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“pst hey, guy!” it is the middle of the most tense class I have ever had to sit through, as he sits right next to me, close enough I can feel his body heat and now! He wants to talk to me fuck meee! Literally pleaseeee. I try not to noticeably gulp from sheer nerves as I turn to look at him and make direct eye contact. Andddd immediately glace back to Mr Lee.

“uh y..yeah?” I whisper, it comes out shakey and malformed and I internally kick myself, numerous times.

“did you happen to have a pencil I could borrow?” fuck his voice is so sexy and I could feel his eyes laid on me and felt the already red face of mine grow warmer if possible. Some of the partial warmth travelling inappropriate places as I try to breath. I can’t even answer I just riffle through my pencil case, almost spilling the contents on the floor and find a pencil. Handing it too him without looking, his fingers brush mine ever so slightly and I hold in my gasp.

He averts his eyes and whispers “thanks”.

I manage to take some notes but then a noise captures my attention coming from Harley’s direction and in the most discreet way I glance over at him. His legs are extended and relaxed, while he leans back in his chair. His arm lazily sketches on his notebook as he tilts his head from side to side on occasion as if double checking the angles and proportions even in his carelessness. His fingernails are trimmed and have chipped black nail polish as well as his fingers being adorned with heavy silver rings with dragons and skulls. He must know how he looks goddamn.

I try lean forward subtly to take a look at his sketch, I’m just adjusting my seating you know that kinda thing. I managed to get a small glimpse of his work. It’s a rough sketch of a human skull, the jaw or the mandible if you want to be fancy is cracked and broken on the right side. Bone shards falling away from their owner, whoever he or she was. The right eye socket it empty and hollow, filled with darkness. A void. Whilst the other eye socket holds a beast. A dragon sleeping peacefully. it’s elongated body and legs curled tightly around and under itself. It has spikes along its back and a flared tail. It’s scales are tiny and delicate. A sleeping danger. Peaceful but full of power and not a force to reckon with. The shading is perfectly blended as he did light circling over and over again and rubbed with the tip of his pinky to force the lines to blur together. Highlights created with the use of my pathetic rubbed gave the skull and dragon a three dimensional as it the dragon would wake up at any moment and crawl onto his masters and creators hand.

So entranced by the details, I realise his hand has stopped moving and I once again feel the heat of his eyes and I slowly move my eyes to his dreading where they lay… which is on me fuck! he’s giving me a small smirk. Is that good or bad?! I quickly look away and tune back into Mr Lee, or at least I try to as I overthink my whole life and regret every choice I have every come to make.

I also internally bang my head against a wall for giving him the shittest and tiniest pencil I had in my case what the fuck is wrong with me. At least it has a rubber on the end I guess.

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