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Next to Me

“Jakeyyyyyyyyy! Where were you all weekend, you didn’t answer any of my calls?” enter Liz, lets call her my best friend for now. I’m always debating our friendship because she can be a ‘bad influence’ as my mum says but haven’t shaken her since prep so I guess shes permanent now.

“I was studying Liz, unlike you I actually want to do half decent for my exams and get into uni” I reply not even looking at her as I account for my books to get ready for class. That’s weird where did my English book go?

“Jake you seriously need to get your head out of those books I swear to god, if books were people you’d have your head up so many asses right now” I involuntarily snorted at that due to the sheer fucking weirdness of that statement and was also brought the image of William Shakespeare and me in comedic and yet severely disturbing situation.

“where the fuck do you come up with this shit Liz? And it’s better to have my head stuck in the canon of writers and all their butts in comparison to all the actual ass kissing you do at parties. Which I bet you went to?” shutting my locker, I look to her as she leans her back against my neighbors lockers and glances away from me. She is a terrible liar.

“fucking knew it. Let me guess still trying to get Roy to take you out?” this douche bag who cheats on every girlfriend he’s ever had is somehow still the most popular guy in school even though he has literally nothing to offer but a half decent face and a built body for sport. He is literally as dumb as a bag of rocks.

“Don’t dis him, I really think I’m starting to wear him down okay!” god she’s gullible, her face changes from a disgruntled kicked puppy to a smirk in an instant and I already dread the next line to come.

“you know who was at the party though?” she tweaks her eyebrows up and down and nods.

“hmmmmmm every person that likes the taste of the populars asses? A.k.a you?” I smirk as hers falls and turns into a slight scowl.

“no! Herndrickson you dick” by this time we are walking to our perspective classes for our first period, she was shouting due the wave of people who came late and were rushing to grab their books for class.

“Oh My God!!!! HE WAS?! THAT IS SUCH BIG NEWWWWWS. Liz, he’s the schools bad boy where else is he gonna fucking be on a Saturday night?” we start to part ways as I head to literature and I am glad to get a reprieve from Liz as she leaves with her lasting comment.

“ next time you should come! You might be able to actually have a conversation with him” yeah right, I can’t even speak when we have class together and I am the definition of a teachers pet sooooooo that will not happen as well as causes issues in some of my classes as I turn into a mute.

As I walk in my literature class room, I take my usual seat at the front and greet Mr Lee.

“Good morning Mr Lee, I hope you had a nice weekend” he smiles at me and tells me of his daughters dance recital while the other students file in. Its only the start of the year 12 and yet this is already our daily routine. I make a habit of getting along with my teachers plus they get treated like shit a looooot by the other students, I prefer to make their job easier because god knows I do not want to be in their place. I detest teenagers and I am one for fucks sake. The class settles and Mr Lee gives me a smile indicating class time is now and the time for pleasantries is over.

“Has everyone got their novels? You need to have already read it once and be making notes. Do not make me say this again. And good students-” he gives me a quick subtle glance “-will have read the text fully at least three times before exams come around so I hope you will prepare adequat-” Mr Lee is interrupted by the door opening and Harley walking in as if in slow motion. I gasp and hold my breath, as I sit completely still as if approached by a bear or some dangerous creature. Thinking about psychology and the fight, flight and freeze response. I now know I would be akin to Bambi when he almost gets shot due to freezing up.

“I switched from English to literature, can I take a seat anywhere or what?” goosebumps started to rise on my arms and I felt hot and cold at the same time. I didn’t hear Mr Lee’s reply but I assume he said to take a seat. However, we had a full class and the only free seat was….

Next to me, fuck.

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