Love Between Two Cities

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(A sample only ) This is the fifth and final story in the Peterson Brothers Series and tells the story of Dante who runs one of the cities in America as well as back home in Italy. From a small but established mafia family Dante is the eldest of the brothers and deals with both cities, when a trip home changed his life and love is thrown in his path.

Arri Stone
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Chapter 1

Dante had been running between the two cities, the one back home in Italy and the one here in America. He had come back to America to help sort out a drug problem that had been pushed into the areas of the city leaving people dead. It was one of the many things that Dante could not stand for. The last victim brought him to the hospital where the boy had been lucky and was reached in time. It was at this time that he crossed paths with Ria again who he had befriended over the past year and held a soft spot for. For some reason she always brought a smile to his face. Ria was madly in Love with her husband Blake and very pregnant. It was the last time he was in the hospital to say goodbye to Ria and her newborn. He was completely blown away when Ria had asked if he would be Lilly-Rose’s secret godfather.

Being the eldest son of one of the mafia families in Italy he was also running the city in America. Dante led a difficult life of solitude. Being around Ria had made him think about things in his life and how at some point settling down and having his own family would be nice. He just never wanted to bring a woman into the life of the Mafia. As he left the hospital he headed straight out and went to his car, His driver Marcus was waiting.

“Take us to the airport Marcus.”

“Yes sir. Will you be coming back any time soon?”

“Just to check up on things but I think I need to help my father out for a bit. Riccardo will make sure he gives you enough business whilst I'm away.”

“Thank you sir.”

They head to the airport where Dante’s fathers plane was waiting. Dante closes his eyes and prays that it doesn't have Helena on it as the flight attendant. He thanks his lucky stars as it is Sara. She is always polite and respectful, she keeps her mouth shut and only interrupts him if needs be. Unlike Helena who just doesn't fucking shut up.

“Welcome back, I'm hoping it will be a pleasant journey home today for you Dante.”

“I'm just glad it's you and not Helena.”

Sara smiles. “She can be a little too much sometimes.”

“You're telling me... I'm going for a lie down, once we're in the air can you bring me my drink.”

“Of course Dante.”

As he was feeling a bit down since saying goodbye to Ria, the thoughts of family and wishing he could have all that, the family life, someone to love who loved him back. Dante is sat in the back of the plane still not being able to believe that Ria made him a godfather to Lilly-Rose. Stripping to his boxers he settles in the bed, he gets out a few books and was looking some things up. Thinking once he has had his drink he will go to sleep the rest of the way home.

After take off and they are at cruising height Sara brings in Dante his drink. Dante smiles as she knows how to make it perfect for him every time.

With a quiet knock on the door Sara enters with his drink. “Here you go.”

Dante looks up and sees her in a different light. “Thank you Sara, have you done your hair or something? You look really nice.”

He watches her blush as she touches her hair. “Yes, I changed the colour a bit.”

As Dante is sitting in the bed with no top on he can see her eyes looking at him as she blushes so sweetly. Dante’s eyes look over her body and can feel himself getting hard thinking about how he could do with a decent fuck. Sara is sweet and sexy, he knows she wouldn't hound him every time he came on the plane. He asks her to sit with him as he sips his drink, she sits nervously on the edge of the bed. He asks her to remove her shoes and come sit closer next to him. Dante had never paid attention too much before, but he was needing a female touch today. He runs his hand up her leg to her thigh, she stiffens and he stops. He doesn't want to push her if she's not comfortable.

She looks into his eyes, her chest heaving. Dante had never noticed her beautiful green eyes before. He caresses her face with his hands and in a surprise move she leans forwards kissing his lips. So soft and gentle, he deepened the kiss and started removing her clothes until they were both naked on the bed. Sara had always had a thing for Dante but with who he was she never stepped out of line. When Dante touched her she wasn’t sure to start with as he had never shown an interest before. But today was different. Throughout the flight they made love three times, and the rest of the time cuddling, it was just what he needed. They both had a quick shower before landing.

After his pleasant flight back home to Italy, Dante had to get down to business. His father was
getting older and some people think they can take advantage of him, even though he
has his security team and help from Dante’s younger brother Romeo there, Dante still needed
to be there to take control of things. People know him as he is ruthless and doesn't give a shit if the person who has double crossed them. There are no excuses in his books.

“Dad.” Dante hugs his dad.

“Ahhh.... Dante your back, how was your flight?”

“Excellent dad, thanks for sending Sara as the flight attendant.”

“I know how much Helena annoys you, but she is Hugo's daughter and I promised him that I would keep her out of trouble.”

“So what's the problem that Romeo can't deal with then?

“It's the Costellos.”

Dante sighs, he spends the next four months sorting out the problems between them and the Costellos. Dante had shortened his name to Taylor so that when he travelled that no one would know any more about who he was. Their real name is The Tallantino's and well known in the area they lived in. After months finishing up with business here, Dante receives a call from Riccardo saying there is a problem back over there. Now starting to get sick of the fact that he has to handle both sides of the families. He packs his stuff up again and heads for the flight back to America. He is hoping that it's Sara on the flight again and not Helena. As he arrives at the plane he is greeted by Sara.

“Thank fuck for that. Hey it's good to see you again Sara.”


Dante boards the plane and sits down. After take off Sara brings him his usual drink.

“Mmmm, just what I needed.”

“Always a pleasure to serve you sir.” Sara tried to hold off the worry but the waiver in her voice gave her away and Dante noticed.

He looks at her puzzled. “What's wrong?”

He can see her fighting tears that are threatening to fall, and it's when her hands go to
her tummy where he noticed a very small bump.

"Oh... you're pregnant.”

“I'm sorry sir.”

He is puzzled by what she means and why she is apologising to him. He takes her hand and gets her to sit down next to him.

“Hey it's ok, How far along are you?”

“About four months.”

Dante smiles at her, he hadn’t seen her since the flight when he came back home. He thought she looked even more beautiful now as she had a glow about her.

“Still in the early stages then, how have you been coping?”

“Ok, good actually, the recent scan I just had I found out it's a boy, he's been behaving himself mostly.”

“Can I feel?”

Sara nods and Dante places his hand over the bump, suddenly feeling tiny movements like a butterfly and it's amazing. He is at a loss as to how this baby seems to wriggle under his touch. When he looks back up at Sara she has tears in her eyes again.

Dante pushes her hair back. “I don't like to see you upset. Has the father of your baby done something?”

Sara was worried what Dante would think, she wasn’t sure if she should have kept the baby when she found out she was pregnant but she couldn’t do it. Everything felt that it was meant to be, things happened for a reason. “No... it's... just complicated.”

Dante sits puzzled for a second, then it comes back to him. About four months ago they made love whilst flying back to Italy. He had a lot on his mind when he had got on the plane and she was there when he needed someone. He is not usually careless but he can't remember using a condom as it was all in the heat of the moment.

Dante takes Sara’s face in his hands. “Tell me.”

“I'm sorry, yes it is.”

“I have a son, the baby is mine?”

“Yes, I didn't know what to do when I found out I was pregnant with him.”

“You carry my child?”


“I love you… I mean I love that you are carrying my child. I never thought that I would meet anyone special enough to want a child with... but you... you've given me everything I could ever have dreamed of. Even if it was an accident, obviously it's meant to be.”

“You're not mad?”

“You are carrying my child. I'll do whatever I can to help you, but I want you to take my private number here and give me yours, you phone me about anything I want to be with you when you go to appointments. I want to see my son being born. I knew you were something else when my dad brought you on board here but I didn't know how much until now... But for your safety and our child I wish you do not tell anyone who his father is.”

Dante’s father Enzo Tallentino met Sara in a restaurant when he was visiting about two years ago, she handled the table where Enzo was sitting with some business people. The restaurant owner was a bastard to her and Dante’s father didn't like the way he was treating her. She was the only waitress in the restaurant and worked hard. Enzo shut the restaurant down and gave Sara a job on his private jets. Ever since then she has helped out the Tallentino family.

“I've not... nobody knows.”


Dante is ecstatic that he has just found out that he now has a child... a son. They spend the rest of the flight back to America talking and arranging a couple of appointments that she already has. Dante finds himself gazing into her eyes as they talk. Finding out that she lives mostly in America than in Italy, which is good as there are only a few people that know his face and that's how he would like it to stay. His feelings are all over the place after finding all this out but he finds himself wanting her. He leads her through to the back and makes love to her again before they land. When the plane landed, they said goodbye to each other. Dante has business to deal with and wants to keep things quiet between them. He has arranged to meet up with her in a week's time so they can go see a private doctor of his as he wants a scan so he can see his son. She assures Dante that nobody knows that he is the father. He knows for her own safety and the safety of their child that she wouldn't tell anyone and also know she would protect their child. Dante gets into the car that Marcus has waiting for him.

“Good to see you again sir.”

“I hear a lot has been going on?|”

“It's not my place to tell you sir but as you know Riccardo has had some trouble in his casinos, there is a lot of forgery going on.”

“Take me straight there.”

Dante can tell Marcus is hesitating about telling him something more.


Marcus looks in his mirror. “Well....Riccardo thinks that it is someone trying to filter in
the fakes and cashing out the real money from him. He's losing thousands now, we don't know who is doing it.”

“Could it be an inside job?”

“Ricciardo trusts his men and women that work for him.”

Dante raises an eyebrow. “But you don't?”

“Well... like I say I take people places and I hear things.”

“You'll be my inside man Marcus.”

“Anything boss, you've always been good to me and my family.”

“Good I trust you totally Marcus. Take me to see Riccardo and Antonio.”

Dante sits in the back as Marcus drives, his thoughts going back to Sara and feeling his son
wriggling about inside. It's not long before they arrive. Dante gets Marcus to stay outside for
now so he can take him to his place after he has spoken to these two.

Riccardo greets him. “Hey good to see you again D.”


“I heard you were coming back.” Antonio comes up next to them.

“Got to sort this problem you guys have.”

“We’re managing it.” Antonio rubs his face.

“No we're not... we fucking lost loads of money last night.” Ricardo snapped.

“You have to go and open your big mouth don't you?”

Dante sighs. “Guys... guys, come on I'm here to help you, I'm going to come in tonight, I want
you two doing what you normally do, and I'll be watching ok.”

Riccardo nods. “Good because this can't carry on Antonio.”

“Right I'll see you tonight about 7pm, give me time to get a nap before I come out.”

“Right, we should have eight guys on security, two door people and all the bar staff and table staff tonight.”

“Good.. now give me a wad of cash.” Dante smiles. “You'll be winning it all back off me anyway.”

Riccardo hands him a wad. “Here is ten thousand.”

“Good call. Ok so just act as if I'm that businessmen you normally deal with when I'm next here.”

“As we always do.”

Dante takes the money and leaves, getting back into the car. Marcus drives him to his place. He
hands Marcus over a decent tip and tells him to be back for 6.30pm. Stepping inside his place he heads straight for the bedroom, slipping his shoes off and climbs into bed. Running his hand over the space he now realises how big the bed is, especially when you don't have it to share
with anyone. Before 6.30pm arrives he has a quick shower and puts something on that will draw him enough attention from the female staff as he can play them to see what they are really like. and also which guys watch who.

Marcus picks him up and they head to the casino, as he arrives and steps out of the car Dante
already noticed a couple of people he recognised. Then there she was at the doors.

Dante covers his mouth. “What is she doing here?”

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