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It’s friday and the day is dragging on horribly. Some people love friday. I love it to, however it is the day where I have my most boring classes. Psychology, history, physics and math. Blegh. Psych wouldn’t be horrible, I actually find it pretty interesting same with history, but I have teachers who speak with complete monotone voices and while I get along with both of them as people. They suck at teaching, students and parents have reported them numerous times because learning is not taking place. Math is my last period and I am dreading stepping out of this room. Liz has demanded to come over to my house, where she is going to dress me up like I’m a Ken doll because I have:

“no sense of style” which is a farce! I wear flannel and rip jeans. I have some on brand shoes! I have a piercing in my left eye brow…. Which hurt like a bitch to get.

I watch the clock hit three fifteen and groan. Other students having already packed up their stuff while the teacher wasn’t looking leap out of their seats and leave. I take my time and drag my feet like a sullied child.


“FUCK” I shout as Liz jumps on me as soon as my foots out the door of the classroom.

“jesus Liz chill out its just a party, I told you I’d come”

“Jake you like to avoid things, I didn’t want to give you a chance to run away from me.” she grins as me and grabs my hand with her small yet weirdly strong grip.

“c’monnnnnnn I wanna pick out your outfitttttt” she whines.

“Give me one second to put my stuff away please!” how is she this strong? She leads me through throngs of people and I have to say “excuse me” and “shit I’m sorry” to almost every single one of them as I am not as small as Liz is, and while she slides in between people I crash into them while she drags me along.

“Hurry up!” she stops and stomps her foot. Her brows are furrowed and I know if I’m not quick I’ll be akin to a dog being dragged by its abusive owner on a walk. Shoving my books in I notice one of my photos from the inside of my locker is gone, it was of me and Liz at my birthday last year. Where did it g-

“OKAY you’re books are in lets go!” she shoves the door closed almost hitting me in the face and locks it shut. Andddd starts dragging me down the hall again to her car. I usually walk to school everyday, Liz however is slightly older than me so she is eighteen and licensed already. She offers me drives almost everyday, I funnily enough value my life and avoid going with her at all cost. Today I shall pray and hope to reach my house.

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