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The bad thing about liking him is that he in his nature of a bad boy. He plays hookie...alot… so Literature wasn’t as interesting as I thought it was going to be. Liz freaked when I told her though and I hid the drawing away in my bedside table to look at every so often….fine almost every night. What was this guy doing to me? I’ll tell you what, now I keep having these dreams of him. These crazy, stupidly hot and erotic dreams of being on that stupid boat.

It goes as follows. Every. Goddamn. Time.

I am a man from a wealthy family and have been lucky enough to go on the titanic, I’m talking everything Rose got. The lavish parties and caviar ect. I go about my business when I bump into Herndrickson, someone who has snuck onto the ship with a fake or stolen ticket. His hair is grown out and has a ‘just had sex’ look about him. Our eyes meet and we start to talk, pure magnetism and attraction drawing us together. Except I am confident and charming and essentially everything I am not naturally. His smile is divine and deviant all in one go, the angel and devil on your shoulder.

He shows me his nude drawings of slender french models, males of course in this rendition of my mind. And as I flip through his book his eyes scan my body up and down and I feel flushed. My crotch getting warmer and harder.

“did you want to get out of here?” we’re both in stuffy tuxes with vests. Another item he stole but looked dashingly handsome in. We met at the Gala being held on the ship for the more wealthy families. The red velvet carpets and golden trays adorned with tiny amuse bouche’s. Carried by waiters in flawless white tuxes, a hand held behind their backs as they walked around, head high in the air. Champagne was poured and popped creating laughter from shock as bubbles spilled. The aura was careless, free.

“god do I ever” I reply. His hand I realize is bigger than mine as he envelops mine and pulls me up in a rush I loose my breath. I feel a heat rush to my cheeks as he pulls me out of the gaudy dinning room but not without passing the bar to steal a bottle of whisky first.

We travel through the shady parts of the ship, an underbelly almost. We duck into doorways hiding and covering our laughter as we look for a quiet place. We slip through tiny passages until we come to this big open space with a single car placed for storage, the lights are out and it’s just us. We hear the water rocking the ship ever to gently once our laughter settles. it’s just us.

Both our hearts are racing and we’re out of breath. Herndrickson licks his top lip and slightly bars his teeth akin to a vampire in movies before it bites into ones neck. His eyes are hooded and filled with lust as he steps closer with slow but deliberate steps.

“I’ve had my eye on you Jack and I think you’ve had yours on me too” he whispers as he draws nearer. I start to breath heavier and my heart thumping in my chest so hard it hurts.

His eyes are no longer a serene pond but rather a dark forest where predators lie in wait, hunting and biding time till the perfect moment comes to strike. My back bumps up against the car and I gasp in shock looking away for a second.

He strikes.

He started with my neck, biting gently at first and sucking. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped as he hit the perfect spot. This encouraged him and his bites got a little sharper but not hurting, rather a painfully exquisite sensation. I grabbed his neck and pulled his lips to mine and god they were soft and delectable. I drew his lower lip into my mouth and rolled it under my teeth with a slight pressure making Herndrickson growl. His hands were roaming my body and un-tucking my shirt to he could roam my chest and lightly roll my nipples in between his fingers. Which cause me to arch in to him and gasp from pleasure. We were panting and moaning as our crotches rubbed together and the semi-hard on I had from simply being in his presence turned into an aching and throbbing that needed him now. His hands moved from my nipples, to my belt buckle and he aggressively took it off. Were looking into each others eyes, our mouths open and panting a hairs breadth away from each other as the sound of him unzipping my pants pervades my mind and my ears.

He slid his hand inside.

The thin layer of briefs all there is between his hand and my member. He bites my earlobe and I gasp as his thumb circles the tip and travels back up. He pulls back from me and looks at me with hunger and I watch him pull the band of my briefs back so he can slide his hand in and pull me out. His bare hand holding me only made me throb more. Especially as he started to move his hand up and down causing me to bit down on my lip, to hold back the moan that was screaming to get out. He watched my face, my body as I lent more of my weight onto the car, overwhelmed and almost unable to stand. I stop breathing as he got on his knees, his hand still on me and he looks to my member and just as he is about to place me to his lips he pauses and looks up at me and smirks, the predator having gotten its prey, with a huger deep in his eyes he says to me…

“I’ll paint you like a french girl, Jake” and just as he places me in his hot, wet mouth….

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