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“NO I HATE IT!” this is the fifth outfit she has picked out and matched each piece of clothing together and then made me put on.

“why did you make me wear it then?!” She is already dress and ready, she took up my bathroom for over an hour doing her make up and is wearing a red sparkling dress which hugs her curves. I will admit she looks pretty hot.

“I don’t know maybe I just like seeing you change Jake? By the way when did you start working out. Cos my dear my friend you look pretty damn hot shirtless.” She raises her eyebrows at me and smirks, then bursts out giggling. Some might have mistaken her comment for flirting but we both decided a long time ago to never go there. Mainly cos we kissed one time when we were 16 and it was just too weird. I don’t have a sister but it felt like I was kissing my sister. I smile at her giggling and roll my eyes.

“this year, helps me deal with the stress of study.” My voice comes out muffled I imagine as I lift my shirt over my head and off. Reaching for the next outfit.

“well it suits you Jakey, also we have to do something with your hair and I like that shirt with those pants.” I look down at myself and I have to admit I don’t hate it. I also have to say, it’s like every other outfit I wear everyday so Liz is a liar.

“c’mere I brought some gel with me, don’t give me that look I’ll use a tiny bit okay, please?” she knows I can’t resist the puppy eyes, I sit on the edge of my bed whilst she rolls my desk chair over and rubs the gel in her hands. I look around my room absentmindedly while she runs her fingers through my hair and shapes it like it’s some sculpture.

“okay done! I think you’ll like” I walk over to the mirror hanging inside my closet. I will admit she did a good job. My raven hair is somewhat shave at the sides so she calmed the slight ruffles and messed up the top of my hair in a just woken up kind of style. The black jeans and white crew neck t-shirt looked good, I will say fucking basic of Liz though. I slid on a sliver ring on my right hand and thought about Herdrickson’s hands, his rings and him winking at me.

“you ready to go?” squeezing my eyes shut, I shook my head and removed his image from my mind. I hoped he wasn’t at the party. He didn’t exactly get along with Roy so I doubted it, other than that and it being Roy’s party I was looking forward to it surprisingly. It had been a while since I got to relax and have some fun.

“yeah I think I am” smiling at her, I nodded my head to the door and we went to tell my parents we were leaving.

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