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Then I wake up! Without fail every fucking time!


Luckily he wasn’t at school, after the dreams started I don’t think I could be around him without having an embarrassing situation occurring in my pants during class. Just thinking about those eyes focused on me made me close mine and bite my lip.

“Jake! Are you listening to me!” I jump startled by Liz who has for the last couple minutes been walking with me down the hall.

“yes! I have been!” I sigh, annoyance at her for ruining my daydream rising rapidly.

“okay mr doofus, I take it you’re coming then?! You said yes no backsiesss” wait what? What did I agree to fuck.

“uhm not to say I wasn’t listening by per chance could you tell me what I agreed to again. You know I’m like Dory without coffee” smiling at her I hope it’s not to late to back out of whatever I’ve apparently committed to.

“I fucking knew it! Listening my ass. You can’t say no anyway now you gotta make up for being a bad friend.” ugh goddammit. Someone slammed into my shoulder and had me stumbling back suddenly.

“Ow fuck! Not even an excuse me? Have you got an issue man?” I rub my shoulder and grimace at the wince of pain.

“No I don’t, do you Jack?” I turn, a shiver running down my spine. Not from fear but from the way his voice runs over my body. I meet his eyes and his smirk. He winks at me, turns around and walks off with his very nice ass on display in his tight black jeans. I realize the whole hall is silent, everybody looking at me and watching him. To avoid questions and more humiliation I grab Liz and continue walking.

“so uh what am I coming to again?” I say breathless and I know my cheeks are flushed.

“party. Tomorrow. Roy’s” she’s shaken too.

“uh Jake?” good thing it’s the end of the day, I can go home now and scream into my pillow.

“yeah?” He called me Jack again and what was with that wink?! Is he flirting with me? No he can’t be…

“why did he call you Jack?” fuck, I told her about the sketch I didn’t tell her about the inscription. There’s an easy enough excuse to use though. For some reason I don’t want to tell her. I want it between me and him, our own little inside joke.

“I’m assuming he doesn’t know my name, or hasn’t cared to learn it properly at least. Why would he pay attention to me anyway?” she gives me a sceptical look and her face does this scrunching expression. In a second it clears though as she believes me. I told you she was gullible.

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