The Rich must be Cute

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Romance / Thriller
S.P Roland
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You ready hunny?” I heard my mum’s voice echo.

“Yess!” I shouted back.

“Come on, don’t kill me with that awful singing voice of yours. I’m already sad” Kelvin, my akwardly handsome brother spat. I still wonder every day: ‘why give someone as annoying and foolish as this a cute, attractive face?’. Like why?

“Hello? Lost in my cuteness?” He came back again.

“You wish” I said, almost gagging even if I knew the truth.

“Diana!! Kelvin!! We’re gonna be late” mum shouted this time.

“You see” Kel said childishly.

“See what exactly? The pile of poop in front of me or the one that’s gonna be with me in that goddam car?”

“You know what...just forget it” he said through misery.

Diana wins again!!

We shyly walk downstairs but with Kel in the lead. He walks faster than usual then slams the door at my face.

“Kelvin!!” I scream loud enough so he can hear me from the other side of the door.

“Yes sweetie” he replied and I could picture a mischievous smile on him.

I quickly drop the luggage I was with and grabbed the knob. As I twisted and was about to pull, the door busted open and I found myself of the floor.

“Kelvinnnn!!” I yelled angrily, and he rushed into the car in front of the house.

It’s 5:00am in the morning and here we are moving. Again! But, this time, it’s great. I didn’t make any friend in Royal Academy, so the new school should be promising.

I have just few weeks to prepare for school. And my parents have a week to pay for my required materials for school.

I quickly fasten my seatbelt as the journey began.

Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up’. The music echoed in the car. I sang along shaking my head and legs simultaneously.

“Freak, freak. Snap out of it” I heard a stupid voice call out. I pretended not to hear it and continued dancing.

“Mum, dad, tell Diane to stop practicing her belly dancing here” Kel cracked a joke, and unfortunately, I found myself laughing at myself.

I quickly stopped dancing and picked up my phone. I’ve got no one to tell that I’m moving. Not even a single friend from my ex-school. Like, what the hell!?

I scroll through my Instagram page and find out I just hit two thousand followers. I could literally scream right now. But, nooo, someone will complain.

I compress my happiness within me and whisper in Kel’s ear, “I’ve got 2k followers on IG”.

“Shh” he replies.

“Ohh, it hurts that your little sister has more followers” I mocked.

“Oh shut up” he shrugged, pushing me away from his shoulders. “Here! Look!” He said, showing me his phone.


I drop my jaws, literally, trying to speak up but I keep mumbling things that aren’t words.

“I feel a smirk coming up” I hear Kel say and I look up to his face, to see him smirking.

What a waste of time.

Few hours later, we arrived at the new country. Canada. Sweet Canada.

“Wow” I utter, with my jaws dropped.

“Nice right?” Dad asked.

“Yea, right. It’s wonderful. So, we’re we gonna stay?”

“Calm your horses” he said.

After that, no word was uttered from anyone again.

Dad quicky makes a phone call and in less than five minutes, I see an Uber approaching our way.

I would ask a question, but why don’t I calm my horses.

“Get it” dad says.

We quietly but swiftly rush into the Uber. It looked akward on the outside, but what the hell!? The inside is as cute as seeing a baby laugh.

I watch as everyone else get their butts in place and dad speaks to the driver; after which, we started the journey.

Diane is a teenager who loves to have fun. Despite her naiveness, she still has the willpower to defend her family. She comes from a slightly Rich family. Not too rich, just rich enough to provide for their needs.

On the other hand, Kelvin. The bad boy of the house. The guy with serious anger issues. He’s a teenager, aimed at a better life. After he was insulted by his ex, his life seems to change. He becomes worse than he could ever be. Finding a new girl, leads to another problem as his ex doesn’t seem to approve.

The Hart family moves to Canada, where everything seems great. Diane finds herself a hottie, but is troubled by some other chick. An ‘ugly’ guy collides with her, and he sees himself falling for her. She doesn’t accept his proposal; this makes him very angry. After he finds out her reason, the battle line is drawn. A lot of people are in danger now. It’s time for true friendship to prevail.

Short, short, short. I know.
This part isn’t too interesting, but the rest will be. It’s just the first and I’m still an upcoming author.
I would love your greatest support. If in any way you like my story, please vote, a line, please comment and do well to share the story with your friends.
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I’ll try to update each week (weekend), because I’ll still be going to school throughout the week(or sec. School😏)
But, with any chance I have, I’ll make sure I update.


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