Getting Back to her

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chapter 10 i am ok

We walked into the safe room, Bella and Emily werent where I left them. I went to the bathroom and there they were. Emily was cleaning Bella up. Bella looked up and seen me standing there. I walked closer to her...
Daddy, Im ok I promise She said meeting me halfway. I touched her cheek
Im sorry Baby girl this should have never happened I should have gone with you.
She looked up at me with tears in her eyes
Daddy please dont it is not your fault I wipe the tears away
Are you sure you are ok she nodded her head
I just need to go change my clothes, I dont want to let that fucker ruin our night Daddy I turned to Bryan and he was holding Emily on his lap now on the bathroom counter.
Think they have it cleaned up by now so we can go get her some clothes? He said yeah. I picked my baby girl up and had her wrap her legs around my waist.
You know I can walk I am a very big girl. your gonna hurt your self I looked at her
shut your mouth little girl or else you will get that ass smacked

We reached the bedroom and the guys had everything cleaned up. I have a pretty good crew. Bella laid on the bed smiling at me her eyes inviting me to join her. I crawled on top of her hovering over her. She looks me in my eyes like she is looking into my soul. I was scared tonight Ja. I was scared he was gonna take something from me that I will never get back Her hand met my face rubbing my cheek Something I want to give you I felt the tears start flooding my eyes. I will only take it when you are a fully ready Baby girl. I will not push you...Now I may make suck my dick and I may eat your sweet pussy but I will not ever make you feel you have to give it to me. I tell her. Tears run down the side of her face.

Cmon, lets get changed and go get our drink on so I can come back up later and taste you She laughs and goes change into something even sexier than earlier. Hmm, Baby you know how to dress just for me dont you

When we got back downstairs a lot of people were looking at Bella trying to figure out who she was. I held her close to me as we went to find Emily and Bryan. We get stopped by a guy I use to hang with we chat for a minute and I noticed Bella staring at Bryan with a smile on her face. I looked at Bryan and he was looking at her also. I couldnt stop myself from smiling.

I am sitting here with Emily when I saw Ja and Bella come down the stairs. The outfit she has on now is sexier than the one she had on earlier. She is holding on to Ja so tight. I have to admit they look good together. His rock-hard body and her soft curvy body go together perfectly. Jason got stopped by someone and Bella is staring at me. She has a smile on her face. I smile back at her she gets closer to Ja and starts biting her bottom lip. Oh god, she is driving me so crazy. She knows what she is doing to me.
Emily whispered in my ear She is fucking hot aint she? I just looked at her and grinned. I didnt want her just to fuck I want to wake up next to her every morning I want to cook dinner with her chase her around just to get a kiss and yeah well I am sure the sex would be great also.
you know she has never been with a man before Emily tells me like I already didnt know. I already know Jason will be with her first. Which is better for me so if and when I get to be with Bella I can make love to her the way I want.
Jason grabbed Bella by he hair and pulled her head back exposing her beautiful neck. He knows I am watching her. He takes his finger and runs it down her lips to her neck down to the top of her tank top. The mother fucker is teasing me. He turns and looks at me and gives me a sexy ass grin. Oh, its on tonight.

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