The Flower on the Riverbank (Book 2 - The Bud)

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The second instalment of the "The flower on the riverbank". Soo-Ah and Jung-In set on their journey facing perils and change.

Romance / Drama
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This is the first draft no more. Only a 4th, 5th? Can't honestly remember.

After 3 days and about 7000 words down I thought it would be a good idea to publish the first 2 chapters. Since then I managed to finish the book and I am going to keep updating it with chapters.

I do not understand how some authors can go and continuously write and publish the chapters for their work. I am not as good. I can not publish something and say this is it until I am writing the end of my book. And even then I will constantly go back reread, change, rephrase, add paragraphs, take out paragraphs. And even after that I will still feel it is not perfect.

So to write and publish a chapter every week feels impossible to me right now.

I am putting this out here for the fanatic in me. I know how I felt when I was watching or reading something and then I had to wait for such a long time to be able to see or read the next release. ( I hope you feel my admonishment, R. R. Martin). So I hope it can bring some little satisfaction to those who enjoyed the first book and were left wondering how Soo-Ah's and Jung-In's journey would continue.

Also, after publishing my first and completed book I got a lot of good advice that helped improve it. If only for this reason and I would consider publishing a chapter at a time. So here it is. My second attempt at writing :)).

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