

He is tall, basketball player tall if you know what I mean… he does happen to play too. His hair is this honeycomb brown that is always tousled in the cutest sexiest way. Paired with these mesmerising green eyes and long lashes. Now when I say green you’re picturing emerald I’m assuming but no! Get that image out! Its the green of a pond with lily pads and flowers and emanates the same calming feeling when you look into them.

His name is…

Harley Herndrickson

and this is the story of how I became obsessed.

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