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Death by Liz

“FUCKING HELL LIZ BE CAREFUL!” she takes a fast and hard swerve at the round about causing me to fear for my fucking life and then stop throwing me forward in my seat almost causing me to back my head against the dashboard.

“what? you’re okay, don’t be such a drama queen” she rolls her eyes completely calm and smile as she looks outside the window.

“YAY WE’RE HEREEEE, YOU EXCITED?!” she screeches and I wince and press on the inside of my ear.

“yes, jesus calm down Liz” but she’s already out the door and slamming it as I finish her name. Ugh tonight will be interesting. I bet she will ignore me the whole night and spend it drooling over Roy who will be pawing at other girls right in front of her. She really deserves better and I wish she knew it.

I walk across the lawn and stand still looking up at the double story mansion in-front of me. Its been a while since I’ve been here. Last time I was throwing up all sorts of different colours. Which makes me feel slightly nauseous and chuckle at the same time. The eggshell walls and slanted roof displays a wealthy family and typical party of a boy whose parents are away on business trips too often to give him any sort of discipline. Someone is already running outside the front door and throwing up in the baby blue hydrangeas. Ah I missed parties.

I walk towards the blaring music which will make conversation impossible and the flashing coloured lights which will blind people enough to make out with someone they usually wouldn’t go for. As I entered I already knew I probably wouldn’t be able to find Liz for the rest of the night. Bodies grinded together in the living room where the DJ was set up. If it was slow motion it would look almost beautiful, like a contemporary Baroque painting. The girls hair flying and their wild smiles and beautifully made up faces with make up. The guys smiling and smirking, floating when they jump, some with a rugged scruff coming about. Something almost animalistic and ritualistic as they all chant the words to songs and pant as they run out of breath and yet feel like they can’t stop. They don’t want to.

I look away and turn to the kitchen which required me to walk down a hallway full of couples making out. Guys and girls alike pushed up against the walls, a few STI’s and STD’s being passed around like jello shots.

This was being a teenager. As one I grabbed a drink and partook of the underage drinking and I have had to run from a party before to hide my age, it was a fun night. Thinking about these memories I head out to the back yard where people smoke and talk as the music fades off into the distance a little and sit near the pool.

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