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Love Between Two Cities

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Chapter 2 - Dante

As I stepped out of the car recognizing some people, when my gaze fell to the doors and saw, Sara, I wondered what she was doing here. Going up straight away, I realized nobody knew me here except for Riccardo and Antonio; everyone else thought I was some rich businessman.

“Good evening.” I glance about.

“Good evening, sir.” She answers me with a concerned look. With only a few people going in, I leant in closely to speak to her.

“What are you doing here?”

“Working.” She furrows her brow at me.

“This isn’t a place for you to be in, especially right now. Sara, I can’t have you about, something is going on here, that’s why I’m here.” Fuck, I glance about again ay who is around us.

“But I need the money.” She bites her bottom lip out of nerves, but that little tug she is doing awakes something more inside of me.

“Come with me.” I place my hand on her back and guide her inside, the place was already getting busy. I nodded to Antonio who led us to the private rooms at the back where I thanked Antonio, as he left and closed the door.

“Listen you don’t need to worry about money anymore, you’re carrying my baby, I love the fact you’re self-sufficient, but you don’t need to be. Where do you live at the moment?” My mind is racing of all the bad things which could happen.

“I have a place I rent not far from here.” She stands with both hands in front of her.

“I’m going to speak to Antonio and Riccardo, I’ve got my driver outside, I’ll speak to him, and he will take you to your place and I want you to pack some things and move into my place that way you’re safe and you don’t have to worry about any bills or anything.”

“But.” She went to protest.

“No buts, I’m going to make sure you’re cared for from now on. You will live at my place; I want to do this for you and our child.” My whole life has changed, and I will make sure Sara and my child is safe.

“Dante... I... I don’t know what to say.” Her lips trembled, I took her hand and pulled her into me, cupping the side of her face I brought my lips down to hers. Still not sure what my feelings were for her, but I do like her. She is a kind, loving person as she has always looked after me, never questioned what I have done, and she was now carrying my child.

Placing a soft kiss to show her I cared about her, I can tell she is still not sure about me and where things are going between us. I’m not sure myself. Soon the kiss becomes more heated as we continue kissing, her hands go under my shirt touching my skin. I can’t help but moan into her touch. She does something to me and I was wondering if it is to do with that, I have started looking at her differently. She is no longer an employee but the mother of my unborn child. Now I’m horny and want more. Moving her across the room to where a sofa was, clothes are peeled off and I fucked her. Moaning as I enjoyed how amazing my dick felt buried deep inside her pussy.

“I’m going to cum for you.” I pushed deeper and harder.

“Ah... Dante, yes.” Her walls tighten around my dick as she came over it, and my balls tighten before it shot up my shaft and releases my cum, firing it deep inside her pussy. I rest my head against hers and kissed her again before withdrawing myself. We clean up, getting dressed again I went to speak to Antonio, coming back in, I stood watching as she finished tying her hair back.

“Marcus will take you back to yours then to mine, here is my keys, let yourself in and make yourself at home Sara.”

“Are you sure about this?” She chewed her bottom lip.

I stroked the side of her face and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “With you yes.”

“Thank you, Dante.” Polite as always.

“I don’t want you or our child in any danger.” Although they would always be in danger, especially if anyone found out who she was to me and because she carried my child. I took her to the car where Marcus was waiting and told him his instructions. Marcus drove off leaving me to deal with what was going on in the casino. I walked back in and headed to the bar.

“Mr. Taylor.” Antonino nodded.

A squeal comes from behind him. “Dee... you’re back.”

“Annabelle, I’d appreciate you using our clients’ surnames first please.” Antonio growled.

“Oh sorry Antonio... Sorry Mr. Taylor how are you, it’s been a long time since you were last here.” She fluttered her eyelashes at me.

“I’ve been busy working my dear.” I stayed polite, for now.

“So would you like something to drink tonight?” She twirled a piece of her hair.

“Whiskey on the rocks please.” I took the drink and sat down on the stool at the end of the bar where I heard her talking to the other bar person.

“Hey Charlie, did you see Sara tonight? She’s disappeared from the doors.”

“And what about it?”

“Well, I heard a rumor that she got knocked up by someone.”

“So, what...She wasn’t the sort of girl to sleep around, so it must be someone she likes, so what’s your problem?”

Annabelle shrugged her shoulders, a sense of relief washed over me, I did not think she wasn’t the type to sleep about, and Charlie confirmed it. Someone new comes up to the bar who I didn’t recognize.

“Charlie you’re going to the other bar, Annabelle you’re going to the doors.”

“You’re joking.”

“No instructions from Riccardo, we need a female on the doors.”

“Where the fuck is Sara? She does the door.” Anabella snapped out.

“I think she’s gone home.”

Annabelle huffs. “What the fuck... Where’s Riccardo, I’m not having this?”

“In his office.”

I followed her with my gaze as she stomped off, I had my money, so I finished my drink and went to change the cash for chips before I headed to one of the tables to play some poker.

As the night went on, I carefully survey the staff, and I’m already finding out who I trust and who are the ones playing with fire.

“You in for another round sir?”

“Yes, deal me in.” I played another few rounds of poker, I didn’t care if I lost, but my eyes were on the big guy at the bar. I studied him for a bit, several times he went over to the chipper when the bar was empty. The chipper was the nickname given to the person you go to swap cash for the chips.

With several of these exchanges, I tapped my chin thinking the cameras should pick everything up. I collected my chips and headed to the security room, where I was met with two security guys not paying attention to the monitors.

“Riccardo wants me to check your security cameras are all working properly.” Both men jumped.

“Who are you, you’re not supposed to be in here.”

“Riccardo and Antonio have asked me to do my job for their place, one of those jobs are to check the security here, go ask them if you want.” I glared at them both.

“I’ll go Jim, you stay here and keep an eye on this guy.” The smaller one got up and left, my eyes scan the monitors finding the one I wanted. Watching it until Riccardo arrived.

“What’s going on?”

“This guy seems to think he has the right to walk in here.”

“Yes, he does, do anything he asks for, without any questions.”

Both security men stare at each other, then over to Riccardo. “Ok boss.”

“Mr. Taylor is here for some security reasons, so I suggest if you want to keep your jobs you do as you’re told.”

“Yes boss.”

“Mr. Taylor if they give you any more grief you let me know.”

“Thank you.” I nodded my head before Riccardo left, and I instructed the guys to show me how to find previous footage. As the two idiots made themselves busy, I scanned over the footage of the guy doing the chips and the guy at the bar. The recordings had the guy at the bar continually, which he has established was not true as he had seen him move about. The guy doing the chips keeps a steady hand dealing them out and counting cash.

I stared at several different cameras and views knowing there had to be a link in it all somewhere. Copying and sending the camera links to my laptop, without the security guys noticing. I headed off, closing the door to speak to Antonio and Riccardo who were caught up with a couple of hot girls hitting on them.

“No wonder they don’t see fuck all.” I swear under my breath. The casino is normally open till after 3am but I have had enough and want to go home to sleep. I head outside and where Annabelle was on the doors. “Fucking great.” I muttered under my breath.

“Oh, Dee... sorry Mr. Taylor are you leaving already?”

“Yes, for tonight.” I tucked my hands in my pockets.

“So erm... I knock off in a little bit, do you fancy a drink after?” She twirled her hair.

“I’m here for business, not pleasure and I already have a woman waiting for me at home.”

“Oh.... I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were married.”

“I’m not... well not yet anyway.” I walked off before I said something else. I had already said too much. I climbed into the back of the car waiting outside for me.


“Yes thank you Marcus.”

Sitting quietly in the back milling over what I had seen. Already I do not trust half of the staff. Needing a few hours’ sleep, I figured in the morning I would find out more about the staff who worked at the casino. Marcus dropped me off and I told him to head home, and that I would call him tomorrow when I needed him. Heading upstairs I realized I did not have my keys as I had given them to Sara.

I checked my phone. “Fuck” I stood thinking about knocking when the door opened, and she let me in.

“I kind of figured as you gave me your key so...” She hugged her arms around her waist.

“You waited up for me?” A warmth spread through me.

“Well, I think I dozed off for a bit, but your cameras picked you up when the car arrived, it gives a little jingle when you do.”

“Oh... I forgot it did that.” I chuckled, this was a strange feeling for me to come home and have a beautiful woman waiting for me.

Going through to the kitchen I grabbed a couple of bottles of water, my head was mince, and I needed sleep. Sara headed off into the spare room, and I went into mine. I took off my clothes and grabbed a quick shower to wash off the smells and grime from the casino.

Feeling fresher I climbed into bed and settled down. I tossed and turned trying to settle down, but I couldn’t, I got out of bed and started up my laptop. Watching the cameras for a bit, I made notes of who I wanted to follow up on. I had been sitting for a while when a noise broke my concentration, the fridge door in my kitchen opens. I smiled to myself thinking that she couldn’t sleep either. I had left my door slightly open out of habit; a small knock sounds followed by her voice.

“Hey, I saw your light on.”

“Come here.” I patted the bed and moved her to sit on my lap. She put her arm around me whilst I rested my hand over her stomach wanting to feel my son.

“What are you watching?” She quizzed me as I had my laptop open.

“The cameras from the casino.” I turn the laptop so she can observe what is going on.

“Is this about the money being moved about?” Her voice was quiet as if she was unsure if she should have said anything.

“What do you mean moved about?” Her question threw me a little bit.

“Well when you arrived back, I realized something wasn’t right with what they were doing, but I couldn’t say anything, I didn’t want to be called a liar and lose my job. I’m not sure how they are doing it... but I overheard them saying they had to move the money soon.”

“Tell me who said this?” I find my hand wandering, needing to touch her soft skin.

“Michael is the main guy, and Annabelle does something but I’m not sure what. I only started thinking something was wrong this week.”

“Hum, do you have any idea how long they have worked at the casino?” I kiss her shoulder.

“From what I understand, about a year. I’ve only been around the last six months, I needed the extra cash as I was trying to save up money to be able to buy my own place, and Antonio offered me a job.”

“I don’t want you going back. I’m going to find out who these people are.”

With closing time at the casino, we sat together watching as the last of the people filtered out, the bar camera we were watching earlier on flickered.

“Did you see that?” Sara jumped a little.

“Yes... Who’s that guy there? I didn’t notice him earlier on?” I point to the new stranger.

“I’m normally gone by this point, but I don’t recognize him.” Sara squinted her eyes.

I start tapping the keys on the laptop and bring the picture up larger. “Hold on... I recognize him, he is one of Costello’s men...Fuck.”

“Who is he?”

“Someone aware of who I am.” I rubbed my face thinking.

“Are you in danger?” There was a slight waiver in her voice, I kissed her, pushing her hair back off her face and brushing my thumb across her cheek.

“Don’t worry about me sweetheart... I can handle him.”

“I...I... don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I love the fact you’re concerned about me.”

“It’s more than that Dante.” She looked down at the bed, I brought her face back up to mine, looking at her.

“You have feelings for me?” Something inside of me gushed, I’ve never had time to have someone care for me.

“From the first day I met you.” Her cheeks flushed red.

“And you were aware of what I did?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Yes... I knew who your father was when he came into the restaurant with those men that day, and when you stepped onto the plane.”

“So you liked me back then?” My heartbeat faster from her confession.

“Yes, you were nice to me and well gorgeous and sexy as hell and I couldn’t wait to see you every time.” Her gorgeous green eyes stared into mine.

“Wow... I didn’t know.”

“Well... you wouldn’t have as I hid my feelings for you.”

“So, when we made love for the first time?” I caress her side under the top she had on.

“I didn’t think it was anything other than you were getting some sex... but if it was only the one time it meant something to me, but I wouldn’t have bothered you after. This might not be the case for you, but I want you to understand what you mean to me, there has never been anyone else for me. I’ve always loved you from the first day I met you.” She rushed through the words she spoke, slightly embarrassed she was pouring her heart out to me.

“You love me?” Goosebumps formed over my body.

“With all my heart.” She bit her lip as she stared at me, probably slightly worried about how I was going to react.

I’ve never had anyone confess their feelings to me, and I had never had feelings for anyone because of who I was. I always thought loving someone only made you weak because the enemy could use them against you, this was how I lost my mother.

“I’m sorry, I’ll leave you to finish up.” She went to get up and leave and I pulled her back into me.

“No, I’m sorry, I’ve never let anyone close to me and that is for a reason, but I think we’re past that point in our relationship now don’t you think?” I slipped my hand under her top and took hold of her breast pinching her nipple and making her gasp.


“I love how you say my name. Tell me again.”

“I love you, Dante.”

“Fuck, keep saying that to me as I make love to you now.” I stood up and placed my laptop away before coming back and removing the shorts she had on. I worked my way up her body and removed her top exposing her lovely breasts, fitting perfectly in my hands as I caressed them.

Her hands slid down my sides, I loved the softness of her fingers on my skin. Reaching my waistband on my boxers she hooked her fingers over and pulled them down. I wriggled my way out of them, Sara giggled as my cock bounced about. I covered her mouth with mine, slipping my tongue in as her legs hooked around mine. She was already turned on and the wetness between her legs rub against my hard dick, I slid it in between her wet folds groaning as I did.

“Ah Dante.” her moans matched mine.

“Say it... say it again my love.” I glided back and forth enjoying the tightness of her pussy on my dick.

“I love you, Dante.”

“Yes... oh fuck.” I was beginning to understand my feelings and that there was more meaning behind the warm flushes I had when I was around her. Having known her over the last couple of years, she was becoming everything to me. I gazed down and fixed my eyes with hers.

“I’m cumin my love.”

“Ahh Dante, yes.” She clawed at my back as I filled her with my cum, her body shook under me, and her moans filled the room. I rest my elbows either side of her and stared into her eyes.

“You mean the world to me, and not because you’re carrying my child.”

“I love you, Dante. You are my world.” Sara amazed me with her words. I let go of the thoughts of never letting anyone close to me. I was falling in love with this beautiful woman.

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